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β™₯️Aiesha Robinson You are truly a lovely person! πŸ’‹ ・・・ I’m so excited to finally announce my collaboration with + for their brand new series . This launch comes at a time in my life that I’ve made it a point to work past some insecurities that were overshadowed by β€˜my life with vitiligo.’ This series sparks the discussion about a very critical topic - self acceptance. It is paramount to be comfortable in your own skin and proud of that person in the mirror. We hope that sharing our stories inspire you to practice more self love, continue your journey of acceptance, and reminds you that we aren’t alone in this bout, as everyone deals w/ similar issues. We are all on our paths in figuring out this thing called life. But a little help walking that path can make the journey a bit smoother. So Be You, Do You and remember that you were Born To Rise.

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β™₯️ Thank you & Proud of you πŸ”₯ ・・・ Had an amazing night with ... honored for the nomination. ... shout out to for dressing me. Makeup hair ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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