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Hope you all had a great Tuesday. tease selfie morning motivation transformation transformation isme smile

1637 134 Jan 22, 2019

Happy tongue out 😋

2890 29 Jan 22, 2019

ᴬᴰ ᵛᴱᴿᴸᴵᴺᴷᵁᴺᴳ | Seems like I've missed toast Tuesday. Again. 😅 I don't mind so here they are: ✨ chocolate cranberries 🍫 ✨Hummus avocado 🥑 ✨ vegan cream cheese and tomato 🍅 ✨ peanut butter + jelly + nana 🍌 Which one would be your pick? Have a wonderful evening 🙋🏼 big hugs, Marie 💫 ____ 🇩🇪 Hallöchen meine Lieben. Ich habe den toast Tuesdays wohl verpasst. Mal wieder. 😅 Ist auch nicht schlimm, deshalb gibts jetzt toast am Mittwoch: ✨ Schokolade-Cranberry 🍫 ✨ Hummus Avocado 🥑 ✨ veganer Frischkäse & Tomate 🍅 ✨ Erdnussbutter + Marmelade + Banane 🍌 Worauf würde eure Wahl treffen? Habt einen wunderschönen Abend 🙋🏼 eure Marie 💋 ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ EBOOK: Blog: Facebook: The Rawberry YouTube: The Rawberry ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ ⌄ latlaytoday brot sforall eedfeed eedyoursoull 52grams

1762 87 Jan 23, 2019

For anyone who tuned in on Youtube tonight. I got Taco Bell!!! forfollowback

1082 18 Jan 22, 2019

I like to look at myself in different mirrors incase one of them is lying. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s toke   addict   r s   photo ler   ing ram   er   ga islove   motivation   blogger yourself   ing   ling   r photo graphy    s     puppies   gram  ly   awesome    s   bug 

155 0 Jan 23, 2019

Another one because I like the outfit so much 🙋🏽‍♀️ . . . fashion ista style lover

366 138 Jan 23, 2019

first exam...CHECK!!!!✔️😁💛

883 50 Jan 22, 2019

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ [that is, grafted in, joined to Him by faith in Him as Savior], he is a new creature [reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit]; the old things [the previous moral and spiritual condition] have passed away. Behold, new things have come [because spiritual awakening brings a new life].” ‭‭2 CORINTHIANS‬ ‭5:17‬ • • “He again sets a definite day, [a new] “Today,” [providing another opportunity to enter His rest by] saying through David after so long a time, just as has been said before [in the words already quoted], “TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS.”” ‭‭HEBREWS‬ ‭4:7‬ • 😴💭🤞🏾👑❣️💌📲

1257 32 Jan 22, 2019

Valentino Garavani _________________ Price: 25000 ________________ Size: 40-45 _______________ Comes in a box 📦 Enquiries: Kindly send a DM WhatsApp/Call: +2348169875405. Oladoyin.oluyide NATIONWIDE DELIVERY 📦 . . . . . . business addict

1 0 Jan 23, 2019

Adidas Lexicon x Yeezy 600 _________________ Price: 24000 ________________ Size: 40-45 _______________ Comes in a box 📦 Enquiries: Kindly send a DM WhatsApp/Call: +2348169875405. Oladoyin.oluyide NATIONWIDE DELIVERY 📦 . . . . . . business addict

1 0 Jan 23, 2019

COMING soon to •RUNWAY THURSDAYS• Included with section+bottle!🍾 😈Food+Females 👨🏽‍🍳 models nightlife nightlife nightclubs life models model night

0 0 Jan 23, 2019

23/1/19 6:20 a 6:34 pm. - - - - 📷: - - - - Ignoren esto, me ayuda a conseguir likes lol sets 4likes forlike forlikes forlikeback 4followback forfollowback lines _collection diving _love colors city skills _bestsky porn

14 0 Jan 23, 2019


2 0 Jan 23, 2019

Grayson's iconic Bronco that kept on breaking down lmao 💙 - We're actually trying to be more active on this account so please feel free to talk to us and DM us, our DM's are always open! - I also just realized that this is my 2nd picture of Grayson and his cars I'm editing -Adora - Not sure if you guys got the idea yet, but Vicky will be making edits of Ethan, and I, Adora, will be making edits of Grayson, and on Tuesday, we'll make an edit of them both in a picture :) - Edits Edits 2019 Edits Edits Edits Edits Tuesday

1 2 Jan 23, 2019

She is always cuddling up under me parent sofinstagram s s_of_instagram stagram s_of_world _features loversclub lover life nap lovers lady lovers motivation oftheday woman sofworld softheday

6 0 Jan 23, 2019

mela 2019 ism कुम्भ स्नान गीता जी के विरूद्ध हैं गीता अध्याय 16 श्लोक 23 24 में कहा गया है कि शास्त्र विरुद्ध साधना से कोई लाभ नहीं होता

0 0 Jan 23, 2019

Hey Guys 😁😎 Rate this picture From 0 - 10 . Mine 😁: 10 🙌🏽👌🏽💯 . . . Tupac Shakur 😎💪🏽 the Shark himself 🙌🏽💯 Dope Art Design by: 👍🏽 . . shakur blog blog life

6 0 Jan 23, 2019

Blueberry Hybrid is the new flavor of the week we will be shooting all the fruits this week let know which one should I do next ? hemp remedy oil #420 medicine

8 1 Jan 23, 2019

Blueberry Hybrid is the new flavor of the week we will be shooting all the fruits this week let know which one should I do next ? hemp remedy oil #420 medicine

9 0 Jan 23, 2019

Wish I were Sally..💖💖 • • • • • • • • • • edits

2 2 Jan 23, 2019

one of my favorites, i sing it all the time s ians s ongwriter ian s writer

6 0 Jan 23, 2019

Well at least this is all done and over with. Tuesday was the worst Monday ever!

2 0 Jan 23, 2019

NOVIDADE! LETRAS COM FOTOS COLORIDAS! Mais um molde feito com muito carinho para uma cliente do coração! Moldes da letra "E" decorado com fotos. Molde do coração. Ótimo para decorar o seu evento ou ambientes diversos! Encomende agora o seu! . . . . es esanato

3 0 Jan 23, 2019

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone has their day one. Sometimes it feels intimidating not knowing where to start - ive been there. There were many times in the beginning years of my journey that I had absolutely no clue trying to figure it out 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still learning everyday. Don’t let that be the reason why you don’t make a change Everyone starts at Day 1️⃣. You learn from your experiences, And you gain confidence through experience. I definitely wasn’t comfortable at the beginning of my journey. But getting outside that comfort zone is when the biggest change happens. We have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Because at the end of the day WE are the ONLY ones that can make the change happen. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ nessjourney fam

10 0 Jan 23, 2019

M A K E 🅰️ P L A Y ‼️🔥 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• List of first overall drafted QB’s to start a super bowl 🏟 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Terry Bradshaw, Jim Plunkett, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Drew Bledsoe, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Cam Newton , Jared Goff ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• The first one just interviewed the latest. ( after Sunday NFC championship game) kind of mind blowing ironic 🤯 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #2019

4 0 Jan 23, 2019

3.6 miles later and I have shin splints. 👍🏼 And also maybe PTSD. It’s fine. 🤷🏼‍♀️

4 1 Jan 23, 2019

Beautiful Kupu kupu (Butterfly) in Bali. Green shiny glitters on its neck. Checkout it's proboscis, almost looks like a nose ring (Nathi) Follow on Instagram for more: s _ir _brilliance photography _macro _macro grammers _captures guru🕷️🕷️ _macro lovers

15 2 Jan 23, 2019

A huge thank you to for having us on the after the feature last Tuesday, and for these shots! 📸 . I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity & possibilities of what’s to come from this project that he’s put together for Galvestons local artists! 🙏🖤 . During our spot, we talked channeling your poetry power, recognizing it’s vital role in self expression, conquering thru the fear of spoken word & a lot more. 🎙👀 . Make sure to follow the page & catch its launch date to hear everyone he’s already interviewed and who’s next! 🥳

7 2 Jan 23, 2019

I’m trying 😐

12 5 Jan 23, 2019

I’m not gonna give y’all the satisfaction of the whole video😂 🏎If viewing follow 🎵’Runnin’ by . . . #5OH 197 #5ohUThink 4v _freakzz empire _Squad _squad . . . What's on the car😈 ---- Roush Axel-backs ----- Fog Lights tint kit ---- SR Performance lowering springs ---- MMD 551C wheels with MT Street Comp . . . Coming soon🙏 - CS Spoiler - - . . . What's not on the car 😎 - Resonators

9 5 Jan 23, 2019

Mila AKA mishka mishka 🐶🖤 look how cute 😭😍

45 3 Jan 23, 2019

1 0 Jan 23, 2019

한명은 한국에서, 한명은 도하에서 슝✈️ 여기가 한국인줄 헤헿 알러뷰쏘머칭😘 - #08동기 119

18 1 Jan 23, 2019

For all of you OTF people out there, we know the transformation challenge started this week! Soooooooo our marketing team will be set up on Saturday at OTF Grove City & Sunday at OTF New Albany! Come in for some samples & discounts because who doesn’t love free food and discounts? We will be running a special at both locations too! If you snap a pic of our booth and tag us in it on social media then we will give you a promo code for 15% off! We hope to see you there! Columbus

20 0 Jan 23, 2019

No te dejes ganar y muévete por lo que quieres! . . . .

2 0 Jan 23, 2019

At home on the with | |

66 4 Jan 23, 2019

mela 2019 ism पूर्ण गुरू से शिक्षा लो यानि आध्यात्मिक ज्ञान सुनो तथा दीक्षा लो यानि गुरू बनाकर शास्त्र वर्णित साधना करके पापों से मुक्ति पाओ तथा मोक्ष कराओ।

2 0 Jan 23, 2019

・・・ Our 15th hole is harder than it looks. At only 110yards off the blue tees most golfers should reach the large green in one, but the fun is just beginning as this green has tricky slopes built in, not to mention if you miss-hit you have a very rocky and challenging little chip! #⛳ stagram course ing er islife club ers addict day ball tips style shot isfun

19 0 Jan 23, 2019


12 1 Jan 23, 2019

My girls having a little snuggle 🐶❤️ • • • ofinstagram tagram ofinstaworld love life sofinstagram #2019 4like 4follow

16 0 Jan 23, 2019

Going live on Jan 29th 6pm pst 9pm est on THEZOWHAT SHOW. 6-8am pst/9-11am est 4-6am pst/7-9am est

9 1 Jan 23, 2019

My morning routine. 💛 . . . . . .

7 0 Jan 23, 2019

15 1 Jan 23, 2019

Y'all. I lost my purple berry lipstick. And then I found it. And all is well. • • • • tick mode

10 0 Jan 23, 2019

People leaves, memory don't . . . daily ig

23 0 Jan 23, 2019

I saw the 3 episode of 2 times in a row, I'm crazy I know, and this also hit the big one. This series becomes increasingly fascinating and mysterious. Now I feel totally part of the cases of bluebook . . I see again in Hynek and Quinn, Moulder and Scully. He firmly convinced of the existence of aliens. She skeptics until she has to change her mind after being kidnapped. Hynek who seeks the truth between bright spheres in the sky and unexplainable facts and sightings and Quinn skeptic, intent on executing the orders but soon he will understand that not all that glitters is gold. . . Capt. Quinn impeccable. Michael is extraordinary in his charismatic interpretation and his magnetic look that seems to say much more. Yeah perfection really exists !! it's called . . fans edit

1 0 Jan 23, 2019

Gru dickslap s meme memes memes meme s

2 0 Jan 23, 2019

I like to look at myself in different mirrors incase one of them is lying. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . s toke   addict   r s   photo ler   ing ram   er   ga islove   motivation   blogger yourself   ing   ling   r photo graphy    s     puppies   gram  ly   awesome    s   bug 

155 0 Jan 23, 2019


39 1 Jan 23, 2019

7 rings on repeat...I’m about to try to tan in 65 degree sun while I work on a new rental listing... , , , just a woman enjoying her life and being proud of who she is today. Yes I’m wearing ugly uggs and a mixed bikini because why not?! haha #7rings

619 56 Jan 23, 2019

hanging out and sipping her tea 🍵 with all the products picking the best hemp supply for her needs. hemp remedy oil #420 medicine

30 0 Jan 23, 2019

A ROOM WITH A VIEW s ian ienne blogger withaview life blogger night lust ing

47 2 Jan 22, 2019

CATNAP. ITS WINTER. rest and recharge s sofinstagram stagram style ian ping ienne nap

51 0 Jan 22, 2019

: weighted dumbbell Side Bend - Single Side | -> one of my ! -> effektiver 💪 mit buddy ! life workout motivation andhealthy lifestyle

108 18 Jan 22, 2019

~ Ruffled triangle. ▪ ▪ ▪

114 6 Jan 22, 2019

"Don't be weak"

196 6 Jan 22, 2019

Most interesting man in the world voice... I don’t always smile in pictures, but when I do it’s an awkward smile... . . . . . . . . legacies director making

92 0 Jan 22, 2019

You want to annoy me by scratching my curtains (how she asks for food), I will annoy you by making you take selfies with me. 😹 ofinstagram _of_instagram tagram r r sclub

127 10 Jan 15, 2019

Bon réveillon 🎉 🥂. •Des sourires, pour chasser la tristesse, •De l’audace, pour que les choses ne restent jamais en place, •De la confiance, pour faire disparaître les doutes, •Des gourmandises, pour croquer la vie, •Du réconfort, pour adoucir les jours difficiles, •De la générosité, pour le plaisir de partager, •Des arcs en ciel, pour colorer les idées noires, •Du courage, pour continuer à avancer. 💫Et que dire à part... 💫Meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année ,une santé de fer 💪🏼bcp d’amours❤️ et pour le reste on se retrousse les manches pour l’obtenir 😉. . . . . . . newyear . Music : story lolaastanova , hausercello .

1279 104 Dec 31, 2018

Il y a 10 ans , mon cadeau de Noël c’était la naissance de ma fille Clara 👸🏻 L’amour de ma vie ❤️qui m’a donné une force intérieure que personne ne m’avait donné 💗❤️Déjà 10 ans !!! C’est passé tellement vite et moi je vieillis avec 😜 Sinon pour ce réveillon ,un super moment en famille 💗 sans oublier mes anglais préférés 😍😍😍. Je vous souhaite à tous un très joyeux noël et comme chaque année ,une pensée particulière aux personnes seules , sans famille , sans abris ...Ceux qui me connaissent savent à quel point je suis attachée à ces causes , et comme je le dis tout le temps , si vous ne pouvez pas les aidez avec votre poche , aidez les avec votre sourire....just a 😊. birthday of my

1289 100 Dec 24, 2018

EAT. Don’t Deprive yourself of amazing tastes and experiences. Life is too short ie ies stagram lover lovers love ing s s stagram blogger

242 23 Dec 18, 2018

FRENCH INFLUENCES. INDIGO COZYING UP IN OUR NEW EIFFEL TOWER SHEETS. FLANNEL s stagram room ian style russellterrier russell russelsofinstagram y y vibes

133 6 Nov 13, 2018

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