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🔥FLASH NEWS🔥¡Muchos nos lo han pedido! así que en esta edición de podrán tatuarse algunos de nuestros diseños con 😈⚡Cada uno es exclusivo así que lleguen tempra, ya queremos verlos ahí 🖤 ⁣ ⁣ Shop link in bio ⚡️🕷⁣ ⁣ ⁣ game stagram sofig collection collector slap esofinstagram s mail game strong y game proper ythings esofinstagram badge s

2546 20 Aug 24, 2019

Kitties🐈💞 . . . . . . Heavily inspired by flashsheet tattoo tattoos

407 2 Sep 5, 2019

Done today at thank you and thank you everyone who came out to see us :))

920 4 Sep 15, 2019

⚡GIVEAWAY⚡Comparte tus mejores stories este domingo en y llévate está libreta cortesía de intervenida por nosotros!💀🔥 No olvides etiquetarnos y seguirnos a todos, el lunes anunciamos al ganador 😈 ⁣ ⁣ Shop link in bio ⚡️🕷⁣ ⁣ ⁣ game stagram sofig collection collector slap esofinstagram s mail game strong y game proper ythings esofinstagram badge s

1250 2 Aug 25, 2019

Hello! I have been sick for the last few days with a cold, so making art has been hard. This was originally something I had drawn as an idea for my coloring book.. but it didn’t really fit with the rest of the pages, so I’ve turned it into a sticker set instead. The stickers will be for sale on Thursday, along with other new products. 😊 • • • • • doodleclub s

1906 6 Sep 10, 2019

*TAKEN* A forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever spaghet

995 5 Sep 2, 2019

STOOOOKED on this jawn. Thanks so much , you’re rad! 🤙🏼

948 18 Aug 29, 2019

No. 14 👌🏼

448 7 Sep 6, 2019

Here’s just a couple quick doodles I did. s ist istsoninstagram sheet

6 1 Sep 16, 2019

Peacock skull combo itional flashtattoo itional _art sheet flash itional artist workers itional kings sheet art itional tattooss itional artwork tattoos _rules tattoos_rtw snob

1 0 Sep 16, 2019

’s flash sheet is released! Price range £30-150. Cash only! Tianna is gonna be tattooing from 3pm-6pm! Arrive early if you wanna get booked with her! Bookings will only be taken at the event. First come first served. Tickets sold out! 😱🔥 ••• studio ism

42 1 Sep 16, 2019


62 2 Sep 16, 2019

New Flash; All designs available in colour or blackwork; Holla if you keen! 👌 *solid apprentice rates apply* s s tattoo carred 4lifetattooing 4ltattoo 4l #3201

5 2 Sep 16, 2019

So the Friday 14th flash day was a huge success!! 🥳 . I did approx 27 tattoos and every single person that arrived got tattooed, even if it did mean staying till 1:40 am. 🥵The last 3 tattoos were technically done on Saturday 14th but who’s counting. 😎 Thanks to everyone who waited for literally hours and hours to get tattooed, and to the mums that called up worry why their children’s hadn’t come home yet haha, the shop was buzzin’ mush. I’ll deffo be be doin something for Halloween so watch this space 🎃 . Here is my 2 favourites from the day. . . . . . ed s art design flash 13th 13thtattoo apprentice tattoo

25 6 Sep 16, 2019

Hanya mask for Thanks again mate 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Done at . . . . DM to book for September/October . . . . . . . . . artist tattoo workers tattoo sheet art _of_inked_ 도안 디자인

42 0 Sep 16, 2019

Japanese Half Sleeve Design 👹🐍

13 1 Sep 16, 2019

Little cloud n star boi flash tattoo concepts ☁️

21 5 Sep 16, 2019

New flash, all designs available! Hit me up if you are interested. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ers ers_tattoo tattoo tattoos erssubmission tattoo tattoo s

20 0 Sep 16, 2019

Process.... A few little bits to add to this sheet. DM for bookings. s apprentice ers traditional tattoo ers tattoo tattoo tattoo history tattoo sheet flash flashsheet

22 4 Sep 16, 2019

Vases Flashsheet 2.0 🌎🏛 All available - Dm for an appointment 📩 . . . . . . . . . . . . . tattoos sheet flashsheet flash tattoo tattoo design s artist

41 0 Sep 16, 2019

1st one from my flash day Cowgirl piece for Tim ... thank you for coming down mate!

13 1 Sep 16, 2019

No. 20 🔆

19 1 Sep 16, 2019

Run! made at Thank you again brother! 🖤✨ ———————————————— MADRID! huecos todavía disponibles en Septiembre! DM INFO 💫

95 2 Sep 16, 2019

mad proud of this, hope y’all like it. commissions are open, I will post a pricing list on here soon just so you know what my base prices for work is. this is just to prevent any future mishaps such as spending a ton of time on art commissions, just to turn around and have my hard work stolen or end up not being paid. regardless of whether or not what i make is good, i still put a lot of effort into everything i do. i deserve to be paid for my work. art is not simple, that’s why people come to me and other artists for work in the first place. i do NOT do things for free, but i do charge fair amounts accordingly. i wish i could do free stuff but this is my job and currently it’s my only job. this is something i’m going to turn into a career, so i do take everything very seriously. i respect my clients, and i expect the same respect back. on a more grateful note, i just want to thank you all for your support, everything down to simply liking my photos makes me happy. I truly appreciate everything this account has brought me, and i’m excited for what is to come.

17 1 Sep 16, 2019

For Michael, lines healed shading fresh. Thank you 🐻🗡

36 1 Sep 16, 2019

Thanks for looking 🙏 for enquiries

42 4 Sep 16, 2019

Some line work I've been working on with parts left out for shading and filling black (example middle of the palms) sheet

16 0 Sep 16, 2019

Новые, свободно-эксперементальные дизайны. Первый(слева) дизайн уже занят, второй все ещё в поисках своего носителя . . . . . . . . . . . . .   flash ed  life    artist design   itionalflash itionaltattooflash  itional  ed        sig tattoo       

29 1 Sep 16, 2019

Hot flash! Fresh baked from the oven 🥧🥧🥧 Designs available in colour or black and grey! Come get em while they last! . Email to book and enquire MattTelfordArt ————————————————— tattoo tattoos itional itionaltattoo itionaltattoos itionalart tattooflash flash sheet flash art s ist artist ist art s apprentice tattoo

67 5 Sep 16, 2019

Got weird shaped gaps? I’ll fill them 😂 cheers lukemullinstattoo

55 3 Sep 16, 2019

Sketchbook pages 😎 ✏️📙💥 - ook ist

45 0 Sep 16, 2019

Books open for . I’am happy to work with all those great artists at in October. If you’re interested please get in touch and send me an Email with ,London’ as subject. As always, limited slots and flash only. - tattoo s flash

221 0 Sep 16, 2019

I actually like this so much😅 Should I add some color?🧐

8 1 Sep 16, 2019

Skull and Dagger by . . tattoo tattoo s art 💀 dagger andbones tattoo tattoo s artonline tattoo tattoo design s artist studio artist

117 0 Sep 16, 2019

Ahoy there yon Instagram follower. I mentioned a week or so ago that I was gonna post some actual hand drawn sketches of mine. I was looking through my stuff, and I realized a lot of my recent drawings are on receipts, little pieces of scrap paper, and junkmail envelopes. I’ve never really used sketchbooks, mainly because I feel this unnecessary pressure to come up with something. Anyways, rather than post pics of receipts, I digitally scanned the drawings, and in this case, loaded these individual characters conveniently on to one sheet of digital paper! I’ve been hard at work compiling various drawings, and making them into works of art the likes the world has ever seen!..or something. Anyways, I figured I’d start small, and show you some of my weird little characters. All were drawn with a sharpie. There’s a rat with slicked back hair, a little gremlin guy brandishing kitchen knives, a baby wearing a rat mask..ya know, real normal stuff. This is the first of a weeklong series. Enjoy! . . ist art istonig

14 1 Sep 16, 2019

*realizes my envelope "anatomy" is completely wrong after finishing the piece* 😂 Well hey! I tried a new style and I definitely need some more practice. I want to try traditional more because the symmetry really gets me with flowers, but it's all a learning experience! So enjoy some warm up little babies for today 🖤 - - - - s tattoos tattoo art ideas sleeve style ing er ed designs artist inspiration ist work istsoninstagram tattoos illustrations tattoo design

4 0 Sep 16, 2019

[ ] 14eme ! 🔥 encore quelques jours pour en profiter. Il en reste une vingtaine de disponibles. Check la story en highlight et viens prendre rdv 😛 . . . . _du_turfu style style tattoo _tattoos

60 0 Sep 16, 2019

From my flash. Thanks for coming down Makayla. Safe travels.

643 5 Sep 16, 2019

For your Sunday Funday needs. Sincerely, From Monday worknow workflash flash workillustration design worktattoo work ink s art _art

103 0 Sep 15, 2019

▪️𝐒𝐔𝐂𝐂-𝐄𝐒𝐒▪️⁣ ⁣ ———⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve decided to wipe my feed and try to keep some type of background theme and actually color and shade my pieces - starting with a rework of these succulent designs I did a few weeks ago. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ——— ⁣ Thank you all for consistently supporting my artwork. I appreciate all the likes, comments, and messages. ⁣ ⁣ ———⁣ ⁣ TAGS:⁣ design ulent ulentdrawing ulents ulentsofinsta ulentsofinstagram drawing flash ulenttattoo ofinstagram sheet

16 0 Sep 15, 2019

Open for bookings. Spots available for Hoi An Available dates : 9th - 14th October. . . Back in Hanoi from the 16th October till December . . . Booking details: 🔘Wechat/Whatsapp :(+84) 097 9929 267 🔘Email : 🔘Instagram: 🔘Facebook: 🔘Tumblr : . . *Traditional Japanese *American Traditional *Blackwork *Black and Grey Realistic

18 0 Sep 15, 2019

CUSTOM FLASH 🕷🦇🖤 apprentice art

23 3 Sep 15, 2019

Tiny krabby patty for my work mate lukemullinstattoo

226 12 Sep 15, 2019

New Flash available!! 4 of them still up for grabs. Message me if you’re interested in wearing one! . . . . . apprentice design art ing book

12 1 Sep 15, 2019

I’m really enjoyed when tattoo and draw Geisha 🖤🖤🖤 Hope I can do more like this next time 😊 . . . . . tattoo _and_bold artist submission

410 2 Sep 15, 2019

Just to see how it would make you feel.

28 3 Sep 15, 2019

📺Assista à mais um vídeo no canal Rauthtoons 👉Link na Bio Obrigado a todos que estão curtindo e se inscrevendo em meu canal, isto me ajuda muito para que eu possa trazer mais conteúdo para vocês. Valeuuuu!

9 1 Sep 15, 2019

Me entreno en el Dojo de la cuneta más próxima.- 🐜🎨 . . . . _chileno

48 3 Sep 15, 2019

60 2 Sep 15, 2019

sheet tattoo drawing tattoo ist tattoos _flash ing

36 0 Sep 15, 2019

Finished this anime eye flash sheet. Can you guess the characters? Thanks for looking! 🤙

49 3 Sep 15, 2019

HOLY SHIT this is so dope. Big thank you to for designing this flash piece with lyrics from ‘couple’s jenga’ ❤️ if you get this as a tattoo you will be allowed in for free at every show we every play for the rest of eternity ✨ s

53 3 Sep 15, 2019

more spooky/fall related flashs to come 🎃🧙🏻‍♀️🦇 . . . . sheet work tattoo tattoo artist y artist cat tattoo

62 2 Sep 15, 2019

happy spooky season, babes. 🦇 original flash sheet by me. let me know what you think, comment which one is your favorite or you would get tattooed! ⚡️

27 4 Sep 15, 2019

🔪🔪Wasssssssssssssssssssupppppppppp wassssssssuppppppppppppp🔪🔪 itional itional flash otionalart itional artist itional tattoo _traditional _workers sheet _and_bold workers willhold itional kings #661 #2019 tattoos_rtw

65 0 Sep 15, 2019

Halloween is approaching. Come get yourself a flash sheet. Stock is running low. Use code: GHOUL to slash 20% off your order. Shop strange at

130 3 Sep 15, 2019

Done today at thank you and thank you everyone who came out to see us :))

920 4 Sep 15, 2019

Big thanks for these prints 🔥💀

14 2 Sep 15, 2019

Proud to say I've finished not only my first flash painting but my first swap with thank you for the kick up the ass I needed to paint something! Check him out if you havent already and give him a follow and some love his work is awesome and super unique 👌

28 9 Sep 14, 2019

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