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Glimpses of my work as a Realtor, wife & mother of boys. Always looking for beauty in my surroundings. Founder of @WindermereAbode in Old Town, Tacoma
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tacomajones: This has been one of the most beautiful

This has been one of the most beautiful and interesting weeks of Winter weather in recent memory. Sunday was absolutely glorious, but Monday the sidewalks were covered in ice and on Tuesday the streets were blanketed in fog. The sunsets and sunrises have been magnificent but the time between them is still far too short. I know many of you are feeling the weight of Winter. My survival tactics include more coffee, more fleece, and plans to escape the state in February. I won’t be going anywhere warm, but it will be sunny! Can you guess where? In the meantime I will take all your recommendations for smart TV shows, and if you’re feeling down, I’m always up for a 3rd cup of coffee ❤️☕️

342 27 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: Just four blocks from the beach & public pier

Just four blocks from the beach & public pier and directly across the street from a park, this coastal cottage is where the adventurer lays their head! Big garage for kayaks & gear >>>> or if you’re more of an urban explorer like me, you can log miles along the waterfront and then stop at on your way home 😉 See it yourself this weekend; open houses Sat & Sun from 12-3 pm. Offered for $425,000. More details in my story!

230 20 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: Last night I became the official, last person

Last night I became the official, last person in Tacoma to visit The lighting was as good as advertised 😉 and the company was even better. Thanks for the smart convo and and for my wardrobe inspiration (Also is this artwork from not amazing?)

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tacomajones: Won’t be long now...have you booked

Won’t be long now...have you booked yourself a room at yet? Hard to believe it’s finally opening this Spring! I’m looking forward to exploring the unique features that McMenamin’s brings to their establishments. If you’re looking to visit Tacoma sooner (or need a staycation) is a beautiful spot to stay (ask for a high room and you’ll get an amazing view of Mount Rainier!) We also had a great in-city experience at the Marriott this summer. If you’re coming to Tacoma to explore neighborhoods, it’s hard to beat the price and experience of an Airbnb. If you need some suggestions for those, definitely message me!

337 24 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: Hope you all were safe during last night’

Hope you all were safe during last night’s storm - that picked up fast! It’s always sketchy when the winds hit 60 mph after a few days of heavy rain. Saw lots pics of trees down around town. We ran 5-mile drive at Point Defiance this morning and it was covered in branches, limbs and a few trees there too. For the uninitiated, this is definitely winter in the PNW! (However I’m secretly hoping this means an extra week of holiday lights...)

236 3 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: First: Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’

First: Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s Jan 3rd now, but like many of you, I’ve spent the past few days deep in thought (and cleaning). I’m borrowing this picture took of me last month to help set some intentions... Which is fitting because in 2018, running was a goal and a saving grace. It was predictable amongst the many moving parts in our life. (P.S. I rarely find running to be easy, but it ALWAYS makes me happy). In 2019, I am looking forward to many of the same races, but they aren’t the goal. This year, I’m trying to be still and change my habits. More reading, more writing, more yoga. More time listening & learning. Meditating. Sleeping. Thanks to the many friends who are inspiring me and holding me accountable!

390 29 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: It doesn’t seem to matter where I’

It doesn’t seem to matter where I’m at, a will find its way into my feed! Had some business in West Seattle this week and was reminded why people compare it to Tacoma. It’s definitely more than just the architecture (although this house could have easily been one of ours). It’s also the giant plumes rising from Nucor Steel, the skyline views as you crest the hill on Admiral, and of course the Fauntleroy ferries. On this same day, I heard a story on the radio that was touting all the great things about Tacoma...but it was delivered like a backhanded compliment. They were discussing how things are better “now.” That there were museums to visit and things to see, but they couldn’t seem to declare Tacoma a desirable place to LIVE. That conversation reminded me of why I’ve been hanging out here on IG and posting about Tacoma for the last 7 years. Silly as it seems, these pictures are my little love notes to our city. (And I love hearing from far flung former residents about how the pictures connect them to “home”). And obviously my story is told through just one lens and there are many different perspectives on what it’s really like to live here. I’m hoping to hear more of those stories in 2019 and I’m sure you are too.

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tacomajones: Winter in the Northwest is comprised of two

Winter in the Northwest is comprised of two colors: grey, and green. Which is why I love the addition of holidays lights so much...will be truly sad to see them all coming down this weekend. But the drizzle also makes us who we are 🙃 On the weekends I look forward to running in the rain, then long hot showers and steamy cups of coffee. The weather also makes it acceptable to grab a book and a blanket (or a whole Netflix series) and get totally lost. I’m trying to work a little more yoga and a lot more meditation into my routine this Winter. Definitely more reading. Possibly less baking 😉 Local friends, any advice for our new neighbors on how to avoid SAD these next few months?

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tacomajones: Spent the morning chasing a long to-do

Spent the morning chasing a long to-do list (hazard of a December vacation) but then this afternoon I decided to slow it down and enjoy the day. Got to visit with a few of the special people in our life. My lifelong bestie, a few friends who are newer to my life but dear to my heart, and one of our longtime neighbors who has always embraced us. It felt great to linger a bit in the driveway, over coffee and especially in the sunshine. I’ve still got presents to wrap tonight, but being present was a little gift to myself this Xmas eve. ✌🏻❤️😌

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tacomajones: I’ve slacked off on my “houses that

I’ve slacked off on my “houses that look like presents” posts this year, but this one stood out today amidst the grey skies. Is this a new paint job or have I really managed to miss it?

279 16 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: So the re-entry from Hawaii could have

So the re-entry from Hawaii could have been worse (ok that red eye was pretty bad) but the temps have been unseasonably high here in the PNW. (This morning’s pre-dawn run was a balmy 56 degrees!!) But warm winter weather generally means rain and overcast skies. 💨💨 Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year and I am so READY. 🙏🏻✨ Just know your holiday lights are getting me through!!

181 1 Dec 31, 1969
tacomajones: Everyone told us we would fall hard for

Everyone told us we would fall hard for the Big Island, and we did. What an amazing experience...going from lava fields to tropical forests in a matter of minutes! Leading up to this trip I was desperate to unplug because my screen time had gotten out of hand. So, for the first time in a decade, I took a 5-day break from the internet. No email, no social media. And while I did miss you all, my neck feels better, our awesome folks at Abode got sh*t done, and I was able to be present with my boys as they experienced Hawaii for the first time. So, I’m committed to taking better habits and the aloha vibe with me into the holidays and 2019. >>>>Part of my chill out strategy for this vacay was disconnecting in the sleepy town of Hawi before moving to the Mauna Kea for a conference. Both places were magical but for very different reasons. 🤙🏻🙌🏻🥂

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