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Mother-daughter duo making hands-free bags to liberate women from their baggage. Ethical + sustainable. Made in California
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“I’ve always had a rebellious nature which was somewhat tamed by motherhood. In fact, motherhood played a huge role in the development of the brand. Many years ago, I was a stay at home mom and when my children were toddlers, l used to take them out and about lugging a big old diaper bag containing all the necessities for a day out with toddlers such as snacks, wipes, diapers, bottles, etc. However, instead of lugging that heavy thing around wherever we went, I would leave it in the car or on the blanket at the park as we played on the swings. What made that possible was an old fanny pack that I wore to carry my wallet and keys. That was all well and good until I became addicted to the liberation afforded me by my fanny pack and I began wearing it ALL THE TIME. I didn’t really care that my friends thought I was a bit peculiar, in fact, I rather enjoyed the notoriety, but a few years later when my kids began to relentlessly beseech me to leave the fanny pack in the car when I picked them up from school, I squelched my rebellious nature and did as they asked. I tucked it away in my closet and resumed wearing big, fashionable handbags again for the next ten years. It wasn’t long after my youngest went off to college that I re-discovered my old fanny pack as I was cleaning out my closet. With no one around to judge me, I decided to take it out, dust it off and start wearing it again. However, as I strapped it on and looked in the mirror, I discovered that my daughters were right: It was hideous looking. Then I remembered that my addiction had not been to that ugly waist sack but to the freedom of navigating through life hands free. Right there and then I decided to reinvent the fanny pack into something so gorgeous that even my daughters would wear. My greatest satisfaction was the fact that both of my daughters not only approved, but joined me in creating our first designs.”- co-founder Debra from an upcoming interview with 〰️

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thehfscollective: that feeling when you can rest easy knowing

that feeling when you can rest easy knowing your wallet was made by local craftsmen (and women) paid a fair living wage, the fabric made from recycled waste rescued from landfills, and that your purchase helps support a small female owned family business that also gives back to organizations that help empower women in the U.S. 🕊🕊🕊 photo by

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thehfscollective: how dreamy is this work by @tessguinery? 🧡 it’

how dreamy is this work by ? 🧡 it’s giving us sunshine on this very rainy day

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thehfscollective: How amazing would it be to buy something

How amazing would it be to buy something you love and have part of that money go back to support the earth from which it came? That’s what we were thinking when we decided to give 10% of all sales to hoping to plant a tree for every bag sold and help restore burned areas from the California fires because it's not enough to make pretty things anymore. Anything we take from our planet should be returned. Last two days to support this cause with 25% off sitewide. 🕊🕊🕊 // p.s. if you are in , come hang at this weekend. Chatting with you behind a computer (like most of our days) is nothing compared to seeing your beautiful faces in person :) photo:

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thehfscollective: Sunday (post-holiday) mood 🌞via @jxxsy @itsagoatlife

Sunday (post-holiday) mood 🌞via

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thehfscollective: What are your favorite small brands (bonus points

What are your favorite small brands (bonus points if they’re ethical and/or sustainable)? 〰️ We’re thinking we’d like to take back Black Friday and use this day to support our favorite small businesses. We've tagged some of our favorites here. What are other ones we should know about? photo

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thehfscollective: THANK YOU
for being here
for being part

THANK YOU for being here for being part of our community for caring about the planet, people and animals and supporting small business This weekend, we’re gifting 10% of all sales to and 25% off for you with code (treesplease). We’re donating directly to Tree People’s California Emergency Fire Recovery Fund to help rebuild areas destroyed by the fires.

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thehfscollective: We’re feeling a bit conflicted. You too? 😐

We’re feeling a bit conflicted. You too? 😐 As we are getting ready for thanksgiving tomorrow, we drove by the burn areas and witnessed firsthand all of the devastation around us from the fires. After all that’s happened lately, it’s got us thinking how incredibly twisted this holiday has become. A season of giving and gratitude has become one of uncontrollable buying and feeding into this idea of lack- that we aren’t enough and we need more material items to feel complete and whole. There is so much noise around Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales.. that to be honest we really didn’t want to contribute to that noise this year. I guess it’s a matter of choosing what we want to focus on and instead we’re choosing gratitude, counting all of our blessings and being grateful for all that we do have. This weekend we will be giving a discount (25%) but also will be donating 10% of sales to help rebuild the areas burned here in California through ’s California Emergency Fire Recovery Fund. Sign up for our email list (link in bio) for the code which we will be sending out tonight 〰️✨ Photo: Ajit Mookerjee, 1966. Tempera painting in gold via

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“I love my water bottle bag so much I don’t leave home without it. I bring it to yoga, while hiking or on walks with my dog (she really appreciates it), I take it with me shopping, to flea markets, concerts, and beyond. When I go out, I even sometimes use it as a bag and put all my essentials in it instead” 〰️

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thehfscollective: How can we help? 💔 We are devastated by

How can we help? 💔 We are devastated by the loses suffered by so many of our friends who call the Santa Monica mountains and surrounding communities their home. These mountains are very much apart of us as Californians. They are one of the most beautiful places on earth where we are so lucky to spend so much of our days (and also where we live and work). Being so close to the fires, we’ve had to think about what we’d take with us if we needed to evacuate both our home and office. Luckily we are safe but so many people we know were not so lucky. As a company, we want to do something to help but are not sure what. Do you guys have any ideas or organizations or resources you can recommend? ❤️ via

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thehfscollective: No more plastic 🙅🏼‍♀️ anyone else sick of seeing

No more plastic 🙅🏼‍♀️ anyone else sick of seeing single-use plastic water bottles around town? 〰️ we made these crossbody bottle holders so you can take your reusable bottle wherever you go. now available in black made from pineapple leaves. find it or online 🌿💧🙌🏼 photo

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thehfscollective: A bit of good news on an otherwise

A bit of good news on an otherwise depressing day where we’re once again surrounded by wildfires and madmen with guns. Thank you for acknowledging the importance of sustainability in fashion and giving us some light today ✨✨✨ available

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