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brianjohnsadventure: As many of you saw, I decided to

As many of you saw, I decided to take a break from posting, we will just say to quiet my mind for a season. But I am making an exception before I break again, on an issue near and dear to my heart. So I hope you are able to supper this post, and possibly consider what I say/ tag some friends or repost onto your page. I was asked directly by the to post one of my own wolf photos, in response to the possibility that this month congress could be opening up more licenses to kill additional Gray wolves as part of a potential larger trophy hunt. I am asking you to go on bio to briefly sign a petition that shows we do not support this possible act. Gray wolves are an important part of the ecosystem, and they are already in danger. This wolf here is from a different Yellowstone pack, but if you scroll right, you will once again see 926F, the wolf that was shot and killed a few days ago by wandering just outside park boundaries. That was a wolf I learned to truly love by having numerous close experiences with her in the park. Sadly, her own mother was also killed by a trophy hunter. And what’s even sadder is the pack now only has two lonely wolves. The pack is now destroyed. Are you with me? Will you join me and to put an end to this and sign their petition?

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brianjohnsadventure: I’ve been thinking about taking a long

I’ve been thinking about taking a long pause from social media for my own reasons for quite some time, and I will be. But I wanted to leave one post on all my pages that will be a very important one to me. Last year when my uncle Christopher Johns died at 51 years old, I made several very heartfelt posts about what my uncle meant to me. But as I’ve learned to take Johnsies own words of life that he lived by, to live life to the fullest, I know he would want me to focus on only the most positive things. And because of my uncle passing, I was able to create a friendship with US Olympic skier This isn’t just any Olympian. This is an Olympian who meant a whole lot to my uncle, and thru meeting him I’ve realized how much my uncle meant to him and his Olympic career. Ans this makes me forever even more grateful to remember my uncle, and follow Jasper’s journey. I recall my uncle making a post on Facebook (he rarely ever posted) about how humbled he was to have impacted this Olympian in training and mentoring, just prior to the olympics last year. And very shortly after we all got the call that no one wanted. And I admittedly had no idea who jasper was aside from seeing my uncles post, because I hadn’t been following any sports. But jasper is one hell of a kid, has a heart of Gold and he is going to fly to victory in everything he does. Most significant recently is the US Olympian jasper has made the decision to wear a symbol on his ski helmet custom made with my uncle’s signature wheels logo and a set of wings to remind him my uncle will carry him to victory in all his ski competitions. Scroll right to see all the images. The first image was taken by The image of jasper being trained by my uncle to ride a unicycle is classic. And finally an image of my uncle that is very powerful reminder to me of who he was taken by Jeff Goode (Jasper’s father), and one of my uncles closest ever friends. springs

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brianjohnsadventure: I love all wolves as many of you

I love all wolves as many of you know. But I really truly loved this one. There was only 2 other wolves in the pack. And she was killed by a trophy hunter just like her mother 😞 When you look right into her eyes the connection becomes real. Good bye 926F. Thanks for letting me know After you told me, I knew right away it was a wolf I loved and knew well.

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brianjohnsadventure: One question I’ve gotten pretty often in

One question I’ve gotten pretty often in the last few years is do you shoot with a 600mm or 800mm? Always interesting answering that question, knowing the bloody truth is I’ve never touched a lens longer then my canon 1-400. I guess the longer lens was never in the budget and fate has what it has had for me.

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🐻 with me everyone. I’m still coming out with unseen footage all over my harddrive 👍

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brianjohnsadventure: Summer. Winter. Didn’t seem to matter. Something

Summer. Winter. Didn’t seem to matter. Something aligned my spirits with the wolf, and I was blessed to be able to gaze into their beautiful eyes ❤️🐺

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brianjohnsadventure: This is @zionnps at night. What do you

This is at night. What do you think?

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brianjohnsadventure: Something inside me said to leave after sunset

Something inside me said to leave after sunset at the mesquite flats in Death Valley, and make the long drive into Yosemite overnight. I entered the gate at 2 A.M. no gate attendant was there. I grabbed a map and probably lost it within 5 minutes. I was too excited. Too nervous. I was finally here. I had the whole valley to myself. I kept pulling over in the middle of the road literally to get out of the car and see what was around me. The moon was lighting everything up. I didn’t understand why no one was here. It seemed like the perfect time to be here. I remembered the childhood picture book of the valley that had the most beautiful pictures but there was always people in the images. Like it was crowded. But where were they? I walked across Cooke meadow by myself entirely several times. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was a lunar rainbow visible from all of Cooke’s meadow to the upper Falls, and then I walked over to the lower falls, and was greeted by a double lunar rainbow. I nearly fainted in astonishment and have no idea how I managed to capture any images...

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brianjohnsadventure: I can still recall being told “you won’

I can still recall being told “you won’t see any upclose, they are too elusive; it just won’t happen, take it from me, I’ve been doing wildlife photography in this park for 20+ years”. I remember staying at the stage coach inn at West Yellowstone for a week when my travels first started, and before I started sleeping in my car. And I never made it to their continental breakfast. Not one time. Sometimes I wonder how the food tasted. Early morning I was in the valley looking for wolves. I can recall walking across large swaths of the valleys. I would cover a lot of ground and sometimes forget what day it is or how long I had been walking. Sometimes I was scared of what would happen. But was I really looking for wolves, or something much deeper then that ? And then I found myself here. My heart was pounding. I actually have some other footage where you can hear me breathing deeply and it’s very shaky. I was watching something I wasn’t sure if it was really out there. Like something out of a legend or tale from long ago. But this was right in front of me. And then the wolf ran out of sight. And I was breathing heavily and as I walking, or running I don’t know. I had no clue how many more wolves there were but I had some feeling in my chest that there was a lot more. And 19 more wolves ran down the hill past me to join this carcass. They looked at me briefly and then moved on their way.

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brianjohnsadventure: I found this fox in the dead winter

I found this fox in the dead winter of What a day. Shortly after I snapped this image I found myself surrounded by 20 wolves in deep snow unexpectedly on their way to a carcass that I knew nothing about ❤️🙏

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brianjohnsadventure: I’ve been following sam kolder for a

I’ve been following sam kolder for a while, and he has been working tediously on a very important project to save the rhinos from extinction. My friend has also been working on this with Sam. He literally asked his followers to do what they can either financially or even just to share the video, which is what I am doing. I hope some of you consider also. with ・・・ ⚠️WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠️ With roughly over a thousand Rhinos being killed each year and only 5,000 black rhinos left they are now critically endangered and based on statistics can go extinct within the next 5 years if we don't act now. This is the real world and the graphic images in this video are as real as it gets. Ive personally been heavily impacted by this issue this year and believe that this is something the world NEEDS to see. Fortunately we still have the opportunity to reverse what we've done and restore the population of these beautiful creatures back to normal but we need everyones help! Organizations like and the other ones listed on can use as much financial support as possible to operate and expand their operations at this time. If you want to be a part of saving these incredible creatures the first step is to share this video. The second step is to choose an organization on our site or any credible charity that is working with rhino conservation and donate! These people are devoting their lives to helping these animals and NEED as much help as they can get at this time! has donated $250,000 to already and I'm adding another $10,000 because I want to keep this ball rolling and i beleive we can win this war! Let's use our platforms to serve a bigger purpose and win this war!! All details in the link in my bio! ❗️

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brianjohnsadventure: I actually have a ton of footage still

I actually have a ton of footage still to sift thru from last year, like this video of a grizzly with cubs that had never been shared. Hope you enjoy 😬😍

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