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↟Learning. Adventure. Art. Seeking the extraordinary in every day. Explore often, consume mindfully. Currently ↬ El Nido, Philippines ⛰🌥🐳🐴⛺️🏝🌿📷
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chelseakauai: Memories across four islands, an ocean, and an

Memories across four islands, an ocean, and an active lava flow :) This summer and I got to experience four islands of my home, Hawaii, as exceptionally curated by the - Hawaii is so beautiful that I almost feel like it’s easy to keep things superficial when showing it to visitors. Waterfalls. White sand beaches. This trip was very much not that. Instead of just seeing the volcano, we got to do things like learn about the science behind it while flying with renown Hawaii volcanologist Jack Lockwood, see a hula as led by lifetime practitioner Kumu hula Laakea Perry, pick our own fruits to be used in a dinner with Chuck, the owner of Ono Organic Farms.💛 - , , , thank you for not only showing us the best and most beautiful of each island, but for also making this Hawaii girl very proud of the way you’re presenting and seeking out local organizations and individuals to share, what I view, as the more meaningful part of Hawaii. - To check out or book our exact itinerary use the swipe up link in my story :) - Music

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chelseakauai: Ended the day here :) Philippines I adore you

Ended the day here :) Philippines I adore you and I’m happy to say I’ve seen very little trash (and I always see the tour guides picking up) and my coconuts have most often been served with a bamboo or plant straw!! So good job everyone! I’ll be here a few more days diving, working and playing on boats - couldn’t be more stoked💗 - Photo by

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chelseakauai: For the last three days @emmett_sparling and I

For the last three days and I lived on a small boat in the Philippines with Although we were warned that Coron can be really busy we have had nothing but the best time here!! When we showed up to Kayangan Lake we had it almost entirely to ourselves. It was so quiet that without even noticing it we kept our voices to a whisper. I like places that make you do that💕 This glorious lagoon is 80% fresh water and 20% salt water with a cool multi-chambered cave and hot water thermocline (a first for me!). - Another boat day tomorrow. Goodnight for now☺️💙

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chelseakauai: Heading out on my first big trip of

Heading out on my first big trip of the year!☺️ Packing for the tropics and the arctic circle required some creativity (currently wearing a parka and boots rated down to -40 on the plane🤷🏻‍♀️) but Philippines I can’t wait to see you again!! - Photo by the

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chelseakauai: These are a few of my favorite things :)

These are a few of my favorite things :) I want to always be learning and always improving. I want to leave a better legacy. These things make me unabashedly excited. We’ve got some really cool projects in the works for this year that matter to me and IM SO STOKED🌍🌊💛 - and I got to stay at the amazing in the Seychelles as the last stop on our trip with I realized I didn’t share very much of what I learned while we were staying there so a few things that made this stay one of my favorite in the world. - For example: They’ve installed and manage own desalination plant to supply fresh drinking water (bottled in reusable glass, no plastic). All the money from guests buying water goes back into more water projects in the Seychelles! They run one of the largest coral rehabilitation projects in the Seychelles. Currently 1,800 pieces of coral in their nursery that they are transplanting to the sea floor. All cleaning products are marine safe, knowing that what is used on land will eventually end up in the 🌊 There and infinite ways to make better and smarter choices whether that’s at the individual or corporate level.💛

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chelseakauai: First dive of 2019. This year is going

First dive of 2019. This year is going to be good one, I can feel it :) Purpose, passion, put in the work. I’m ready. Onward✨ - Finally got to get underwater with Ben (📷). Chemical engineer by day, insanely talented creative on the side - definitely creates some of my favorite imagery out there. Conditions were unexpectedly epic, happiness was high!!

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chelseakauai: I smile a lot to myself. Before I

I smile a lot to myself. Before I was born I stopped breathing and my mom had to have an emergency surgery which saved my life. I remember it at odd times and I’m just happy I get to exist. Over the years people have replied to my stories saying “there is no way you’re this happy all the time”, which in a way is accurate but still makes me laugh/a little embarrassed. - I like joy. I’m ok with my childlike wonder when it comes to nature. I used to think it was silly, but the more I embraced it and chose it the more it seems to ripple back to me. 💗Joy is cyclical and gravitational, growing in proportion to the amount of attention I give it. (Also willing to walk quite far and be really patient for this joy, which I’ve found helps :) - So yea, for the record, really am this happy, definitely smile a lot and I think I have a lot to smile for. 😊✨ Photo by on one of the windiest, funniest hikes of my life. - Heading to Tahoe to bring in the new year with some of my best friends - games, snowboarding, yummy foods and 13 of us smooshed into a cabin here I come🥰 Gosh darn grateful that I get to be the reflection and friend to so many amazing individuals.

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chelseakauai: Does this count as a walking in a

Does this count as a walking in a winter wonderland?❄️😉 Merry Christmas everyone!! Photo - Hope it’s been a season of coziness, quality time, and reflection. Almost all of my childhood friends are home and it makes me so happy!!🎄We don’t do gifts except with my sister, I asked for a label maker so we’ll see how I did this year🙃

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chelseakauai: Princess for a day surrounded by clouds and

Princess for a day surrounded by clouds and light rays, now I see why so many fairytales came from Germany. Also no surprise that one of my favorite storytellers, , came from this beautiful country as well. So happy I finally got to visit you my friend!! Go check out some of his work from Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia - so fantastic. Happy holidays everyone!! Hope it is filled with friends and things that bring you joy✨✨ - Didn’t plan on putting these images together so the edits are kind of different but 🤷🏻‍♀️😋

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chelseakauai: Serenity in simplicity.
Currently planning another trip to

Serenity in simplicity. - Currently planning another trip to the Middle East for early next year and reflecting on how I can be more intentional with my time. - I think the one part of opportunity that no one really told me about is how it asks you to be really clear in your values. Refine what matters or risk getting lost in a sea of awesome but perhaps unfulfilling distractions. - I’m can only truly hear myself think when I stop and have time to myself which, for such a simple thing, feels rather rare in our wonderfully connected world. Anyway I’m starting this book on “Deep Work”. I listened to Cal on a podcast a year or so ago and maybe it resonates with me as a creative living an unstructured life, but I think it could hold value for everyone wanting a less distracted mind and more meaning. Silence really is golden✨ (*linking it in my stories) - photo

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chelseakauai: Admiring last light over the serene Blyde River

Admiring last light over the serene Blyde River Canyon during my road trip through Mpumalanga, South Africa with . This was my third trip back to South Africa this year and if I learned anything on these last few times it’s that in a very short span of time the weather changes dramatically and the landscapes - even more so :) Some mornings it was just a few degrees above freezing with moody fog quietly cocooning the hills. A few hours later the blazing sun meant I went swimming under a 200 ft waterfall. One intense thunder storm, my first ride in a bush plane, and some really glorious clifftop sunrises later and I’m left constantly thinking “This is soo not what I thought South Africa looked like”. So much diversity! I think that’s what keeps me coming back both here, and to the outdoors in general. - If you’re looking for new outdoor gear for yourself or as a gift, I’ve partnered with to offer 15% off everything in your first order! As the Nordic saying goes “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” :P Just use code CHELSEA15 at checkout. There’s also free two day shipping on any order over $50! I’m not a huge gift person, but I do believe in investing in things that enable you to chase your best moments :)

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by // Just after sunrise on the island of Sumba we caught this storybook light coming through the trees and onto this hand woven sculpture. We could see all the way down to the blue fringing reef that come April will turn into a world class wave. Perfect light, perfect view…as our eyes feasted on the view, the mosquitos feasted on what was in front of them too. - Shot on Canon EOS Rebel T7i Continually impressed by how well this camera handles all kinds of shooting conditions. f/4 at 12mm (EF 10-22mm) ISO 200 Ss 1/640

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