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tropicallylina: Hemp Buddha Bowlin’ 🌿🥦🥑💪🏼 Have you tried any hemp

Hemp Buddha Bowlin’ 🌿🥦🥑💪🏼 Have you tried any hemp products? It’s hemp history week! Hemp (not to be confused by its notorious potent cousin). Unlike marijuana, hemp foods contain only trace levels of THC and will not cause a psychoactive effect. To celebrate hemp history week I made this buddha bowl topped with my favorite ’s usa-grown organic hempseeds and chipotle spiced chickpeas with a hemp lemony dressing! ⠀ I absolutely love Nutiva's hemp products! They're my go to when it comes to hemp protein powder, shelled hempseeds, and hemp oil. his super seed offers a bioavailable source of omega-3 fatty acids and a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid. Both omega-6 and omega-3s act as natural anti-inflammatories in the body to help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease. they also result in strong hair, nails, and glowing healthy skin on a plant-based diet!⠀ ⠀ ​Hemp Buddha Bowl Ingredients:⠀ ✔️ The roast: garlicky sautéed broccoli⠀ ✔️ The plant protein: ’s usa-grown organic hempseeds and chipotle spiced chickpeas⠀ ✔️ The base: tahini massaged kale⠀ The fresh: cherry tomatoes, avocado, scallions, red pepper⠀ ✔️ The dress: fresh lemon juice + hemp oil + pink salt & pepper⠀ When it comes to my buddha bowls, I like to jampack it with the 5 essentials for a satisfying and nourishing meal. Enjoy!

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tropicallylina: MINT CHOC-CHIP BOWL 🍫🍃👅☁️ was today

MINT CHOC-CHIP BOWL 🍫🍃👅☁️ was today's creamy (plant protein-packed) delight! I make this blend very often post-workout and boost it with pea protein and spirulina (which is the best source of protein, both green and blue equally) 👌🏽 Here I used Hawaiian spirulina for the fresh green touch! peep story to see x ✔️ The Recipe of course:⠀ I blended⠀⠀ 2 tbsp of dairy free mini choc chips (peep story to see)⠀ 1 tbsp of coconut butter 1 tbsp coconut cream 1 drop of organic peppermint oil 1 serving of pea plant protein powder (optional)⠀ 1 gram / serving of Hawaiian spirulina for a pop of green 3 frozen bananas (great sub in this one: 2 cups of young coconut meat (frozen for 6hr max)⠀ Buzzed in my high-speed food processor blender until creamy! Topped with the favs, enjoy! Stay fresh and have a beautiful day everyone! x

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tropicallylina: WHIPPED CHOC NICECREAM 🍫🍦👅what

WHIPPED CHOC NICECREAM 🍫🍦👅what's your favorite type of chocolate? white? almond-filled? i've been so obsessed with trying out different new flavors I wouldn't normally reach for. ☁️White chocolate was always my go to type but since going vegan, it was really hard to find one that is consistent with the texture and flavor of white chocolate that’s also dairy free. I've grown to like the soy based raw white chocolate, but i'm still searching for a new vegan brand / flavor that makes a delicious white chocolate. ⠀ ✔️ For this delightful creamy cup: I blended avocado, fro nana (sub: coconut meat work well here too), cacao powder, drizzle of maple syrup (carob syrup is also amazing in this) and coco cream. Just heaven in a bowl. happy new week! x

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tropicallylina: CHOC-CHIP CARAMEL BOWL 👅☁️🍓🍫 what’s your favorite

CHOC-CHIP CARAMEL BOWL 👅☁️🍓🍫 what’s your favorite flavor ever? strawberry n’ cream? lemon tart? mine has to be salted caramel hands down! 🌟 comment below your favorite and the winning one will be my next healthy bowl recipe testing! This bowl was today’s creamy buttery breakfast! ✔️ The Recipe of course: I blended⠀ 2 tbsp of dairy free mini white chips, ⠀ 1 tbsp of cashew cream,⠀ 1 tbsp of carob vegan syrup⠀ Pinch of Himalayan salt 1 serving of chocolate plant protein powder 3 frozen bananas (great sub: young coconut meat) Buzzed in my high-speed blender until creamy! Topped with the favs, enjoy! PS- i’m putting together the veggie bowls and it’ll all be up soon on my blog! Happy 3-day weekend! x

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tropicallylina: Rainy thundering days call for FUJI APPLE COTTON

Rainy thundering days call for FUJI APPLE COTTON CANDY BOWLS 👅☁️🍭🌧⚡️ they taste so heavenly, fluffy and creamy. Have a sneak peek at my ig story to see the thickness of this fresh out the blender! ✔️ RECIPE for these bad boys is:⠀ To make 3 bowls:⠀ 3 jumbo fuji apples (which are the freakin’ sweetest of apples)⠀ 6 fro nanas ⠀ 2 tbsp of coconut cream⠀ 3 heaping tbsp of pomegranate powder⠀ A splash of dragon fruit powder⠀ How to make:⠀ Chop the apples, discard the seeds and freeze them for at least 4hours.⠀ Buzz all the ingredients in a high-speed blender until creamy and assemble in your bowls as a soft serve healthy nicecream!⠀ Top with the favs, I topped it with assorted nuts, seeds and dried fruit for crispy, crunchy and chewy textures! Just can’t get enough of this combo!⠀ 🌟 Rad lil tip: can’t stand bananas? no worries, try coconut or mango meat both are great substitutes because you’ll still get that thick creamy texture, you’ll just have to blend the coconut meat longer! ⠀ That’s all! Cheers, if ya make these share em with me! 🚺

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*GIVEAWAY* I am super excited to partner up with to gift one lucky winner one of each flavor of their all natural trail mixes (8 big bags) for you to enjoy! 👊🏽😍🌱They taste so delicious: they’re crispy, crunchy and chewy! 🌟 All you have to do to enter is: 1. Follow me () and 2. Leave a (hungry) emoji when done. BONUS: Tag two friends who love snacking on delicious raw foods (each comment is an entry)! 🌟 The winner will be announced saturday 5/26 (extended to wednesday 5/30)! My favorite flavor is the High Energy because it's loaded with tropical goodies and great energy booster before my workout! I love adding these to my smoothie bowls as toppings. Want the recipe for this cotton candy nicecream aka fruit fluff?! 🤤 * Can only ship to U.S addresses

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tropicallylina: CHOC RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE 🍫🥀👅🥤 i blended heaps of fro

CHOC RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE 🍫🥀👅🥤 i blended heaps of fro raspberries, rose water, coconut cream, cacao powder, chocolate plant protein powder, fro nanas and coconut water! 1 ltr of thick lush smoothie. ridiculously delicious breakfast! x

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tropicallylina: New! Wild Berry Smoothie Bowl 🍧👄🍓 So fluffy, creamy

New! Wild Berry Smoothie Bowl 🍧👄🍓 So fluffy, creamy and one of my favorite rejuvenating blends! It's boosted with the silky wild berry  water 🌹💦 infused with saffron! The Recipe: To serve 1, double for 2 -2 cups of frozen banana, shredded -1 cup of frozen mixed berries -1 heaping Tbsp. of açaí powder -2 Tbsp. the berry rose water Shred the frozen bananas in a food processor using the top grater. Then pop all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until nice and creamy! Top with the favs! Cheers! 🎶 'Rollin'

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tropicallylina: Just some purple sweet potato magic with toasted

Just some purple sweet potato magic with toasted coconuts, fro blueberries n’ the freckled trio 🔮☁️👅 would ya like this recipe? if so, i’ll put it together and share tom x

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tropicallylina: Do you want another • blue spirulina giveaway or •

Do you want another • blue spirulina giveaway or • dragonfruit powder (my 2nd fav superfood powder) or • my fav plant protein powder giveaway? (Vote below 1, 2 or 3) And I'll buy the winning ones in advance to prep for next week's giveaway! 😊✌🏽 can you spot the blue spirulina jar here? 👀🐳 you already know it’s my favorite one! this seriously satisfies all my organization and pantry desires! i currently have black-labeled glass mason jars and thinking of switching them out with these by my dear friend 🌟 girl! share with us where we can get these squared wooden lidded jars, so we can all step up our pantry game haha! have a beautiful day everyone! x

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tropicallylina: PHAT MERMAID SMOOTHIE 🧜‍♀️🐳💦🌊👅 this morning for breakfast my

PHAT MERMAID SMOOTHIE 🧜‍♀️🐳💦🌊👅 this morning for breakfast my body was craving fats, but I wanted to keep my morning routine of drinking smoothies going, so i turned what i had in mind into a lush cloud smoothie loaded with healthy fats! ✔️ The Recipe: I blended 1 cup of cashew milk, ¼ cup of gf oats, 1 tbsp of raw coconut butter, 2 frozen bananas (or 1 fro mango works too), 1/2 small white dragonfruit, 1 serving of plant protein powder, 1 tsp of blue spirulina powder and 1 cup of coconut water blended until nice n' creamy! Taste so heavenly! Yields 1 liter of phat lush smoothie! x 🌟 ALSO the blue spirulina giveaway winners are tagged in this photo + IG Story, congratulations you guys! Please DM me your shipping info! It was so bittersweet doing this 1st giveaway you guys, i didn’t know what i was getting myself into! 🙉🙈🙊 UGH so many of you entered!! I didn’t know that so many of you were having trouble finding it!! ⁉️ Should I do another blue spirulina giveaway or should I do my favorite plant protein powder next? x

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tropicallylina: How beautiful are these iridescent dahlia tubers? 🔮 hands

How beautiful are these iridescent dahlia tubers? 🔮 hands down my favorite flowers. earth never ceases to mesmerize me with her endless beauty. she gives, gives and keeps on giving. every day i grow to admire her more and think of more ways i can give back. from contributing my time to planting flowers and trees at local parks, to eliminating plastic bags from my life (especially when shopping at local supermarkets) and one of the biggest changes i've made is adapting a whole plantbased lifestyle. These are just a few changes i've made and I know have a long way to go! I'm chipping slowly away every single day and learning to have more patience with myself. planted by the amazing

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