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gigithoennes GIGI THOENNES

✨He said, ''don't you feel lonely living in your own little world?'' She whispered, ''don't you feel powerless living in other people's world?''✨
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gigithoennes: By the end of last year I was

By the end of last year I was reading through everyone’s stories and their new goals for #2019 . I decided to take the holidays to reflect on 2018 and to find some personal goals moving forward. I noticed that I really felt like I needed to step back from all kind of media, including my emails and my text messages (some of my friends thought I was lost in Indonesia and started to contact my family to find out what’s going on😳) to really digest all the changes which are happening around the world right now and to reflect how I feel about it. Sometimes there is just so much noise around you that you can’t listen to your own voice... I realized that I find myself feeling scared and curious at the same time. But you know what, I couldn’t help but notice that even with everything that’s going on right now, as a woman, I feel stronger, more confident and more powerful in my own skin than EVER before. Women are finding their voices all over the world, and this is just the beginning. There have been so many movements this year, and the extraordinary brave act of ♥️ All of this created by brave women who are not scared of anyone’s opinion anymore. Women who don’t hide behind men, women who are not worried about their success or their career being affected because they are speaking out and women who are tired of not being heard! Although I don’t agree with some of the voices around the movements (that’s another story), very powerful and important shifts are starting to happen! 2018 was a hell of a year, it was powerful, strong, painful, difficult but most important it was necessary !!! But you better get prepared because we just got started 💪🏻♥️ #2019

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gigithoennes: Good Morning Lovers,
I am normally not a

Good Morning Lovers, I am normally not a morning person, but today I couldn’t wait to get out of bed. I am super excited for the next adventure, Bali ✨ Let me know if you have any recommendations 🙌🏻

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gigithoennes: Last but not least I hope that everyone

Last but not least I hope that everyone of you has a wonderful Christmas time surrounded by love, family and close friends 🎄 This time of the year is always really special to me as I take the time for myself to reflect on my past year. My mistakes, my progress, people who left my life and new friends who joined this crazy journey called life ✨ It’s has been a hell of a year!!! Sending you guys all my love ♥️

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gigithoennes: I firmly believe that with the right footwear

I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world and sometimes I also just feel like biting my footwear 🥴

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gigithoennes: You Guys,
I wanted to alert you to

You Guys, I wanted to alert you to a really great freebie special happening now through Friday. Most of my customers already made sure to take advantage of this amazing promotion ✨ Rodan+Fields is giving away a full-sized Multifunction Eye Cream with any regimen. If you're ready to give it a try, now is the time. Everything has a 60 day, empty bottle guarantee, so you are free to return for a full refund if it doesn't work for you. But my guess is you're going to love it. And the eye cream giveaway is like getting $62 for free. I LOVE and use the Redefine regimen myself. It really smooths and firms your complexion. Also my boyfriend uses it as well, so it's not just for women. Christmas is coming up soon❣️ If you would like to have more information, check out my story! • products

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gigithoennes: You can love her with everything you have

You can love her with everything you have and she still wont belong to you. She will run wild with you, beside you with everystep but let me tell you something about women who run with wolves, their fierce hearts dont settle between walls and their instinct is stronger than upbringing. Love her wild or leave her there 🙏🏻 • When your girlfriend stops you because she found the perfect store for your personality, ✨Wild at heart ✨

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gigithoennes: When back in London.
London nights 💋
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When back in London. London nights 💋

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gigithoennes: Dear Monday,
I am sorry but I want

Dear Monday, I am sorry but I want to break up. I am seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday 🥰 Sincerely, it’s not me, It’s you 💋

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gigithoennes: Malibu in the middle of the day yesterday!

Malibu in the middle of the day yesterday! • ‘’Some call me Nature, others call me mother nature. I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years, Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you! I don’t really need people but people need me. Yes, your future depends on me, When I thrive, you thrive, When I falter, you falter or worse. But I’ve been here for aeons, I have fed species greater than you, and I have starved species greater than you. My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests, They all can take you or leave you, How you chose to live each day whether you regard or disregard me doesn’t really matter to me, One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine. I am nature, I will go on, I am prepared to evolve, Are you?”

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gigithoennes: My Mum told me that already when I

My Mum told me that already when I was a young child, I would stand close to the playground and just observe the other kids and their behavior before I decided with who I wanted to play. At first she was worried that I would turn into an outsider until she realized that I was actually very social and didn’t have problems to make friends, once I figured out who I liked. I always watched people’s behavior towards others first! I feel like when we are young, we are very clear in our expectations about any kind of relationship. Somehow when we get older, we find and accept excuses for unacceptable behavior patterns. We want to like and be liked by others, we don’t want to waste time for confrontations and who likes to be wrong about their friendships anyway? So instead of drawing the line the first time, it’s excuse over excuse...oh this person is going through a rough time,... etc. But guys, everyone goes through difficult times! Specially in rough times you get to know someone’s real character! The way you carry yourself through the worst, really says a lot about you 🙌🏻 Actions are indeed so much louder than words. I love what Oprah said, • when people show you who they are, believe them, the first time!!! •

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gigithoennes: Magical Ginger Power 😉
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Magical Ginger Power 😉

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gigithoennes: No matter how hard you try, you simply

No matter how hard you try, you simply can’t lie to yourself. It might take you a while to reflect your real emotions, but somehow you will always know your truth. So ask yourself, are you really the woman who loves to support other women? Are you really a supportive friend? Meaning, do you treat your friends the way how you would like be treated yourself? Are you happy for other people’s success? It’s very easy to sell a certain image of yourself. We have all seen it so many times! What people don’t realize is that your words really don’t matter, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to believe the image you need to believe about yourself. Your actions will ALWAYS reflect your character and your thoughts. Let me observe your actions and I will learn about your character. So many women don’t realize that they complain about a behavior pattern which they practice themselves. Don’t talk about honesty and support, if you turn around and talk bad about someone. Don’t tell me you are looking for realness in your life, if you are not acting real with others. Don’t ask for favors, if you have never shown up for your friends. Humans are so funny sometimes, unwilling to commit to their own behavioral standards but high in expectations of others. Tell me how that works out for you?

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