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taralipinski Tara Lipinski

Broadcaster by trade. Skater for [email protected] @olympics 🎤 #commentator #olympics #figureskating ⛸#figureskater #olympian
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taralipinski: As I head to Michigan today I can’

As I head to Michigan today I can’t help but think of all the years I spent training in Detroit. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew would be my skating home forever. I loved the bright light of C rink, my little yellow locker and of course, the foosball table where I spent most of my breaks with What I loved the most were the people. At the time, I didn’t even realize that these relationships and lifelong memories would make an incredible impact on my life forever. It was on this ice where I would dream of someday going to an Olympics. I had incredible highs and devastating lows in this rink and I wouldn’t change it for the world. This is where I grew as a person and skater. I was put to the test of finding the fierce competitor inside me. I learned about patience, discipline, determination and resilience. I will always remember feeling so nervous to meet THE for the first time (he was wearing his black leather Olympic jacket that I was so fascinated by) He became a great friend and mentor to me. He would make bets with me all the time.- “Clean Skate at this competition and you get to steal my jacket for two weeks” I finally worked my way up to receiving my own Olympic jacket but I’ll never forget those bets that motivated me and also made me laugh + smile. I have so many people to thank at DSC. Marina for showing me what an artist looks like. for teaching me the importance of an edge and line. who kept my body intact and kept me laughing through the pain with her humor. for making every lesson so fun! I was lucky to learn under a great technician like Craig. And to life long friends. Who knew when we were running around that rink that years later we would be bridesmaids in each other’s weddings?! After I won the Olympics I remember I missed DSC so much that any break I had I’d post up at the Residence Inn and get on the ice everyday like my life hadn’t changed one bit. That was a hard transition for me. Even though I loved skating professionally, I didn’t want to leave my life at DSC. A little bit of my heart will remain there forever.

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taralipinski: It’s about time for us to skate

It’s about time for us to skate on into Detroit for Nationals! Who are you excited to see? Predictions? ⛸⛸ 19

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taralipinski: That time we went to the Super Bowl. 🏈

That time we went to the Super Bowl. 🏈 I believe the key to our success at getting interviews at Media Day was my size....I just squeezed and pushed our way through very small spaces right to the front of the line. was one of our favorite interviews.

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I’ll never forget this moment looking up at a sold out Edmonton crowd standing on their feet. I proved to myself I deserved to be at a World Championship even after the most disastrous short program (23rd place) of my career. This program also marked the end of a chapter for me. By the next season I grew a few inches, my curly pony tail turned into a bun and I didn’t just get to skate to the “Speed” soundtrack because I thought it was cool. Those changes among MANY others proved to give me the growth that was needed for the next step. That growth led me to my win at the next World Championships. The exchange for the medal was a small loss of innocence that was replaced with a little bit more pressure. But my love for skating never changed one bit! Every time I step on the ice, I hope to always keep inside of me a bit of this little girl who skated with pure abandon and joy.

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taralipinski: Just a Jersey girl living that Cali life

Just a Jersey girl living that Cali life while wearing my Ohio husbands jacket.

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taralipinski: That Friday Feeling. ✨ And also that feeling when

That Friday Feeling. ✨ And also that feeling when your fever is finally coming down! Who else caught this nasty flu going around?

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taralipinski: A real go to move for me. 🙆‍♀️#tbt

A real go to move for me. 🙆‍♀️

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taralipinski: My little family. 👫🐶 Vacation is over and now

My little family. 👫🐶 Vacation is over and now it’s time to get 2019 going! #2019

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taralipinski: Spent the day playing with my best friend

Spent the day playing with my best friend in the snow...not a bad way to start off 2019. 👯‍♀️❄️ #2019 📹

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“Holding on to my daydreams” as I enter 2019. It’s gonna be a good one! #2019 📹

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taralipinski: A few dreams of mine came true in

A few dreams of mine came true in 2018. We broadcasted our first prime time Olympics and for the cherry on top of that experience we were lucky enough to host the Closing Ceremony. and I then added hosts to our resume with our show Wedding Cake Championship. Get ready for Season 2 this spring! I also had the most surreal experience of acting with Jim Carrey all summer on Needless to say, my work experiences this year were more than memorable! But as we all know Instagram doesn’t always highlight the lows of life and I’m so lucky to have amazing people in my world to stand by my side through those moments. Those people are what matter most to me! Thank you to my husband, friends and family- you made this year a good one! I’ll never forget my husband throwing me the prom I never had to celebrating our 1 year anniversary in the best way possible. Having the best group of girlfriends a girl could ask for and a mom and dad I’m so grateful and proud to call my parents makes me feel so lucky. #2018 #2019

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taralipinski: Snow strolling with my girls. ❄️ @jillmordy @chelseakruse @amandakoch21 #

Snow strolling with my girls. ❄️ Shot by of course

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