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- Slay level to the max πŸ’₯ Model and actress gets up close and personal in the newest issue. Find out more via the link in bio. πŸ“· by , styling by in paris

203 2 Dec 31, 1969

- Make carbs πŸ₯ great again. This Sunday morning, designer Simon Porte unveiled his collection in the most traditional πŸ‡«πŸ‡· way β€” around coffee, hot chocolate, croissants, πŸ₯– and butter. All guests were invited to share breakfast with the models and Simon, making for a no-fuss yet efficient and pleasant show πŸ™Œ Tune into our stories to see more! paris

929 5 Dec 31, 1969

- Congratulations to for signing his first ever modeling contract with πŸ”₯ Better watch out for this new face! paris

596 9 Dec 31, 1969

- Happy 25th anniversary to haute couture house β€” from striking red-carpet moments to exquisite creations showcased on the runway, take a glimpse at the brand’s unique savoir-faire during its exhibition starting Jan. 20 until Jan. 26, 2019. Tune into for more info. paris

317 4 Dec 31, 1969

- Designer was joined backstage by friends , and after revealing his Men’s Winter 2019 collection. Tune into our stories for more. paris

1123 10 Dec 31, 1969

- Strike a pose πŸ”₯ Actress and model spoke to about French cinema, living between Los Angeles and Paris, growing up in the spotlight and more. Find her exclusive interview via the link in bio. πŸ“· by , styling by in and

875 6 Dec 31, 1969

- When the weekend is just a few hours away ⏱ Pictured above, supermodel and ambassador Tune into’s International Watch Review platform to know about ’s latest news. paris

485 7 Dec 31, 1969

- Wait for him (video 2) β€” arguably the most awaited rendez-vous on the Men’s calendar, the show by did not disappoint. Acclaimed by a star-peppered audience including , , , the designer took a bow in a inspired decor, a tribute to King of Pop Tune into our stories and to see more. 🎡 by and paris

469 3 Dec 31, 1969

- Get an insider glimpse at ’s star-studded front row β€” from to and , ’s squad showed up to support his latest Men’s Winter 2019 collection. Tune into to see more. πŸ“· by for paris

366 2 Dec 31, 1969

- Walk it, like I talk it. Hip-hop artist made his fashion debuts at earlier today in . Tune into our stories to watch more. paris

358 10 Dec 31, 1969

- Simply the best πŸ”₯ Unveiling our February coverstar, actress, music artist and fashion icon β€” the Hollywood ⭐️, whom we can’t wait to see in -produced Season 2, along with , and , shares her thoughts about style, personal role models and more in an exclusive interview for Available Jan. 24 on every newsstand. Stay tuned for more! πŸ“· by , fashion by by , makeup by paris

3611 31 Dec 31, 1969

- Egg-straordinary πŸ₯š This one was designed by and broke the internet in 1999. Today, the egg-centricity comes back with a new Instagram sensation called paris

285 4 Dec 31, 1969