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freddieharrel: I was going to caption this "waiting for

I was going to caption this "waiting for the weekend like" but we couldnt be further from the truth now, could we? For starters, has a really weak concept of what a weekend lie-in should really be about, weekend naps feel like Brexit circa 2016: looks like a given but 2 hours (years?) later we're still fighting 🙃 Second, the Friday countdown to that G&T has turned into the sad realisation of everything else I could have finished in the week whilst childcare was taken care of (and paid for!! 😭), the former standard Friday excitement has been replaced by that panic that kicks in around 2pm when you try to cram what's left on your to-do list  knowing that it would probably take you another week to complete 😂 Oh well, TGIF 🎉🎉 (tap for outfit and home details)

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freddieharrel: Back to London and now onto some well

Back to London and now onto some well deserved R&R by means of a spa day. Can we make it fancy à la French though? I bring the pearls and the polka dots, and rolls out the French art-de-vivre 💃🏾😎 Garçon, more tea please 😜   

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freddieharrel: 2009. Jeez I want to squeeze myself so

2009. Jeez I want to squeeze myself so hard, so so hard! In 2009 I was desperately trying to be the Freddie I thought I should be. I was still in banking and lost AF (did you know I started my career in banking? I wanted to be a trader 😂 never made it but ended up marrying one 🤷🏾) back then I wanted a career that would make people see that I was super smart, that I'd go places despite what France thought people like me (as in black, suburban, penniless, born in the 93 - if you know, you know) were (in)capable of. I was in the most toxic relationship I'm still unconsciously recovering from (thank the almighty for who 10 years later is still helping me clearing the BS out of my system 🙏🏾) If I think of the closest friends I had then (although I'm trying not to go there) 95% thankfully got TFO of my life 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. In 2010 I got rid of the toxic bf, I quit banking, went back to school, bagged myself an MBA in eBusiness, moved to England a year later, far (I mean, 2h17 away on the Eurostar 🙃) from these tiny and suffocating constructs. I got rid of the toxic friends quite a few years later though, finally stepped into my own magic and fabulousness, and the rest is history: still growing, still learning, still dreaming; but every year with a lot more love for myself, and therefore with a lot more success and beautiful friendships as time goes by - I've blossomed into the raddest swan now so you can't tell me nothing 😂 I wouldn't change a thing, I'm grateful  for every single step of the journey! The glow up mainly happened inside, but I'm not mad I've shed some of these cheeks, now I can buy gin without being IDed 😎 and I still want to give myself 10 points for style cause I've always been out there trying hard 🤣 #10yearchallenge

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were having their annual day today in Gothenburg where all their international teams gather and brainstorm for the year. They've asked me to come and give a talk before their big dinner that'll leave everyone feeling empowered and confident 💪🏾😎 so I brought that energy I wanted them to leave with on stage right?🎉 you know I'd usually dwell more on what went on but your homeslice is POOPED. I got up way before the cockerels do (it might just be something French people say btw 🙃) yesterday in Paris, same again today in London, and I'll be hitting the ground from 5am tomorrow in Gothenburg to rush back to cause our very own is turning 40 tomorrow 🎉 (and boy do we thank the universe for such blessing 🙏🏾😍) - phewww, pooped I said! Have a lovely evening everyone, and thanks for having me , Gothenburg, Sweden, all of you 😂, it's all love ! ♥️

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freddieharrel: As mentioned earlier, I feel like 2019 is

As mentioned earlier, I feel like 2019 is going to bring a lot of breakthroughs. 2018 was a bit of a rainy one, this year we're reaping the rainbow and more 🌈  And speaking of rainbows I'm excited to share that I'll be working with this year, we're both women running businesses for women, we both dig bright colours, and we both need to keep track of time ⌚ because 2019 is the year we claim the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, now ISN'T IT? 😎🙌🏾💰😂

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freddieharrel: Paris bound 🎉 Too excited to squeeze #MonsieurCouscous who

Paris bound 🎉 Too excited to squeeze who we sent to spend the rest of the hols in Paris with his cousins, just so we could start the year off the right track 👊🏾 I took this time off parenting to map 2019, I had already worked on my set of goals and objectives, all I needed then was some quiet and alone time to check in with myself, reflect (and cry if needs be 🤷🏾‍♀️) on 2018's hardest moments, work on a new routine (super flexible and focused on how I want to feel vs the usual 'what I should be doing because new year new me' BS that never lasts) and most of all coach la Freddie because I'm planning on outdoing the sh*t of out myself (fear where?!!!! 😎)! And what I realised it that I wasn't getting more done just because Hugo was away, but mostly because for the entirety of his trip I have had no feelings of mum guilt and it's crazy how much more you get done with so much more headspace 😂😂 So I'm now adding "kill the mum guilt" to the list of 2019 objectives but I have a feeling we still have a few decades together 🙃

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freddieharrel: Thing is Hugo, with this cold we

Thing is Hugo, with this cold we're ALL getting the mittens out 🙄 How crazy cold did it just get though?? 😲🏔️

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freddieharrel: 2019 is going to be a blossoming one,

2019 is going to be a blossoming one, I can feel it 🥰 but that's if I put my head down, and right now I'm putting it allll the way down, whilst trying to not freak out, and grasping all these signs telling me I'm on the bright track. I know I've got it, I know I'm on it, just sometimes I briefly lose sight of it, and it gets all dark and scary. We're at a huge crossroads with , I'm loving it, I never ever thought I'd have to fill such huge boots, it's crazy, it's as exhilarating as it's panic inducing. Pheww 🙃 But I can't really do that and get as chatty as I used to on here, so I'm going to need you to put up with lazy captions for a bit, cause I still want to pop my head on here (FOMO anyone? 😅) but I often feel guilty for not having anything deep to say lol (anyone else always looking for a stick?), because my mind is so caught up in haaaaair, meetings and spreadsheets. But being the anxious people pleaser that I am I felt like sharing this disclaimer you know 🤷🏾‍♀️ So here's to a mind-blowing 2019 (and ), dare to dream even bigger and get to work! Visualise it, manifest it, provoke it, work on it - you've got it 👊🏾 (boilersuit is circa 2014)

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freddieharrel: Sunday #RobeLife but we

Sunday but we're making it fashion 🙅🏾‍♀️

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freddieharrel: When your legs can take the cold more

When your legs can take the cold more than your teeth 🍗🍗

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freddieharrel: It

It's so cold outside and my teeth are so sensitive that my grin is catching a break atm 🙃 (and I try to keep my lips over my teeth when I speak, which gives way more teasing material than he needs.. 🙄) what's surprisingly keeping me super warm is this tiny looking coat, and it has all the sass I was craving - well done 🤩 what's everyone doing this Saturday? Have a great one ♥️

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freddieharrel: Kicking off 2019 with a badass boot and

Kicking off 2019 with a badass boot and my new found friend Margaux 🥰 - she's the satchel bag btw, she's from our friend (so is the badass boot duo, and the fringed knit 😍💃🏾) And if you thought she was the persona, and not the bag; well this 2019 we're not wasting time naming them, instead we keep them coming - we're not multidimensional, we're ALLL the dimensions 😎 Happy New Year you wonderful people, I feel it's going to be a grand one 🎉🎉🎉 (outfit: all 🤗)

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