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I’m a chef😋 @cookingwithjudy and 1/4 of @fabfourfashion 😘 fashion blogger 🇭🇹🇭🇹
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judy25saywhat: Life is short and time waits for no

Life is short and time waits for no one . If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you , that moment is NOW 💛 SO SMILE Bi$ch in my LIL DUVAL voice 🤗 📸

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with ・・・ B I G  N E W S! #  Elated to announce that will take over Instagram account during on October 13. They’ll bring you a curated style file from the event but also key tips from our and insights from their own experience. #  In case you haven’t heard of these to watch, here’s the scoop:  # (Official bio) Fab Four Fashion is a unique fashion, and brand created by four women on a mission to democratize the landscape. Its co-founders - Gail, Judy, Leslie and Nancy - created an inclusive space to highlight real women with unique bodies and styles, hence their tagline and its play on words: Four Fab Women, Four Fab Bodies, Four Fab Styles.  They navigate the fierce fashion jungle showing women how to make fashion and styles work for the tall, curvy, slim and plus size women of the world.  # (EM’s commentary) These four aren’t just stylish – but smart, sophisticated women who have started and succeeded at building their own . (If you aren’t one of their 18K followers on Instagram – get on it! They’ve been contributors to  and , seen on & FashionBombDaily and just returned from . Did I mention they are all brilliant professional women by day – ahem, one holds an engineering degree!) # The whole point of is to encourage more women to build their businesses and brands, to tap into their confidence and to access information they need to find success. This exciting collaboration with Fab Four Fashion is a very cool way to showcase one of my favourite local   brands – as women who are trusted voices of and substance. # Link in bio if you want to join us. Advance tix only. Saturday is going to be spectacular! EM

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judy25saywhat: I want to scream Happy Birthday to my

I want to scream Happy Birthday to my little sister It is truly a blessing to have such a fun, smart and caring sister like you. I couldn’t ask for a better sister , love you til infinity my partner in crime, my confident and the best traveling buddy ❤️😘🎂🥂🎁

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judy25saywhat: Look who we bumped into at the #nkprit18

Look who we bumped into at the 18 EVENT 🗣🗣LUKE CAGE , such a gentleman he stopped to take picture with us . I need to know his skin regimen cause it PERFECTION SMOOTH AS BUTTER❤️ Thank you for the invite 😘

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judy25saywhat: Shout out to all my  ladies  working on

Shout out to all my ladies working on loving their bodies because that shit is hard sometimes , body confidence does not come from having the perfect body, it comes from embracing what you have😘😘 . .

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