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Such an amazing piece of art❤️ - For more follow ✌️ - Credit to ❤️✌️

4616 13 Jan 19, 2019

Thanks Sarah ! Done at ! *************************** adrien.tender *************************** Next dates: •LILLE• 25th-27th January •ROMA• 21st-23rd February •BESANÇON• 16th-17th March *************************** ist _and_bold _traditional_flash tattoos art artistmagazine design flash ist snob workers tattoo

3952 7 Jan 18, 2019

Video I forgot to post of a favourite from last year. I’m doing all my emails this weekend so expect a reply if you’re waiting to hear back! Email adeartattoo for bookings. Thanks s ist flash artist workers shop eu sub snob tattoo itional itionaltattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo

4086 19 Jan 19, 2019

Moomin Death Cult. Also known as the Doomins. Snufkin summoning rat demon hell. Snork Maiden is walking the pet mushrooms. Goth Moomin is catching the pumpkin moon having a horrible tea party with Stinky. Little My is being Little My. If you fancy booking in send over a DM 🖤👻👻🖤

4993 22 Jan 18, 2019

I caused some pain on today although i dont think it hurt as bad as he made out

5937 51 Jan 18, 2019

Blast over done at ! working away in the background tkennedyuk

175 2 Jan 20, 2019

🐎⚫️ Seguire haciendo piezas negras tambien, gracias por seguir apoyando mi trabajo... Hecho en . . . ers s nob

4 0 Jan 20, 2019

Yesterday was a blast!!!!! 🤘🏻 Thank you to everyone who came out, competed & showed support!! And a special thank you to 104.3’s for emceeing the competition!!! 🖤 tattoo edgirl s edgirl s sleeve tattoo edlife ed edgirls edgirl edup addict sofinstagram model modeling snob

2 0 Jan 20, 2019

Bird of prey!!😂😂😂 Funny tattoo Done ------------------------------------ Next stop: ⚡April 23th to 27th Edinburg - Watermelon Tattoo ⚡Maggio 3-4-5 Roma - International Tattoo Expo ____________________________________ Follow me on FB: enricogalliillustrator ____________ s istmagazine _and_bold submission ___pit

12 0 Jan 20, 2019

For all the sinners and saints out there.

22 1 Jan 20, 2019

Healed lines and fresh shadows. /For appointments DM/📥

12 3 Jan 20, 2019

Fun one on my buddy Venom! Thx bro

12 1 Jan 20, 2019

Savage Sunday is the day we post international tattoo artist Amazing work by ➡️ Made @ ➡️ 🙏🏻 tag, like, comment, share. 🙏🏻💯 sp ⃣🌐 ing artist ed itional itional tattoo sub itional europe edgirls do er ist snob girl

199 0 Jan 20, 2019

Healed corgi by Gianni for appointments stop by the shop or text 702-498-2222 parlor

6 1 Jan 20, 2019

Work by ✨✨ Amazing and beautiful artwork. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥. Thank you so much 😘 . ----------------- DoubleTap & Tag a Friend below⤵❤️ . 👕 Get your T-Shirt, Mug, Tote Bag.. and more perfect for your family members and friends by clicking on the link in my bio (profile)➡ ® ✈✈✈ Worldwide Shipping. 👉 Following for some awesome photos !!! . . . . ed life edlife s edmag edup toooftheday tooinspiration tooinkspiration tooworld toomagazine tooaddicts tooedguys tooartists toowork toosnob toolover tooshop tooworkers tooink tooedmodel tooartistmagazine tooist

19 0 Jan 20, 2019

This Velociraptor is a big fan of Descendents. -Done Using

118 3 Jan 20, 2019

A piece I got to do on the other day! I had so much fun with this! (: . . . nantonio tattoo tattoo _world_of_ink snob

63 0 Jan 20, 2019

💥Big old Dragon on shoulder! Loved doing this! Looking for a new bit of ink? DM or call for enquiries! 🌟 fine_line_ink_ jesstaylor_lashesandbeauty shop artist studio ist ed master ed tattoo

1 0 Jan 20, 2019

Sméagol by ______________________________________________ Смеагол его нашёл, а Голлум носил. Работа ______________________________________________ snob artwork artist ed tattoo art realistic

31 1 Jan 20, 2019

How absolutely gorgeous is this mandala piece from Vlad's flash! He loves pretty patterns so get in touch to snatch a space with him ✨🌟

14 2 Jan 20, 2019

Anchor and butterfly filler for Evelyne ! Thank you a lot 🙏 - tattoo ers sheetfriday flash sandflash workers legion flashcollective _traditional_flash ink _rules snob

35 3 Jan 20, 2019

تتو ای که از ۸۰میلیون جمعیت ایران ۶۰ میلیون این تتو رو دارن ولی من اگه یکی رو داشتم‌حتما میگفتم برام بزنش طرحشو من‌دوس دارم Artist: 🇬🇧 king..💪 private🛇 🇬🇧 nob ing . دخترونه _آباد _تتلو _بدن 🔚

22 7 Jan 20, 2019

Small bat with a big heart ♥🦇 There'll be no hanging around if you want to get tattooed by Vlad as he has space next week onwards, get it touch or fly by to enquire!

23 1 Jan 20, 2019

Первая тату) вот это я понимаю подход! 6 часов боли и ни разу не дёрнулся! Остался ещё один сеанс и Сатир будет готов! itup ist art oftheday ist magazine tattoo

15 0 Jan 20, 2019

Done by message him or come by the shop for booking inquiries

20 1 Jan 20, 2019

A big thank you to Joolz for choosing another one of my floral umbrellas. I’m loving these raining days, hope stays like this for a while ☔️🖤 art artist itionalattoo art artist tattoo tattoo tattoo itional _art_worldwide _world_of_ink ig _ig snob

24 1 Jan 20, 2019

Fun snake and dagger from the other day. Thanks Alec!

20 1 Jan 20, 2019

HEALED spider mum in the elbow ditch! Thanks Justin! 🖤

19 1 Jan 20, 2019

Finished this side yesterday on ☺️ parts heald, parts fresh, so very hard to take a photo

36 1 Jan 20, 2019

بدن دخترونه دخترانه دست s ideas sleeve model style ed ing ist o artwork do italia community snob convention

68 4 Jan 20, 2019

Here's one i started the other day! A second pass for heavier blacks and some super light blending needed! Drop me a DM about any black and grey work! Keen to take on more! Done using itional itionaltattoo tattoo tattoo nob ist 420

37 0 Jan 20, 2019

Here's one i started the other day! A second pass for heavyier blacks and some super light blending needed! Drop me a DM about any black and grey work! Keen to take on more! Done using itional itionaltattoo tattoo tattoo nob ist 420

18 0 Jan 20, 2019

Chromed our Marvin, hard to get good photo due to wrapping but let’s make some more Chrome characters! Message me if your a rad person and want something like this

35 5 Jan 20, 2019

The ladies have been killing it convention this weekend! made this super cute kewpie on the first day. Drew will be back in the studio later this week. She’s now booking end of February - March. To set up a free consultation email . . . . . tattoo

11 0 Jan 20, 2019

Лаванда от Ольги Некрасовой ! Сделать любимый цветок или растение можно у Ольги, записавшись на сеанс в феврале! 🌸 Хотим предупредить, что придется отстоять очередь, ведь желающих много! И только те, кто наберется терпения, обязательно получат желаемое. ✨

47 1 Jan 20, 2019

I’ll be reppin’ with in Philly next month! Walk ups all weekend or email todd to book. - - tattooconvention convention s artist shop s tattoo tattoo mag _mag _traditional snob do submission _tattoo

31 0 Jan 20, 2019

More awesome work from done here at 12! Come by and see all the tattoo sketches and inspiration in his station! Send him a DM to discuss your next tattoo! . . with ・・・ Made with needles machines pigments s al matters altattoo alclub n nmade natattoos _and_bold snob ntraditional submission #12tattoos #860

12 1 Jan 20, 2019

Girls ❤️

14 1 Jan 20, 2019

Really cool piece by thanks Mike!! ••HIVECAPS.COM•• •• •• •• •• caps cups caps cups edmag

48 2 Jan 20, 2019

What’s your favorite tattoo 1-9? by 🇺🇸 USA, Houston, TX / _usa _ustx — Submit your works: txttooing — ⚠️ Follow for awesome colorful tattoos! ‼️ Follow for quality black tattoos! — erssubmission ist ers artmagazine s

1265 15 Jan 20, 2019

Thank you Ailsa! Still got appointments for February and March! Limited weekend slots 🖤

54 1 Jan 20, 2019

Tatto.melika s oist oed art olife ostyles oistartmag ostyle odesign oink oedlife oideas odo oer os artist osnob olove sexi o2me oing _3d غربتهران _دائم بدن دخترونه پسر # اموزشی تهران

524 10 Jan 20, 2019

LIMITED PRINTS ONLY 15 OF THIS ONE WILL BE AVAILABLE 60cm x 30cm 255g/m2 high quality Albert Durer paper Check out my bigcartel ———————————— PRINTS EDICION LIMITADA SOLO 15 DE ESTAS ESTARAN DISPONIBLES 60cm x 30cm 255g/m2 papel de alta calidad Albert Durer Puedes encontrarlas en mi bigcartel mag _traditional sub itionaltattoos itionals _ itional DONE WITH:

211 0 Jan 20, 2019

Got to make this and yesterday. Thanks Sara! More stuff like this please!!!

33 3 Jan 20, 2019

No Rio executei o primeiro exemplar exclusivo do • Projeto Fé • na Clara, merci Clara. Incluí nas imagens o processo de criação que a iniciou, Gracias Fernanda. ■ Os papéis e as lembranças foram levadas pelo vento do ventilador, o papéis caíram, as lembranças não. • _art_i_like submission official tattoo

62 6 Jan 20, 2019

is working on feb 23rd and 24th!! Drop him an email if you wanna get booked in! art apprentice design snob ing club tattoo ist work

32 2 Jan 20, 2019

Super pumped about working this year!! Drop me an email if you want to get tattooed!! art apprentice design snob ing club tattoo ist work tattoo

32 0 Jan 20, 2019

First session of this cover-up I'm doing more big projects like this, if you're interested DM me!

25 1 Jan 20, 2019

By 🖤 ...

66 3 Jan 20, 2019

Mark of Chaos by ______________________________________________ Воскресные символы Хаоса. Наводил симметрию и орнаменталил зло — #_gusarovart ______________________________________________ itional itional tattoo tattoo tattoo ers tattoo ist

53 0 Jan 20, 2019

unfinished memorial project, slowly chipping away at cover sleeves on both arms. nothing I've done on this client hasn't had some form of cover on it. s ed tattoo tattoo snob tattoo done using ink and equipment from

12 0 Jan 20, 2019

si tu savais combien j'ai essayé de noyer ton souvenir avec d'autres cœurs meurtris. je me suis acharnée à trouver en moi la force de tous les aimer, car l'idée de t'aimer toujours aussi fort m'était tout bonnement insupportable. je voulais t'oublier, je le devais même. je ne voulais plus avoir le cœur qui battait vite à chacune de tes apparitions, à chaque fois que je croisais ton sublime visage. je voulais tuer cet amour en moi, cet amour pour toi. je me suis tant démenée pour ça. j'ai mille fois été à la poursuite d'âmes qui pouvaient me servir d'échappatoire. je refusais de voir que me faire violence en cherchant à t'oublier, c'était me condamner à me rappeler sans cesse. • • • • ideas s hop addict model er edgirls s tyle s nob s apprentice 2me boy edguys love ed artistmagazine design edmen

18 0 Jan 20, 2019

Whale for mollie, from a few days past! Thank you again! Space to tattoo this coming week. er s tattoo sandflash _and_bold do snob suppliesuk tattoo

62 3 Jan 20, 2019

Healed 🦅 I did a few months ago. Let’s make some fun tattoos this week! Dm or stop on in if you’d like to schedule something!

50 2 Jan 20, 2019

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