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cece.lam: Had so much fun at our friends Paul

Had so much fun at our friends Paul and Beatrice’s wedding in LA! 🍃 Our weekend was filled with laughter, delicious food and great company. I feel lucky to be able to surround myself with incredibly kind and amazing people 🤲🏻❤️ More snaps in my highlights :)

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cece.lam: Listening to the commencement speech at Berkeley made

Listening to the commencement speech at Berkeley made me feel emotional thinking about my own graduation 5 years. 🎓 I remember having this eagerness to graduate ASAP and being so excited about starting the next chapter of my life. Yet I wish looking back, I had truly appreciated the time when I was a student. 🎓 I also remember being a new grad and suddenly having this heavy societal pressure to be at a perfect job, make great money and climb the corporate ladder, all while finding a significant other! Sounds crazy, right? Yet nearly everybody I knew was checking off these boxes at the same time. 🎓 For those who feel like they’re an outlier like myself, *high five* I promise you that when you start to create your own path and focus on your own journey to living a happy and fulfilled life, you’ll no longer be bounded to satisfy what society wants you to do. 🎓 Believe that your mind is a powerful thing and so powerful that if you allow yourself room for positivity and drive, you can do anything and change anything. 🎓 TL;DR - Forget what you think society wants you to do. Mark your own path and focus on your own journey. 🤲🏻❤️

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cece.lam: New grad alert! 🎊 Big congrats to my sister

New grad alert! 🎊 Big congrats to my sister on graduating today! . I’m so happy to share the same excitement for her on accomplishing this incredible chapter. She has grown so much in four years and I feel so proud to see her fulfill her dreams and pave the way for success. thank you for always inspiring me with your courageous attitude, generous soul and consistent determination to take on new challenges. . TL;DR - Look out, Bay Area! 👋🏻 Here comes the next Lam girl!

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cece.lam: I’ve FAILED a lot in my life.

I’ve FAILED a lot in my life. Like, Hulk-sized failures that need their own list to prove: 1. I wasn’t smart enough to get into the school I wanted (what’s up !) 2. Due to Asian reasons, I didn’t end up studying what I wanted (international studies/Spanish) 3. And, I left a stable job to go after something I have zero experience in (like incredibly naive) 💡 I could go on and make myself feel shitty about the past but the truth is, you have to forgive yourself. Regrets, mistakes and failures are all a part of life. They build character and help shape who you are. Plus, you have to live in the moment. No matter how hard that is - you have to try. You can’t worry about shit that embarrassed you or gave you anxiety. Let them be in the past. 💡 And you have to ask yourself: Are you doing something meaningful to you? Are you learning? Are you making an impact? What are you contributing to the world? And, are you helping those around you? 💡 These are questions I ask myself. Instead of focusing on things I should’ve done or done better, I try to be in the moment. Don’t get me wrong - some days I still regret about leaving that job and hopping into something that ended up crushing my mental health. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 💡 And honestly - I’m not proud to admit that I didn’t turn out to be one of those success stories of people who changed their careers. I mean, it would be an awesome bragging right but so what. Nobody would care except for me (aka gotta check my ego). 💡 But, I gave it a shot. I gave it my best and it was the right decision at the time. And in the end, I can live with that reason and move forward. If you ever feel like you’re consumed by your past or your mistakes, please don’t let it define you - and please reach out, I would love to talk and help. 💡 TL;DR - Forgive yourself and live in the now. 🤲🏻❤️

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cece.lam: I’ve been LYING to you!🙍🏻‍♀️ Yes, you

I’ve been LYING to you!🙍🏻‍♀️ Yes, you read that right - I haven’t been completely honest with you, any of you. . In the last couple posts, I promised to share (many) pics and stories but fell short and you never really heard from me. Well, I do have an explanation and it requires a bit of your attention. *Ahem🤭* The truth is, I haven’t been doing well mentally. In the last 6 months, I was lost in life and fell into a *very* cliche quarter-life crisis. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I started cutting things out. Like cutting out time on Instagram, my blog and most importantly, my friends. These were some of the very special things in my life for the last 4-5 years! (First world problems, I know) But, I decided to take a step back so I could focus on my life and find a clear path. By path, I mean a place where I could develop personally and professionally & a place where I could feel fulfilled. And... long story short, I found myself giving it all to a tech startup in SF. 👩🏻‍💻 Yes! I live in the Bay now. I packed up my tiny apartment in east LA and drove up all squished in my FR-S with Devon (oh yea, shout out to my bf for helping me through this tough time - love you bo🙆🏻‍♀️) Anyway, back to the Bay - I’m surrounded by extremely *like SUPER* talented people and I’m learning so much everyday, it’s incredible. It’s like hanging out with the smartest and most innovative people in the world AND making impact. But still, not a day goes by without missing my beloved LA. . This year is going to be another crazy roller coaster ride but I feel much more on track and have steered my life in a way that makes me feel whole. . TL;DR - Cece is back on IG(ish) and she got a new job in SF! Yay👍🏻

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cece.lam: Mini-vacay in Cabo 🌴 also a first-timer

Mini-vacay in Cabo 🌴 also a first-timer in Mexico! I discovered this beautiful spot only 2.5 hours from LA and couldn’t resist making the trip. . . Devon and I had delicious Mexican food (though my stomach was destroyed by the spicys on day 1) we still managed because we were serious taco lovers 🌮 . We also went on a snorkeling and paddle boarding cruise that took us around the famous sights. This trip was definitely bittersweet for me - it was the trip that concluded my mini life chapter in LA (for now). . . ❤️ I feel very lucky to have the time, energy and resources to visit such a beautiful place. (More from in my story highlights!)

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cece.lam: I loved this day in Madrid. We had

I loved this day in Madrid. We had left the country side and spent our last day in Spain at the capital. While exploring the city, Devon and I found this beautiful park called El Parque del Buen Retiro. The open space of the park made the atmosphere really peaceful. We stayed for a while and watched the ducks cross the pond. I felt like all my worries went away at that moment. I was very happy with the way we ended the trip. Would definitely go back and visit again. Xx

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cece.lam: Hi IG fam! I

Hi IG fam! I've finally concluded my Europe trip to Paris and Spain. In the last two weeks, I had the privilege to visit Paris, Barcelona, Granada, Ronda, Córdoba and Madrid for the first time. Because my time here was so rare and special, I decided to turn off social media until I return. However during this period, I've captured some of my favorite moments and cannot wait to share them with you. // This photo here is me cheesing in front of Barcelona's beautiful Arc de Triomf. This was taken on the first day we arrived - the weather was so warm and sunny. It was day and night compared to the chill in Paris! I was so thrilled to only wear my leather jacket around Barcelona. With the perfect weather, Devon and I joined a bike tour that took us around the city. Thankfully, I managed to never fall off my bike and learned so much about the history of Catalonia and Barcelona. Seriously one of my favorite days on this trip.

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cece.lam: Celebrated my birthday at the luxurious @lesetangsdecorot this

Celebrated my birthday at the luxurious this year! 🇫🇷 . . . This gorgeous establishment is a 4-star hotel with a spa, Michelin Star restaurant Le Corot, bistro Le Café des Artistes and retro-chic vibes all around. . . . See more on my 'PARIS' Insta-story highlight! Thank you all so much for following along + the sweet birthday wishes!🌹

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cece.lam: Birthday girl here! 👧🏻🇫🇷 Hope everyone has an amazing

Birthday girl here! 👧🏻🇫🇷 Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and a happy new year!

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cece.lam: Being a super tourist in Paris 🇫🇷👧🏻 Loving the

Being a super tourist in Paris 🇫🇷👧🏻 Loving the gorgeous architecture and chapels in the city. More on my Insta-stories and highlights!

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cece.lam: First glimpse of Paris outside my balcony! 🇫🇷 And

First glimpse of Paris outside my balcony! 🇫🇷 And one more day until my bday 👧🏻❤️ more on my Insta-stories!

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