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On a mission to spread joy and light 🧡 BTS ❤️ 📍Dallas Founder of @curryqueenco ✨ Check out my YouTube video 🎉 ⤵️
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sruthijayadevan: Gold has always been one of my favorite

Gold has always been one of my favorite colors! It just looks so amazing on sun-kissed skin 🥰 This custom-made lehenga from is one of my absolute favorites! The detail & level of artistry that goes into make these pieces will always amaze me 😍 📷: . . . . . . . bridal bridal weddings fashion wear clothing style jewelry fashion designer couture

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sruthijayadevan: Had such a wonderful experience getting a mani-

Had such a wonderful experience getting a mani-pedi at the Plano Legacy location! I loved their service & emphasis on clean/healthy beauty& ingredients ❤️🙌🏾 Definitel coming back here next time!

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sruthijayadevan: So.....I COLORED MY HAIR PURPLE!! I

So.....I COLORED MY HAIR PURPLE!! I've been wanting to go a little darker with my hair for a while now, but didn't want to damage it by using any harsh chemical dyes or spending too much $$. So I finally took a leap of faith and tried out the healthy color conditioner from and I wanted to share my process with you! It was so easy to do, application only took 15 mins, AND it's vegan & cruelty free! What surprised me most was that my hair felt even more healthy and soft AFTER I colored it?! When does that ever happen when you dye your hair?? I love that it has so many of my favorite natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic jojoba, organic aloe etc. I still can't believe I transformed my hair from brown to purple in just 15 minutes with a HEALTHY hair conditioner! Can't wait to try out all of their other colors soon :)

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sruthijayadevan: Sometimes you just have to let go of

Sometimes you just have to let go of your worries and take things day by day. Don’t let your worries stop you from your happiness. You deserve so much ❤️ Outfit: 📷:

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sruthijayadevan: Obsessed with the new lip slip collection from @

Obsessed with the new lip slip collection from , especially this color Miami Beach 😍 Do you guys prefer a matte lip or a glossy lip? 🌟 Also wearing : Il Makiage - Multi-dimensional eye color quad in trendsetter, mineral baked blush in toxic, long-wear eye pencil in cosmo, and woke up like this flawless base foundation 🌟

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sruthijayadevan: Tell me one thing that made you happy

Tell me one thing that made you happy today/this week! 🌟 I’ll tell you mine: I was able to visit my mom after many months & I feel so eternally grateful for the relationship we’ve had as best friends for as long as I can remember! It made me so happy to see her full of joy and healthy as ever! 🥰

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sruthijayadevan: Me 10 years ago thought it was a

Me 10 years ago thought it was a good idea to wear blue contacts & have nonexistent brows.... not to mention the terrible haircut 😂 On a more real note, 10 years ago I had just moved from India and had been in the U.S for 2 years! I was still struggling to fit it and make this new place feel like home. I remember not having any friends at school and leaning on the few friends I made at church to fill my days with happiness. I had so many insecurities and always tried to please people around me. All I wanted to do was help my mom who had worked so hard to raise me and my 2 siblings all by herself and sacrificed so much to give us a better life in America. If you told me 10 years where I would be in life, where my family would be, I don’t know if I would’ve believed it. Maybe I would have. I always had a glimmer of hope, even through the hardest of times, that one day it was all going to be okay. Although I didn’t realize when my life had changed, in the last 10 years, I’ve been counting my blessings and thanking the universe for giving me endless opportunities and blessings. I will never forget those that were part of my journey. It’s even more amazing to think that now I have all of YOU to give me strength through whatever life brings my way. I hope you know that no matter what you’be been through, and are going through, there’s always hope. Looking forward to an even more amazing 10 years! #10yearchallenge

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sruthijayadevan: Vintage desi doll vibes ~ 
I don’t normally

Vintage desi doll vibes ~ I don’t normally wear a lot of pinks on my lips but this is my fav lip shade called BarBae from ! Their formulas are so creamy, they smell amazing & they’re perfect for so many skin tones! 🙌🏾 📷:

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sruthijayadevan: It’s been so long since I’ve

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these indo-western looks for y’all! When I got this stunning silk saree from , I knew I had to pair it with these gorgeous silk pants from that’s been in my closet for ages. The colors matched perfectly and it just had such a classy & elegant vibe to it. The lovely draped this perfectly how I envisioned it, and I’m loving how the whole outfit turned out. Wearing silk sarees always make me feel at home because it reminds me of Kerala so much. My mom’s closet is filled with these stunning prints and I will forever find so much beauty in these pieces. What do you think of this look? Could you see yourself doing one of these looks next time you’re wearing a silk saree? 😍 Let me know your thoughts! 📷:

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sruthijayadevan: Hi I’ve missed you all! 😭💜 I’ve

Hi I’ve missed you all! 😭💜 I’ve been feeling all sorts of drained with work and school these last few months and I knew I needed to take a break....I feel like I have much more clarity now than I did before. We all start off the year with so many new goals and aspirations, and it’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself. I notice that the more aware I am of my own emotions & feelings, the better I’m able to navigate my daily life. Whether that’s meditating for 10 mins every morning or going for a daily walk, make sure you’re giving yourself time to breathe and think and just BE 💫 I love you all so much! Thank you for being the brightest part of my day always. Your sweet messages and kind words give me so much strength. ⠀ ☀️Eyeshadow: stroke of midnight palette ✨ ☀️Concealer & Contour: in meringue and chocolate chip ☀️Lips: metallic lipstick in NYE ☀️Setting spray: All Nighter Spray ☀️Highlight & Contour (powder): FaceForm palette in dark ☀️ Powder: matte about it 147 ☀️Eyebrows: Easy Breezy Brow Fill + Define Brow Pencil in black ☀️Foundation: long-wear weightless foundation in warm natural 📷: ⠀ ⠀

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sruthijayadevan: How is 2019 treating you all so far?

How is 2019 treating you all so far? I always love the beginning of a year, because it’s the perfect time to reset and start over with a clean slate! No matter how the previous year was, I always feel like I am blessed to have yet another chance to write my life story. Here’s to a New Years filled with kindness, love and laughter. Here’s to being more patient with yourself and others. Here’s to believing in yourself. Here’s to sharing your talents and knowledge with the world. Here’s to being the creator of your own destiny. Here’s to creating more beautiful friendships and relationships. Here’s to loving yourself a bit more day by day. Here’s to achieving all of your dreams and goals. Here’s to overcoming obstacles and setbacks. Here’s to pursuit of your passions. Here’s to a year filled with all the small moments that make life truly worth living! 📷:

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sruthijayadevan: So excited to share this New Years Eve

So excited to share this New Years Eve glam makeup look with you all! 🥳 Check out the full makeup tutorial for this on my YouTube channel so you can see step-by-step how I achieved this look ☺️🙌🏾 All of the products I used can be found at so don’t forget to check everything out through the link in my bio! What are your plans for the New Years?! Any New Years resolutions?  📷:

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