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talinegabriel: Instagram: Waiting for my date 🍕Reality: Climbing the

Instagram: Waiting for my date 🍕Reality: Climbing the wall of room no 1702 to show off the curves of this cute hotel we stayed in for a quick sec

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talinegabriel: Honour your space 🌻 #hippielane

Honour your space 🌻

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talinegabriel: Just casually blending in 💅🏽

Just casually blending in 💅🏽

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talinegabriel: Soul Bowl 🌱 with all those Middle Eastern spices +

Soul Bowl 🌱 with all those Middle Eastern spices + flavours that I love ❤️ Thanking my mama for instilling a love for food into me from day one. And props to my dad for his unwavering commitment to our heritage, which included amongst many other things, his love for our food 🌶

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talinegabriel: Hello 2019 🔥
I’m so ready to integrate

Hello 2019 🔥 I’m so ready to integrate last years wisdom for life right now 🔥 Last year it was all about letting life flow, which is what I want to do more of. To live authentically and with purpose, but without the pressure to achieve any particular goal. My intention for now is to create SPACE in my everyday. To make wellness a priority, you need space. To have the freedom of time and to choose how you spend it. Space for personal growth, spirituality, time with yourself, with friends and family and time to dedicate to whatever lights you up. Having that freedom, that’s real wealth for me. So I’m building my life (and socials) with that in mind. No hustling or hitting major goals on my agenda this year. You’ll see more posts of what I like, inspo for slow living, recipes + images with natural styling ( ie. what I eat, as well as dishes that include meat and egg occasionally), and practical information for wellness and inspiration for mind strength and wellbeing. I have no desire to offend or please anyone, I’m just focusing on what works for me and sharing what I know and love with you. We’ve been building our home from ground up and are now in the final year of build ⚡️You may see a few updates on that too. For those of you messaging (thank you), I’ve been off the grid this last few weeks, mainly eating and swimming, ... + catching up on sleep ٠·˙✧ Hope you’ve had a slow and easy start to year 🧡 xo

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talinegabriel: and loving it 🖤 #goals

and loving it 🖤

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talinegabriel: Taking a moment to catch my breath after

Taking a moment to catch my breath after a full on week of adventure in Dubai ✨ I don’t really wind down when I’m away from home. I’m always exploring, on the go. I have to remind myself to slow down & chill 💆🏽‍♀️

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talinegabriel: Mood 💦 snapped by my babe @foodfixup

Mood 💦 snapped by my babe

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talinegabriel: Festive food in full swing, which for us

Festive food in full swing, which for us always include mezze and my favourite, wrapped vine leaves 🌶 Wishing you all the best vibes, and lots of love and togetherness today + always xo ❤️💚

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talinegabriel: Protect your peace 🖤 #hippielane

Protect your peace 🖤

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talinegabriel: Took a trip to Petra 💫 Petra and The

Took a trip to Petra 💫 Petra and The Treasury (pictured) has been on my bucket list of places to visit since forever, and the ancient city was spectacular to view in person... but I could not get my mind and eyes off the chaos around me. Fortunately it is low season here in Jordan, so it was not very crowded, but what I witnessed by the local inhabitants of the region that use animals for profit was indescribable. The poor treatment of animals and the harassment of tourists for horse and donkey rides left a sour taste in our mouths... and unfortunately the experience all in all was our least favourite of the whole region. I hadn’t heard at all about this so it came completely unexpected. If you do visit Petra, come prepared for some breathtaking history (and) some heart-wrenching scenes 😞

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talinegabriel: Wadi Rum magic ✨✨✨ #wadirum @visitjordan

Wadi Rum magic ✨✨✨

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