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I'm not always the best with words (probably why I got into video tbh haha), so l've always struggled to find the words to express why I love filming military homecomings. Deployment is...the worst. It's months and months of stress. Crippling loneliness. Short phone calls and weeks upon weeks of not hearing anything. It. is. hard. But then-- after waiting for so freaking long, you stand there and watch in anticipation as the bus rolls up and a sea of men & women in uniforms walk towards you as you desperately try to find the familiar face you've missed for so long. It's a priceless moment. An incredibly special moment. Getting to watch & document that reuniting is a beautiful thing that I treasure SO much. I feel so thankful & honored that I get to still be a part of the military community in this capacity. Thank you to all our couples that have allowed us into this incredibly special moment!

1938 21 Jan 18, 2019

🌴🥂❤🙌🏽 _ Palm Trees & Cool Breeze | Miami U.S.A 305.792.8170 | 🌴😎✨

1298 1 Jan 18, 2019

Napis powitalny dla Wojtusia robiłam jeszcze po tym jak odeszły mi wody 😃Przez ostatnich kilka dni przed porodem nie mogłam się tego doczekać, a kiedy wszystko się zaczęło, to jakoś sama nie mogłam w to uwierzyć 🙈i kiedy po półtorej godzinie okazało się, że skurcze pojawiają się co 5,6 minut i już czas jechać do szpitala, to wciąż nie mogłam uwierzyć, że to już 😅Nie za dzień, tylko już, teraz 😃 Po 8 godzinach od odejścia wód, Wojtuś był już z nami ❤️⭐️I kiedy położyli mi go na brzuszku i go dotknęłam po raz pierwszy powiedziałam: Jaki on jest malutki 😌 . Kochani na instastory dodałam kilka ujęć ze szpitala. Niesamowita pamiątka ❤️I tak, zrobiłabym to jeszcze tysiąc razy, żeby tylko móc ujrzeć naszego synka po drugiej stronie brzuszka 🥰🥰🥰 . . baby 2019 _delux 2you 4all1 ing

2658 91 Jan 20, 2019

I really like 2/3 of this list!! It’s true: i don’t like loud sounds (i find it endlessly annoying if I am trying to catch up with someone over drinks/dinner and the bar or restaurant has loud music playing in the background😖 hi. I’m 80. 👵🏼) I definitely get overwhelmed in crowds (I feel like I am listening to every single conversation simultaneously. ) I definitely come out of my shell or recoil based on whomever I’m with... but even if I act extroverted, I definitely recharge by being alone. 💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️ The Ones I’m not so keen on are 1) “frequently attract narcissists” 👺 I prefer to think that narcissists are attracted to *me* but If i am Doing my spiritual work (learning to trust my intuition) i believe that I will Be guided away from these energy vampires. Being an empath isn’t a curse that pre-destines you to only attracting this monstrous personality type — it’s a blessing that MANY people (not just the narcissists) find attractive! So use your magic to help the goodies and trust your intuition when it tells you to cut out the baddies. ✂️✂️✂️ Finally, I don’t really feel the last one. Sure, empaths are highly agreeable people who want to serve humanity. Sometimes we enthusiastically offer to help. But I don’t think that Empaths typically force their help or healing onto people who aren’t ready to receive it — that sounds like more of a symptom of anxiety, codependency, or dysfunction that needs to be addressed on an individual level. 💙💛 Ok what do you think??? Which of these really resonate with you?! || originally post by 😍💜

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Kehadiran putra daerah kembali, menjadikan psis harga mati!!! 🍻 . . . 2001 1indonesia

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Create an entrance that will make getting home the best part of the day. 🌿 Buy our Thai Vegetable Fiber Basket for a look you'll never get tired of! 📸 Photo by 7

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Fashion meets Interior Design ✨ it is widely known that the lines between fashion and interiors are blurred, and that fact is never more apparent than during Fashion Week! In collaboration with we rounded up the new designs with our cushion collection. • • • • object concept wares decor design decoration sweethome inspiration room roomdecor roomdesign roomdecor design styling inspo carpet 4f 4comment 18 *

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It’s funny to think that last year we were welcoming baby Harper home and now this year we have her baby sister Hazel! . . . . . sofinstagram sofinstagram sofinstaworld softheworld sofcalifornia photography scorner tales nation _features quotes quotes

2931 40 Jan 17, 2019

Piglet has been pining away for the last week bc his favorite dad has been away in CA. Guess who just walked in the door? These are new never heard happy squeals. Watch the whole thing. The ending is very sweet. . . .

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Welcome to your new home! Stunning set of table and chairs delivered to their new home and looking fantastic. We’re busy making customers happy with pre-ordered furniture which has arrived with us in the last days. It’s like Christmas again. living life homes living interiors

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🎨🎨🎨 Continuano i lavori per la nuova testata del letto 🎨🎨🎨 🎨🎨🎨 Works for the new bed head in progress 🎨🎨🎨 . . . ling italy gram porn ling ling

2 0 Jan 21, 2019

Fashion meets Interior Design ✨ it is widely known that the lines between fashion and interiors are blurred, and that fact is never more apparent than during Fashion Week! In collaboration with we rounded up the new designs with our cushion collection. • • • • object concept wares decor design decoration sweethome inspiration room roomdecor roomdesign roomdecor design styling inspo carpet 4f 4comment 18 *

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"Il nostro compito è quello di dare al cliente non quello che voleva ma quello che non aveva mai sognato" (Denys Ladsun) ure #3dmodelling #3ddesign Best partner:

12 1 Jan 21, 2019

Oh, there you are! 看到你心跳,以為在看discovery的現場/ 現在聞到煎魚味就想吐,但想吃。 一個剛下班的男子,正在廚房煎給我吃。 如果你是女生,我們一起享受你爸的浪漫。 如果你是男生,就在旁邊學著怎麼伺候我😂 歡迎來當我們的,寶寶。 才說今年我給自己KPI就是懷孕, 你太懂事,1月3號媽媽立馬美夢成真。 未來的日子繼續懂事/ 下禮拜第一次一起出國要乖乖的。 你爸不是寵兒的人,以後你必須識相點😂FYI, my baby. ❤️Welcome to our life, my love. it ly #

4 0 Jan 21, 2019

Mansion Monday! Nothing like ATL Real Estate, talk about making an entrance.

8 0 Jan 21, 2019

We have a new addition to the family and I could not be more in love 🥰

1 0 Jan 21, 2019

NOW. VISION SUNDAY 2019. Pastor hat uns gestern in die Vision für 2019 hinein genommen. Check unbedingt den Podcast dazu! home

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0 0 Jan 21, 2019

Our kind of Mondays (No i'm not drinking in the morning) guesthouse islands

6 0 Jan 21, 2019

Hall and stairs🇳🇴

2 0 Jan 21, 2019

A space finished off by our team today! New kitchen and lots of gorgeous new accessories for this sweet home. tyling

22 0 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑Pose Complète 45€😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " revolution

8 2 Jan 21, 2019

Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion 😍pasotti_p islove

1 0 Jan 21, 2019

Kehadiran putra daerah kembali, menjadikan psis harga mati!!! 🍻 . . . 2001 1indonesia

153 12 Jan 21, 2019

Buongiorno Verona 💚 Anche durante i freddi mesi invernali la nostra città è il luogo ideale dove trascorrere alcuni giorni da veri innamorati 💕 Scoprite le nostre offerte speciali nel sito web, il link è in bio! Italia . . . . ler Hotels Hotels

29 0 Jan 21, 2019

Heute in zwei Jahren fällt auf dem Europaplatz in Luzern der Startschuss zu Die Organisatoren arbeiten mit Hochdruck daran, dass 2021 an den sieben Austragungsorten in der Zentralschweiz alles bereit sein wird. Wir zählen bereite die Tage! 2021 universiade

14 0 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑PERMANENT MAKE-UP 😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " revolution #4follow

7 0 Jan 21, 2019

i always mean to stop and take a photo of the side of this building on way way home from windsor, but i always seem to forget. luckily the speed limit is only 15mph and i was able to stick my phone out the window and snap this while passing. this’ll do I guess. • • • usa

1 0 Jan 21, 2019

And finally the long awaited baby came through 500x 😊😊 would be like am not good yet but definitely getting better 500x ist

6 2 Jan 21, 2019

DAY FIFTEEN————————————————— Prosperity. The Latin phrase, “pro esperere” from which we get the word prosper means to have hope. At Mosaic, we believe that every believer in Jesus has hope based on the promises of God in Christ. Prosperity is not just becoming rich, it is having hope in Christ in every situation and faith in the God who never leaves us not forsakes us. ————————————————— #21daysofprayer

8 1 Jan 21, 2019

Good morning Monday! 🌞💥

15 2 Jan 21, 2019

On our way to the to spot some new suppliers, new products and new ideas for you all! design decor living

8 1 Jan 21, 2019

Film bergenre Thriller yang diperankan oleh Aaron Paul dan Emily Ratajkowski, bercerita tentang pasangan yang menghabiskan akhir pekan berlibur di rumah sewaan, tetapi mereka justru menjadi korban rencana jahat pemilik rumah. Penasaran bagaimana ceritanya? Saksikan mulai dibioskop mulai 24 Januari 2019. - Nah karena mimin lagi baik kita bakal bagi-bagi tiket nonton buat 15 orang yang beruntung nih, caranya gampang banget kamu tinggal mention orang yang pengen banget kamu ajak buat nonton film Welcome Home. -

43 0 Jan 21, 2019

A TESTIMONY ABOUT GOD'S LOVE by John Joseph Bugayong It took me awhile to realize that nothings greater than GOD'S love. I understand that now. The truth is before or last year I wasn't spending more time at church because i was inlove. So inlove that I gave all my time and effort to that specific person that I avoid my priorities to God. But in the end, I ended up being broken. I met a lot girls last year, searching the love that I wanted but I didnt found it. So I end up in depression, I started to hurt myself because I always feel that im not good enough for anyone and no one can love me. Then last november or december 2018 I decided to go back to church and after meeting the people there, it made me realize a lot of things. That Everytime I was broken they were the ones who were there for me when I was down. I'm so thankful for them especially to God, because if God didnt created them I would be dead right now. I've been looking for love for so long, I didn't notice it was there all the time. I was stupid and I thought love is having someone to hold hands to or do things together but its more than that, its unexplainable. The love that I wanted isn't the love that I needed, the love that I needed is God's love. I love dancing and it is my passion. but I gave that up for me to spend time with God to know him and to have a quiet time with him. I had overflowing blessings I received! A good relationship with friends, family, and to God I felt so relieved or relax because I surrender now everything to God, He is willing to guide and to help you. My testimony realizations are: Never be afraid to have a relationship with God because in the beginning and the end, he will always be there for you. So everytime I have a problem or my plans didnt reach to my expectations, I always believe that God has greater plans for me. And now I can really say I found the LOVE that I deserve.☝ 🙏🏼

4 0 Jan 21, 2019

In exactly two years – on the 21st January 2021 – the opening ceremony of the 30th Winter Universiade will take place in Lucerne. 🙌🙌🙌 Follow our Social Media channels and learn more about our venues from the 21st to the 31st January 2019.😏 . . . 2021

21 0 Jan 21, 2019

Heute Menü, 21. Jänner : ..... flotter Dreier mit nur 3 Zutaten . Aus nur 3 guten Hauptzutaten zaubern wir ein herrliches Menü!!!! : Pasta, Kohl und Wurst!!!Vorher Nudelsuppe und nachher Frische Schaumrollen . Außerdem kleiner Tipp für einen guten Start in die Woche : Das Passwort fürs Leben heißt Humor .

6 0 Jan 21, 2019

Another great shooting with beautiful for We wish you a lovely Monday today 🙂

46 1 Jan 21, 2019

Remember A Special Date Forever and Ever ✨ . Available in 3 special colours and ready for the cute quote you want to share, our pillows are the perfect gift for any friend or family member ✨ . With free delivery to Dubai, and gift wrapped to perfection, we take the ‘gift panic’ away from you ✨ . DM the NotInTheSouq team now for more information of how we can help you get lots of brownie points this 2019 ✨ . Present

11 0 Jan 21, 2019

We were lucky to adopt this little one on Sunday! We applied for 7 dogs over 3 months and we got lucky with Miss Mary🥰 Please understand when you adopt it’s sometimes frustrating missing out on dogs you apply for, but it will all work out in the end, and you’ll meet the perfect new family member.... I promise x sofinstagram

21 5 Jan 21, 2019

*teaser* Noul Harmony Cafe începe să prindă formă! Cu câtă nerăbdare așteptăm să ne redeschidem ușa larg pentru voi! coffeeshops

418 37 Jan 21, 2019

Introducing Our Fully Personalised Pillows, Available in 3 Gorgeous Colours 💕 . Many of our customers have personalised our pillows with names, small quotes, special dates, move-in dates, and inside jokes ... 💕 . This is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, arm chair or outside living area, which will make any space feel instantly more homely 💕 . Be the best friend who says thank you. Be the best Auntie who gifts their family. Be the best Son who creates a memory for their Mum ... 💕 . Available in 3 cute colours, our pillows are customisable on both the front and the back and at AED 150, it is a bargain for all of those extra brownie points you will get 💕 . Present

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Safety over everything :) . . . interiors life

12 0 Jan 21, 2019

Spread Love, Differently 🎀 . This was a welcome home present for Baby Milena from her doting Auntie 🎀 . On the front it reads: Milena On the back it reads: Dream Big, Little One. Love Auntie Rabab 🎀 . This is the perfect gift for any baby shower, birthday, welcome home present or you can even buy one for yourself ... 🎀 . Our fully customised pillow comes in 3 pretty colours and is only AED 150, which includes delivery in Dubai as well as the cushion stuffing 🎀 . Let us do the gift thinking for you, whilst you take all of the credit. This is our gift to you 🎀 . Present

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Jij bent kostbaar in Gods ogen, mocht je hier toevallig over twijfelen. Zoek God dagelijks op en vind de perfectie die Hij in jou heeft gelegd. ▪ Lees Jesaja 43:4 “Jij bent zo kostbaar in mijn ogen, zo waardevol, en ik houd zo veel van je dat ik de mensheid geef in ruil voor jou, ja alle volken om jou te behouden.”

16 3 Jan 21, 2019

Happy birthday to us.!! Open from 14:00. session. whiskey #21st

6 0 Jan 21, 2019

Welcome To la familia Diaz 😊🐕🐾 love oftheday istagram

11 0 Jan 21, 2019

Good morning Salford! For welcome week part 2, we'll be in Allerton and the SU today chatting to new students! Come and say hi! inspire uni students

2 0 Jan 21, 2019

Mondayyyy! rallon rallonr5 😎 custom spirit rbea mtb cycling mtb bike mtb singletrails singletrack

15 0 Jan 21, 2019

🐶 Welcome home mommy❣️ 🐶 母ちゃんお帰り❣️ ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ scher シャー スタグラム stagram mom mommy gie 倶楽部 s

25 8 Jan 21, 2019

Introducing Toothless! . Bringing light to the world, a boys best friend, flown in from the NT! Couldn’t be happier with his temperament! . 🏠

0 0 Jan 21, 2019

Selamat sampai ke Tanah Air jemaah ku. Semoga ibadah yg dibuat diterima Allah swt. Kenangan disana tidak akan dilupakan. . 2019

17 0 Jan 21, 2019

MY KWAFALLS STORY . Walking Down Her 234 Steps Kwa falls is a spectacular waterfall characterized by a narrow steep gorge from top to bottom. The sparkling waters plunge down to form a pool ideal for a variety of water sports. Everyone Is welcome for a dip I Could Not Resist But Glam The Beam Of Every Ray That Care To Shot. J oin Us For Exciting Breath Taking Adventure Daycation. Itineraries: Games, Hiking Let's Hear Your . Join Us For Exciting Games, Swims, Dance, Comedy, Party & Lots More. It Is A Daycation. Make It Happen. Get A Slot Today _tours tours

13 0 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑CANDY LIPS 190€ (1ÈRE retouche incluse) 😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " revolution

11 2 Jan 21, 2019

“Let faith rise up, oh heart, believe... this is how I fight my battles.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Such a powerful sense of God’s presence in our worship at church yesterday! 3globalhub

27 0 Jan 21, 2019

20 0 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑MICROSHADING 190€ (1ère retouche incluse)😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " " " " " thank you Master 💋 " revolution

10 1 Jan 21, 2019

Chase those winter blues away and cozy up your home with a warm makeover - embrace Blue Monday 💙 monday #💙

9 0 Jan 21, 2019

That’s quite a welcome. . . .

7 0 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑Pose Complète 45€😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " revolution

7 0 Jan 21, 2019

I need to stop impulsively buying pets but look at her 😍

22 3 Jan 21, 2019

>Lunedi< basta questa parola per farvi capire come mi sento oggi.. per non bastare è il lunedì più triste dell'anno, ma la mia amica ha detto che è anche la giornata degli abbracci.. quindi facciamoci abbracciare dalle persone che amiamo e ricarichiamoci per affrontare questo Buona settimana❤ . . . decor sweethome mia decor design s decor design er inspiration style me

40 7 Jan 21, 2019

💥Vous prendre soins à votre domicile est possible maintenant en ILE-DE-FRANCE 👑Tarifs 2019 😘 " " " prise de rdv " " " revolution

8 3 Jan 21, 2019

Today it was tough getting up for the first morning commute since my holiday. London Bridge station was rubbish as usual. So I take my new mug to Starbucks and order a skinny caramel latte. I got something that was neither skinny nor caramel. I took it back. I now have something that doesn't even taste like coffee and I'm certain has soy milk in it and I need to pour it down the sink because it's disgusting. Get your act together - I needed you this morning and you failed me! But then

9 1 Jan 21, 2019

La richesse de Martigues, c'est lui 🛑🛣 • 📍 Martigues 📷 merci pour cet instant capturé _____________________________________ 🏷 TAG tourisme • | 📳 FOLLOW _____________________________________ levant _focus_on _focus_on

46 0 Jan 21, 2019

Il était temps que je rentre m'occuper de mes petits... 🐙 andwhite

9 1 Jan 15, 2019

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