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// Aussie Interior Designer living in NYC. // Curator of fine furniture, art, lighting and objects. // Comedian. #texturalsexual
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/ / E N T R Y / / In an ideal world, my job begins on the outside of a home looking in. This doesn't always apply to NYC... as talented as I may be ( ) it's hard to do much with the four square feet of smelly stained carpet at the foot of most apartments.

162 3 Dec 31, 1969

/ / P A L A T T E / / If I haven't already made it horribly obvious, my go-to colors this fall/winter season are beige, cream, and olive. What better way to show them off than on this perfect trio of ottomans, designed by in collaboration with

167 1 Dec 31, 1969

/ / W E T W E D N E S D A Y / / Not sure what I'm dying over more, that olive green stone bar or the herringbone floors that are the perfect 30 shades of beige. Either way, please send and (Kitchen by )

170 2 Dec 31, 1969

/ / T H R E E / / This Brooklyn home by has me in a love triangle. I'm into those delightful little integrated pulls, but they only have eyes for that triangle backed chair, who met my ass once and now it's a stage 5 clinger.

477 5 Dec 31, 1969

/ / S C A R P A / / This doorway has been the source of so much inspiration in the last month, and if you're in the bowery area in the new year you just might see this very shape gracing the back of a brand new bar...

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talirothdesigns: WELCOME TO THE PLAYHOUSE // @tinarichdesign and I moved

WELCOME TO THE PLAYHOUSE // and I moved into our delightful office in July this year. What started as a simple office space evolved into a creative hub where we could house our favorite artists and designers and test out some of our own custom furniture ideas. Most pieces are shoppable, so be sure to check out the link in my bio for the wonderful article written by Thank you thank you to our collaborators and makers - (best contractors) (incredible upholstery) (can make anything and everything see terrazo table) (banquette and cushions and wizards). Thank you to for being that literal baby in that biblical story where two parents fit the baby in half to share it... πŸ™Œ 2019 πŸ“Έ

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/ / P R O T E A / / Sounds a lot like Propecia but its not. Comment if you just googled Propecia.

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/ / T E N D A Y S / / Moving my Washington Heights Clients into their home in ten days and am looking forward to hanging this vintage teak candelabra over the dining table. Thank you as always - you always meet my dumb dreams with actual realities.

67 2 Dec 31, 1969

/ / W E T W E D N E S D A Y / / Kitchen in Verde St Lucia - Stone by

269 7 Dec 31, 1969

/ / Y A S S S S / / is making all of my current favorite colors work in one perfect corner and it's killing me softly πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

102 1 Dec 31, 1969

/ / A U S S I E R U L E S / / Thank god bamboo is making an aggressive comeback and thank god doubly that is such a visionary. That is all.

257 9 Dec 31, 1969

/ / F R I D A Y F L O R A L S / / I am green with envy over these stunning masterpieces. I would do one a week if I could but I don't make enough money.

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