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ellenfisher: sometimes I have nothing to say in a

sometimes I have nothing to say in a caption but just want to share a photo, or photos, that I really love and cherish.

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ellenfisher: Always entangled in each other like this. Missing

Always entangled in each other like this. Missing my sister so much right now. We are so different from one another yet we just..get each other..on a level one else. I love you.

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ellenfisher: Nature’s Disneyland 🌿 ~The human spirit needs places

Nature’s Disneyland 🌿 ~The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man.~ John Muir . Thanks for the sweet drone shot.

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ellenfisher: She’s my spirit animal 😻🐅

She’s my spirit animal 😻🐅

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✨🎉✨in case you missed it, today is the last day to get 20% OFF my recipe ebooks! Use code new2019 at checkout. The EPIC VEGAN FOOD ebook has loads of beginner vegan tips for those looking to embark on a compassionate✌🏼vegan lifestyle or simply include more🌱plants into their diet. It’s also filled with all our family’s FAVORITE vegan recipes-all gluten free and whole foods focused that leave us feeling amazing after👌🏼👌🏼. (Yes that means you-loaded nachos, Mexican tacos🌮and creamy🍜pad Thai👅.) ✨🎉✨ I’m so thankful for all of your support you’ve shown my fam over the year (and years!). Looking forward to what’s in store this year. Photo by

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ellenfisher: In light of the new year I’m

In light of the new year I’m offering a 20% discount on my ebooks from now through January 5th👏🏼. Epic Vegan Food is filled with all our family’s favorite recipes, beginner vegan tips✌🏼, encouragement and inspiring content. Use discount code “new2019” for 20% OFF for THREE DAYS ONLY! LINK to view my ebooks is IN MY PROFILE or go to . Thank you for all your support and happy new year! Lunch pictured is a DECONSTRUCTED SUSHI BOWL with loads of veg, rice, sweet potatoes, avocado, pickled ginger, nori and sesame seeds. 👅 full recipe is in my ebook Epic Vegan Food ❤️

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🎉HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE! Getting ready for the photo: “Hold me like you like me babe!” Haha jk we really do like each other and today is our 16th year anniversary of being together! Next year we’ll have been together more years in our life than we not. DAng!! Andrew always jokes with me why I care about our official boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary more than our wedding anniversary and it’s because we were together for so much longer before we got married! To say we’ve been married for almost 10 years doesn’t fully explain us haha. Cuz we DATED for 6 years before we got married. He asked me to be his girlfriend when we were 15 and 16 years old at a New Years eve party when the clock struck midnight and I still remember the details of that night like it was yesterday. The rest is history and never would we ever have dreamed the life (and lives👦🏼👦🏼👶🏼) we have created together over the years! I love you babe more than words can express: the ups, the downs, the arguments, the deep connection, the tough moments, the easy times, I take it all with you and embrace it FOR LIFE. Happy New Years guys! 🎉

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🎥Watch until the end to see Scout making the sweetest little sound! I’ve decided it’s my favorite sound ever in the entire universe. I LOVE THESE MOMENTS from Christmas day! Full video on my YouTube channel, Ellen Fisher (“Day in our Hawaii life // Christmas Day”) Or you can swipe up in my Insta stories. Let me know in the comments below if you watched the video! My favorite part is when Sandy shows everyone his 3d penguin puzzle.. and the football wrestling with dad…oh and of course Scout’s excited noises that are music to my ears. What did you like about it? I was just thinking yesterday as I was editing this video how if I had not captured these seemingly insignificant moments on film, about 90% of these moments would have already been forgotten, but now I have them encapsulated to easily remain embedded in my family’s memories forever, and for that I am so grateful. These little moments: the joy in their eyes, their giggles, their proud moments, their smiles, their..everything.. are everything for me. Music by - Sunlight via

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ellenfisher: 5 tips that help me feel my best:

5 tips that help me feel my best: 1. Eating a WHOLE FOODS plant based diet centered around fresh fruits and vegetables. (Sweet tropical papaya- you are my fave.) I’ve been vegan for over 12 years now, had 3 healthy vegan pregnancies, raising 3 healthy vegan kids, and I’m never going back. Not only is a plant based diet better for the environment and our health (a whole foods plant based diet is the only diet clinically proven to reverse America’s number #1 killer-heart disease), it also is kinder to the animals- it’s the least we can do for the animals we share this earth with. Because to first decide if something is humane, we must ask ourselves if we would like it done to ourselves. 2. Avoiding/keeping to a minimum: processed foods/processed sugar. Avoiding these foods helps keep my skin clear. 3. Getting to bed early/sufficient sleep. Scout wakes up a couple times a night still so I am on it to get to bed early so I have my best chance at getting enough sleep. Going to bed late does not do my body good, haha. 😜 4. Exercising/moving my body for even just 20-30 minutes a few times a week does wonders! I I’ll even hold the littles as weights for squats and lunges 😂to just 5. Self care/self love. Surrounding myself with uplifting individuals who are kind and always working towards bettering themselves. Having these types of relationships in my life help keep STRESS levels low and nourish my mind and soul. I feel better now than I did in my teens and just wanted to share the tips that have helped me feel my BEST. I used to have sluggish digestion, acne and low energy. I used to calorie restrict to not gain weight. But eating a whole foods plant based diet makes me feel SO dang good, and I eat in abundance until I’m satisfied-body and mind. Eating *sufficient calories* is so key (for this: fill up on high calorie whole plants foods like sweet fruit, squashes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, lentils, etc) + some healthy fats from avocado, hemp seeds, walnuts, and flax seeds, etc and LOTS of greens keeps me satisfied and loving life. Above all though, I am Vegan for the animals and I’ll tag some awesome vegan activists that inspire me in my stories.

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ellenfisher: Mele Kalikimaka friends! I hope your Christmas was

Mele Kalikimaka friends! I hope your Christmas was warm and cozy, be it in the jungle or the snow ☀️🌿❄️☃️

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ellenfisher: When we are at peace with life just

When we are at peace with life just as it is, we liberate ourselves to experience true joy. -Susan stiffleman. Jack, Silas and Sandy. Best friends living in the moment for every moment.

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ellenfisher: Feeling eternally grateful for the lives I’ve

Feeling eternally grateful for the lives I’ve brought earthside with my body. Positive emotions run through me like rivers looking at this image. But maybe not everyone feels positive emotions when looking at a photo like this. For those who have suffered child loss, miscarriage loss, and heartache or heartbreak longing to be parents, you are loved and cherished and wholly wonderfully made. I’m so sorry for your loss and my heart aches for you. I hope comforting arms of your loved ones wrap around you daily with support and love. Photo by

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