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alley.artistry: From Taipei, with love 💗 It’s once again

From Taipei, with love 💗 It’s once again a new year! This year I was able to celebrate with family and friends in Taipei. Although it was gloomy and rainy, 2019 is looking bright and sunny 😎 I can’t wait to travel to more places and share with you more alley moments! . . . . . 2019 s #2019 newme 2018 31

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alley.artistry: 2019, let nobody tell you what to do,

2019, let nobody tell you what to do, let nobody kill your vibe, and let nobody judge who you are. Be honest, stay grounded and speak up 🥰 零点钟声敲响前,没有灰姑娘的故事,只有做自己的女王。感谢大家一年一年陪伴卷儿和希希成长,我们2019都成为更好的自己✨ . . . . . 2019 s #2019 newme 2018 31

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alley.artistry: Las Setas (the mushrooms) is one of the

Las Setas (the mushrooms) is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. Located in Seville, Spain, it is a popular tourist destination in the heart of city. It sits on top of Roman and Al-Andalus eras ruins and currently houses markets, parking lots, coffee shops, and more. . . . . . .

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塞维利亚是个特别乌托邦,特别浪漫的城市。这间超有特色花园式酒店, Las Casas de la Judería里面27个独立屋,40多个相连相通的小花园,出门一不小心就迷路了。 . . . . . . hotels diaries sandresorts life view thealleyway ier design

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虽然现在已经在台北了,但执着的把西班牙的照片发完是我这个拖延症晚癌患者最后的坚持😂 第二次来巴伦西亚终于去了艺术科学城。未来感十足的建筑群跟巴洛克风格老城遥相呼应。造型怪异极似动物骨骼的仿生设计也是建筑师Santiago Calatrava的标志。 . . . . . . _vacations

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花园以它的第一代主人,法国画家马若雷勒而命名。60年代到80年代的二十年间因画家的逝世而一度荒废。直到1980年被时装大师圣罗兰买下而重显生机。如今也是大师长眠之地。 说点有意思的,这次旅行,从西班牙到摩洛哥,有幸亲见两种在艺术界神一般存在的蓝色,个人感觉院子里醒目的主色调 比陈列在马德里索菲亚王后国家艺术馆里著名的 更饱满,更生动,也稍微更加人文些许。 I think I have a resting unimpressed face. But honestly, YSL’s garden is quite impressive. I can see why this city has been his irreplaceable muse and how he has drawn inspirations from the vibrant cultures and passionate people over there. Nowhere else on earth is as colorful as this place, literally and rhetorically. . . . . . . vacations

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丽池公园应该不用再多介绍了,马德里必打卡景点之一,19世纪以前一直都是皇家花园。赶上天气晴朗的时候泛舟湖上,感觉就是,哎哟,还不错哦🥰 Until the late 19th century, El Retiro Park has long been the private property of the Spanish monarchy. Now a popular oasis for the city’s residents. We didn’t get a chance to boat on the lake, but the scenic view had already taken our breath away and reminded me a lot of Central Park for some reason. Anybody has a guess about the monument across the lake? . . . . . .

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湖山亭产屋据说是富士山周边唯一一个同时拥有山景和湖景的酒店。其实这家酒店除了拥有无敌美景、完美的服务、以及古典的日式装潢和园林以外,也没有什么其他优点了~😉 There’re many hotels around Fuji mountain. A friend of mine recommended Kozantei Ubuya, and I’m so glad that I listened. It is the only hotel in Fuji mountain area that you get the view of both the mountain and lake, plus beautiful traditional interior design and implacable services. Well, it’s never too greedy to want more, isn’t it? . . . . . . life tokyo

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电视里和照片上的富士山都是骗人的!见到富士山本山后才真正体会到了她的美。还有哪些地方本人比照片好看的吗?超爱这种有惊喜、被震撼的赶脚! I’ve seen it many times in photos, TVs, and even cartoons. I thought I wouldn’t be amazed anymore when seeing it in person. But man I was wrong! It’s breathtaking and just so magnificent! Photos and images just don’t do the justice. You have to be under it to see how truly beautiful it is. What place have you been to that looks so much that photos? . . . . . . life tokyo

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alley.artistry: Good morning, Tokyo! Woke up to this view

Good morning, Tokyo! Woke up to this view and, oh boy,made it even harder to leave the bed. What’s your top to do list in Tokyo? 早上好,东京!躺在床上睁开眼就是这样的美景。哎哟妈诶,更让人难起床了😂大家在东京都会做些什么呢? . . . . . .

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迟来的公告😂最近真的好忙。 公众号和网站终于更新摩洛哥游记啦!8天的历险,8天的穿越,感受不一样的摩洛哥🥰 . . . . . . gram vacations deluxe travel thealleyway

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