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Happy Colombiana All-things Summer
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. NAME YOUR FAVORITE DESSERT: I don’t usually crave sugars. I don’t die deserts (except for ice cream) but today I had a sweet tooth the size of a dinosaur!. . . CUAL ES TU POSTRE FAVORITO: Usualmente no me muero por dulces ni postres, excepto 🍦! Pero hoy me he desquitado!!

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rosanna_cordoba: TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES SALSA!!.

Si no

TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES SALSA!!. . Si no tienes pareja agárrate de lo que puedas que la salsa es vida! If you don’t have a dancing partner, grab what ever you find. Salsa is life! islife

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. Complete the sentence: Thinking of... . Completa la oración: Aquí pensando en....

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rosanna_cordoba: Portraits by @underground_nyc 
1, 2 or 3??

Portraits by 1, 2 or 3??

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rosanna_cordoba: Hanging out with @underground_nyc in #portlandmaine

Hanging out with in

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rosanna_cordoba: Throwback. 🐶Butch and me.

Throwback. 🐶Butch and me.

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rosanna_cordoba: Health is more important than body shape.. don’

Health is more important than body shape.. don’t forget that.

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(Read on my

NEW BLOG POST: TRAVELING COLOMBIA!! (Read on my website-link in my bio). I’m back blogging. Started over! Suscribe and enjoy :) . Colombia is so cool. Look at this cool we found in Colombia, near Cartagena!!! . LOL We had to pay the Masseur!! Don’t you dare thinking that was for free!! 😂 . We got a sort of “spa experience” on behalf of the locals! They gave us massage, facial treatment and then bathed us!!!😅

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rosanna_cordoba: One of the best gift from nature to

One of the best gift from nature to us is the ability to laugh!!! I was thinking.. 🤭I think a lot about random things.. 😅... if other animals can laugh. I found that there is a few that are known to laugh.. What do you think?? Can animals laugh!? I look at my cats and I really hope they even silently.. there is laughter inside them!!! It feels really good! Skirt:

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rosanna_cordoba: May my smile never brake.
I got lots

May my smile never brake. I got lots of thanks to give, I got a lot of people to be grateful for. I have you all. It’s beautiful all what you guys wrote in support. It was a deserved slap on my face yet it felt soft as a caress. I was reminded of just how good is be alive, one more day, one day at the time. How vain is my sadness when looked at in perspective. . I travel, I’m in love, I have a home, 2 cats and 2 crazy dogs, mom and dad are alive and so are all my 6 siblings. I might not be where I want to be, I might hate somethings about myself (yeep.. we all have a hater of ourselves inside us, to whom we shouldn’t listen). But hey... I AM, as flat as that sounds it is the greatest gift. I AM AND I LIVE YET ANOTHER DAY! Thank you all you awesome people.

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rosanna_cordoba: Sun shines for us all! #mermaid

Sun shines for us all!

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rosanna_cordoba: Do you have a BFF that is so

Do you have a BFF that is so alike you that it’s kind of awkwardly funny!?? . . Well, Rebekah and I never traveled together before. . But... We were born just a few days apart, during our trip we’d constantly say the exact same thing at the same and we’d try to grab the same object at the same time. We are both passionate about salsa and we have such similar personalities and views about life, IT’S WEIRD!!! we giggle a lot, I loved that the most... . I had a great time with her in Colombia. Picture two walking carbon copies walking side by side !!! LOL Do you have a friend like this?? TAG YOUR TWIN BFF..

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