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Owner of pole n aerial studio Acropolates Singer/Pole Dancer/Aerialist. Producer and creator of AERIAL ACTS in SINGAPORE @acropolates #poledance #fit
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suzieming: Is this like considered hard ? Recently saw a

Is this like considered hard ? Recently saw a really fit and strong lady posting this and attracted like 4K views and everyone going wow so strong so good control , but when I did all I attracted was a trying to air push me to positing hahahah .. anyhoo it’s good for my and I Guess and will Keep doing when I don’t have time on the . . Excited to meet. shortly

141 7 Dec 31, 1969
suzieming: This closes my week-Long Big FIVEO celebration .

This closes my week-Long Big FIVEO celebration . In life you meet some demons , some beasts and some angels .. these girls are demons when we indulge in food like these , beasts when training together and angels when we need one another for motivation and encouragement. Sometimes I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve these ladies . Our days went back to them first signing up as students in Acro and to date they are instructors , poleformers and aerialists. And importantly we remain and confidantes. We train , pole , travel , hang out , watch concerts , eat get fat, diet , workout together . For I sang at her wedding and now Acro grandmama to her handsome Son. Sure at times we have our fair share of arguments ( especially during show choreo and trainings haha ) , But the relationship we have fostered is here to stay even til the day Acro turns 20 or not . Anyways to many more awesome moments and friendship you ladies make 10 so much more meaningful especially when are in a world of 🐕 bite 🐶 and backstabbing ( by someone who attempted to stab my God-given armoured back to a close buddy. Why? because this stabber is obviously a very very sore loser .. Get this b*tch sorry to have hurt your hand, go sharpen your sword some more, competitor won’t even fit your description because you don’t even qualify to be a threat, you only pick up scraps that I spit out . And to think you need to lower yourself to talk to MY people to get info ? Geez learn to elevate yourself ? would you ? ) and partnerships falling apart. So again , love ya ladies !

172 2 Dec 31, 1969
suzieming: 1st Pole practice post-50 plus a week

1st Pole practice post-50 plus a week long of vacation with decadent indulgence .. so that explains the bad form and heaviness . Far from my best but as Long as I don’t stop, I won’t stop . This is showing you human , flaws and what the real deal with you struggle with age and weight but hey , on a brighter note , I feel better than when I was 30. and tonight is another birthday date night with my girlies and woohoo probably the last 50th

249 7 Dec 31, 1969
suzieming: This year’s birthday or birth week has

This year’s birthday or birth week has been an epic one with lovely people throwing me one surprise after another ... the latest was when baked me the best butter cream cake I’ve ever tasted ( no bs and too bad she doesn’t do this for a living else she will have an order from me weekly ) . She has everything in the right amount and is the most mouth watering, melt in you mouth creation , and now I wished I had one all to myself !!!! Who ate the rest huh huh? Haha .. thanks to who incessantly masterminded the surprises and taking videos and photos .. it’s been an epic 50th week and like I said before , it took me 50 years to know who my real friends and families are and when you find them it makes the 50 years worth living . Thank you so much and I know I have one more celebration tomorrow with my lovely pole ladies THANK YOU ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE

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suzieming: My family , #1

My family , #1

193 1 Dec 31, 1969
suzieming: After living 50 years you know who you

After living 50 years you know who you can call family ! I love you girls forever

205 6 Dec 31, 1969
suzieming: Quite a milestone huh? Can’t believe it,

Quite a milestone huh? Can’t believe it, I’ve made it for half a century already. .. and since it’s my birthday today I shall be nice and thank everyone and anyone who has at some point crossed my path those last 50 years. Whether you have been a part of my growing up or a complete jerk who done me huge wrong and messed up my live at some point deliberately or not , Guess what, hey ! You’ve made me who I am today .. and at this juncture of my life , I can’t be more grateful for my family, my loved ones , genuine friends whom I call family , the love of my life , my business , my business and work partners, my health , my beauty and youthful soul ( shameless but yes I AM beautiful in the eyes of my God ok ) my fitness and my health , my secular temporary possessions and heavenly treasures whatever they may be that God has been helping me amass. My birthday wish is truly for those of you who love me and whom I love to receive the same blessings and I sincerely want to see you all happy and prosper. There’s nothing that make me happier to see the people around me waking everyday happy and spreading love and happiness around .. I also pray that all negative vibes please leave me.. one big part of my pre 50 was working with some negative people whom I call “rejects”, rejects make me understand the word “toxic people” and how toxins can harm my soul so yes thank you for expelling yourselves, My beautiful world cannot and will not include you from this point on. BRING IT ON 50 #50isthenewsexy

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suzieming: Me taking a break from shows , classes and

Me taking a break from shows , classes and poles.. just gonna be with important people in my life, to chill, have fun, shop, eat and basically get fat together although would not be very pleased with the last description. She’s the only one still working out twice a day on a vacay. So please if you can just let me have this much needed me time after a gruelling few months of multiple projects and one very big one named 10 . Even up until the day I went on the plane I was still coordinating shows and performances of which I am very thankful for. Yesterday we spent time with big dogs but today we spent time with very big fishes which you can see in my insta story .. will be a few more days before I return to catch up with the year end event frenzy . bangkok

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suzieming: Christmas is here early! Gym Wear Movement is

Christmas is here early! Gym Wear Movement is giving away 10,000 of their Supreme Sports bra and Racy pants worth $99 to celebrate their opening. As good things must share, here is how you can redeem their gorgeous gym wear outfit (worth$99): - Hop over to Gym Wear Movement - Re-share their designated post (on Instagram or FB) - Tag them - Check out at on Nov 29th, 12pm I would recommend setting a timer on Thursday because there is high demand and 10,000 outfits would be snapped up in hours. movement

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suzieming: Would you wanna learn this ? #feelinggood #aerialpole routine ? #

Would you wanna learn this ? routine ? ness

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suzieming: LONG POST - reflection time #lifeisastage; whether you captivate

LONG POST - reflection time ; whether you captivate the entire audience or no one is watching , the show goes on . I have been building various stage personas for myself for the last 25 years. Any fools would know I love the stage and being on it is a passion . BUT do you know what I’ve learnt to love more than performing? That is to create performers .. In my journey of making pole dance and aerial dance performances ( by locals ) recognisable in events , I have worked hard and created many opportunities for others to hone their skills to become performers. Platforms are opened for those who acknowledge that performance preparation is the way to elevate to the next level . Besides marketing our acts to events like dnds and galas, I’ve created our own annual events called , organised and also collaborated with festivals, exhibitions and open houses as platforms for student showcases. My biggest satisfaction is witnessing their performance skills gain maturity and begin to “characterise” their stage personas . At the end of the day, some thank you for the guidance , some just walk away and think they have arrived and never looked back on who offered them the first opportunity. To these category of being , I still wish you the best . One of those who had chosen to leave some time back recently hinted in more than one way that she missed performing with Acro , but to this person , I would have to say the feeling is however not mutual . Opportunities you pass up have become opportunity for the next persons . So always stay grounded , stay humble and teachable . Happy 10th anniversary to , i marvel that we have come that far

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suzieming: Before there was invention of the #spinningpole , #poles

Before there was invention of the , were historically static only and back then we all used only our body momentum to twirl ourselves around. As a traditional somewhat pioneering , I believe in building our and also students foundation in a certain amount of and having been a judge in multiple it further endorsed my belief because a competitor will score more points if he or she is able to handle both poles . I must admit having worked with spinning pole more makes me lose this bodily momentum or my quick reflexes so I won’t say I’m executing these moves very well . But here’s a compilation of my practices over 2 practice sessions at . Finding myself and time back after our 10! ness . For the holiday season , we have rolled out lots of courses and workshops for you . Visit for more info and did you hear ? is coming in December to Acro to conduct workshops , don’t miss them , slots are limited

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