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⚡️sunday uniform. ⚡️ uniform

25 0 Dec 9, 2018

Twinning is winning 😎 “Where there is UNITY, the Lord commands a blessing” 🔥🙏🏽😁 haha! _____________

97 0 Nov 4, 2018

If you think I’m hanging out in my pajamas all day long well then you are exactly right

33651 202 Feb 11, 2018

🐭 ➡️ *Werbung wegen Markennennung

16138 147 Aug 19, 2018

Sunday uniform 🍊“Listen to your own voice, your own soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves.“

946 105 Aug 12, 2018

Sweat shirt, sweat pants, hat and slippers...I think I’ll call this my Sunday Uniform 😛 funday clothes uniform

26 1 Nov 11, 2018

Off to dinner! 💕

60 4 Jul 8, 2018

When your best friend copies your outfit unknowingly.😂

42 0 Jun 3, 2018

Laughing because this is seriously the 5th Sunday in a row he’s worn this shirt.

173 28 Oct 1, 2017

The perfect Sunday shopping outfit! This teddy bear bomber is amazingly comfortable and warm! Shop this look here 👉🏻

76 11 Dec 9, 2018

A Sunday spent walking, eating and chilling... but now I’ve lost all energy for Christmas decorating. I’ve already put it off for one week. I could have spent slightly less time watching cheesy as films on Netflix... 🎄 Also need to get my shop on ASAP. This week will be spent reading Xmas gift guides and panicking. 🙃 If I do manage to get the tree up, I will try with all my might not to post a pic ‘cuz, well, I think everyone has seen enough of ‘em, haven’t they? 🎅🏼 Borrowed my Dad’s hoody for today’s outing, but it was so warm and cosy that a hoody has now hotfooted its way onto my Xmas list. It reminds me of the GAP ones my ten-year-old self wore. Anyone else have one? 🎁

60 1 Dec 9, 2018

Throw on a toque and handle your Sunday biz babes. Open 12-4

58 1 Dec 9, 2018

⚡️sunday uniform. ⚡️ uniform

25 0 Dec 9, 2018

Sunday uniform - cozy snuggly knits __________ 📸 Model Styled by

72 1 Dec 9, 2018

🙌🏽 .: l a z y s u n d a y :. 🙌🏽 Pretty sure I’ll be rocking leggings and a messy bun all day

194 2 Dec 2, 2018

December 2 Lazy Sunday. Fleece meets a cardigan = Sunday uniform. Cardigan: Tee: Belt: Denim: #513 uniform vibes style look look style mens

47 0 Dec 2, 2018

‘s cosy collection is my 🐆☕️ // Werbung / Ad

170 25 Nov 25, 2018

This is a normal sunday before work. . . nurse

122 8 Nov 25, 2018

Akhirnya junior CKA bikin baju kerajaan jg ya #

32 1 Nov 19, 2018

Okay... I’m a little obsessed with leopard print😻I love it mixed with stripes and these high-rise button fly jeans. It’s my new Sunday uniform!❤️ - Pom Hat $20- Jeans $49- Scarf $24- Striped Top $29- -

82 1 Nov 18, 2018

Next step on the mirror project... ✔️ This is where the curse and blessing of being a perfectionist shows up 💯 . . . . .

64 16 Nov 11, 2018

Sweat shirt, sweat pants, hat and slippers...I think I’ll call this my Sunday Uniform 😛 funday clothes uniform

26 1 Nov 11, 2018

New MOM joggers!! $42 XS-XL

8 0 Nov 11, 2018

It’s MOM time! Another amazing print to add to your collection. Releasing Tuesday 11/13 darandjenn 2018

7 0 Nov 11, 2018

🧦Slip into some Sunday coziness!😴

47 10 Nov 4, 2018

For you it might look like a ordinary pyjama but for me it is my Sunday uniform. Yep, I even have been outside in these with the dogs. 😊🐕🐕🐕 (...looks incredibly stylish with boots... 😚) vibes walks funday strolls uniform outfit style

27 1 Nov 4, 2018

Twinning is winning 😎 “Where there is UNITY, the Lord commands a blessing” 🔥🙏🏽😁 haha! _____________

97 0 Nov 4, 2018

The official ! 😌 But can I wear this to our chapter meeting? 🤔 Via . . . life life sisters design design shirts style spirit apparel fashion pride style sunday

81 1 Oct 28, 2018

Brunch with the girls at 2, extra for little mix “woman like me” at 8🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Thanks for the snap ❤️

104 6 Oct 28, 2018

Sunday extraness | total Look by {Werbung}

1523 72 Oct 28, 2018

Do you have an “off duty” uniform? I sure do. My favorite vintage Navshirt, high waisted denim, & a bandana or scarf. Keeps me comfy & doubles as a Rosie The Riveter Halloween costume in a pinch.

32 1 Oct 21, 2018

chilling at home in our Indoorsy sweatshirt. We love those bats! 🦇🦇🦇

211 2 Oct 21, 2018

Sunday’s uniform. Get cozy with , , and ! Look cute in your loungewear! Xo Salt . . . . . . . . . . . . island style wedding wear andthegypsycollective

76 0 Oct 21, 2018

What's in YOUR mug this morning? Stay cozy with a cute new pullover. Just tap the photo to shop.

431 11 Oct 21, 2018

Things people say: It’s Sunday!!!! Things self-employed people say: Is it Sunday? Although we work 7 days a week at least we can come to work every day in our pj’s and nobody bats an eye 📷: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ist _pottery

206 10 Oct 14, 2018

Those unis 🔥🔥🔥⚾️

5 1 Oct 14, 2018

Happy Monday Friends!! . . . . . set selfie set set s set _pics shunerally publishing set village dayuniform mori nahwear daynornings risemiles set porn touchedskin shinesprinkles set affaircapri2017 set s_captures glassesfordays isshanning daymorningstout nydogs set s_oftheworld lightisthebestfilter

47 2 Oct 8, 2018

Pumpkin patching today in what has quickly become my . Shirt: shirt 2 in hemp organic cotton stripe Pants: linen Andy trousers Shoes: Arizona sandals

108 3 Oct 7, 2018

{Werbung, weil Verlinkung} - Sunday uniform. 🕴🏽

1127 47 Oct 7, 2018

Sunday vibes with my love! Lining up our race cars in under the sea jammies. 🚗 🚙 🚘 -

19 2 Oct 7, 2018

TODAYS OUTFIT 🍂 🍁 . . Anzeige / Werbung wegen Verlinkungen (Brands are tagged).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mood outfit fashion style 🍁 look vibes fashion colors🍁 fashion 2018 outfit outfit s style fashion pullover socks tyle

47 2 Oct 7, 2018

Sunday uniform 🕶🍁🍂 Klassiske Pennika og Jovika bangle 699,-/849,- går aldri av moten 👉🏻 . .

31 1 Oct 7, 2018

Vanilla frapps are where it’s at! Also mom says i have to wear this outfit every Sunday since the Cowboys decided to win 🙄

54 3 Oct 3, 2018

Weekend uniform. 🖤

453 22 Sep 30, 2018

Our Sunday Best!

102 5 Sep 23, 2018

We hope your kicking it in a real cute jumpsuit this Sunday.

89 5 Sep 23, 2018

Yesterday’s outfit details for the game! What an emotionally exhausting game yesterday, it was still a blast and surreal to see in person! 💚💛

54 10 Sep 17, 2018

Sunday uniform 👆🏻 never not wearing stripes these days. Shop this outfit in the app or on the blog! Hope you all had a relaxing Sunday! ❤️ 50 100

115 22 Sep 16, 2018

Sunday uniform 🧖🏽‍♀️

67 5 Sep 16, 2018

What’s up weather?? 🌧 Well this is putting a crimp in our plans. We were supposed to head to Playland today to enjoy some rides and mid-way fun in advance of my birthday next week. 🎢 Well it’s pouring out so.... we’ve decided to postpone to the Scary Nights in October instead. ☔️ Meanwhile I’m keeping warm in warm sweats and mentally going through what’s appropriate for a kid on our remaining Netflix queue. 🙈 . . . morningvibes funday uniform

38 0 Sep 16, 2018

It’s game day...FINALLY!!! We are ready to cheer on our team (and hoping for a better season than last year!) 💙🏈 NOT pictured is our sweet dog dressed up who I simply couldn’t get in the same frame...maybe next week!

24 0 Sep 9, 2018

Sup' 🍊

28 2 Sep 9, 2018

11 0 Sep 9, 2018

Shoulder scar, gold hoops and one of our Harley-Davidson of Macon t-shirts. Oh and there’s a skeeter bite on my cheek.

70 3 Sep 7, 2018

🏈 Who’s ready for football season?! 🏈 I’ve got my Sunday uniform ready! . ▪️White Grid Bra ▪️Gray Mesh Harmony 7/8’s ▪️Ash Split Back Long Sleeve T 🛍Shop the link in my bio

8 0 Sep 6, 2018

A little Digital Detox goes a long way! ❤️ Sunday has never looked so good on you! 😘

167 7 Sep 2, 2018

Sunday uniform🤓

58 2 Aug 26, 2018

Violette shirt and shorts set coming soon 💫 DM to purchase

133 12 Aug 26, 2018

Athleisure 😏. This is officially my wearing sneakers and my super comfy joggers! I’m telling you these are the softest!! Will keep you guys posted on my other favorite jogger brands bc I have a few! Like if you like joggers!! 😁

122 12 Aug 19, 2018

🐭 ➡️ *Werbung wegen Markennennung

16138 147 Aug 19, 2018

Sunday uniform 🖤🖤 - - - This is definitely my go to look for those days when I have errands to run & I’m too lazy to put something together. And of course I have to get some Chick-fil-A for the road🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday and enjoying the beauty God has given us 🌞

438 61 Aug 19, 2018

Come grab your new ‘Sunday Pants’ today between 12-4.

66 10 Aug 19, 2018

You can tell it's the weekend because I'm working in flip flops.

59 5 Aug 12, 2018

Sunday uniform 🍊“Listen to your own voice, your own soul. Too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves.“

946 105 Aug 12, 2018

Jus a snippet of yesterday for Pastor appreciation service. You never know when God is going to use you! I wasn’t feeling good but decided to go to church anyway! Why? Because Praise is what I do! I get so excited singing for God and being in his presence I can’t explain it. I could pass out but my soul would still be singing 🤣 This was totally unexpected but I’m humbled and I am open to receive everything that God has in store for me! Abundance is now. Full joy the clip and have a wonderful blessed day! 👣

79 25 Aug 6, 2018

My goals and dreams won’t stop for anyone! You either support me or I make it alone. Either way blessings, abundance, and prosperity, they are mine and it’s going to happen regardless, Father I thank you. You do alll paaaaa 😌

130 9 Aug 5, 2018

Our first collection is coming soon... 🙌

91 12 Jul 31, 2018

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29 2 Nov 29, 2016

heath beauty publishing isshanning mori daymorningstout blossom setAffairCapri2017 depil setvillage May22ndDC risemiles lightisthebestfilter touchedskin beamlotus nydogs gaibesar daynornings shuneRally glassesfordays hatselfie lessindustry setselfie tuk nahwear dayuniform 7et shinesprinkles

16 1 Nov 28, 2016

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