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Feeling sexy is something no one should be able to take from you no matter the size. Unfortunately so many women feel the exact opposite when they’re in their underwear. I know I’ve dated guys who haven’t made me feel sexy or supported in my underwear. But what I’ve realized recently is that your bras and panties are SO personal. They’re on your body, they get closer than most people or things ever will LOL and they should be worn for YOU! I had an absolute blast shooting for , I felt the sexiest I ever have, standing strong with these other beautiful woman in our Calvin’s

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Sometimes I forget I used to be obsessed with benching allllll the time, then the talented takes super cool professional photos and I get slapped in the face with the fact that I indeed still have a baby tay chest and that’s never gonna change 😂🍈🍉 🧞‍♂️ . . . ful # liftIng

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Is there anything more uplifting and magical than a room full of people singing together to show thanks and gratitude? ❤️✨ Music really does have a way to touch so many hearts in a way that not much else can. Isabelle and I had the privilege to be a part of an incredibly special video put together by Ronald McDonald House Charities. Together with Choir!Choir!Choir! RMHC families, volunteers, and staff we made a beautiful video (released today!!) with an entire venue full of people singing “With a Little Help from my Friends” in harmony to say thank you to Canadians who’ve helped more than 25,000 families with sick children this year. You may not know it, but you’ve likely helped too by simply visiting a McDonald’s Restaurant this past year. Check out the amazing video in my bio to see the impact of your giving (or check out my stories – with some BTS of our night on there!) 🤗  

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A little holiday glam for ❄️ Photographer: . . . . . ❄️

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Is anyone even surprised that I have all of my holiday shopping done already? I got the best gifts for my family and friends over at ! I even picked up this oversized sweater and camera for myself.

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Can’t wait for finals to be over 🙄

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Now that the secret is out, it’s not everyday that a belly gets rubbed by a princess. I have used with all of my pregnancies and have loved how it helped with my stretching skin. This pregnancy I have been using it all over, not just on my belly as a heavy duty moisturizer and my skin has never looked or felt better! If you suffer from dry skin, you should try it! Use Code TWD20 on to get 20% off just in time for stocking stuffers. 2toebio

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Stretching out! 25 Degrees and snowing outside but visiting the tropics in my sun room thanks to my and !!

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Pure Vanilla Extract by takes this Bundt to a euphoric level. Grown on Heilala's family-owned farms in Tonga, their vanilla beans are made into a superior extract that imparts warmth and complexity to this and caramel-coated treat. It's the perfect finale to your feast! Visit the link in profile for this recipe and to enter Heilala's exclusive holiday ! baking

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Side story part 3 For the nerds’ Meme mix tape 12\11\2018 . . . . . ove ollow 4follow ike 4like 4f 4l ollow ashion vertising

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I'll admit, I love to indulge a bit during the holidays ('Tis the Season!). But it is always nice to have a healthy option for you and your guests that is not only easy to put together, but also tastes amazing! This Mediterranean dip appetizer is a delicious way to add veggies to your menu, and can be put together in no time with the help of  online Grocery Pickup! I used a base layer of Marketside roasted red pepper hummus, then added a layer of plain greek yogurt, and topped it off with: cucumbers, greek olives, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onions, pine nuts, feta cheese, and a sprinkle of fresh parsley, dill, and dried oregano for garnish!  Serve it with some little Naan dippers, and you are set for a fabulous healthy holiday dish that everyone will love! So, what do you think? Would you serve this at your next Holiday Party?

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. 만약에 20살때로 돌아간다면 그때부터 아이크림 발라야지...👀 . 요즘은 화이트닝보단 안티에이징에 더 관심이 가는것같아요. 워낙에 피부색은 본인개성이라고 생각하는타입이라 그치만 주름은 최대한 늦추고싶은맘..아세요...? . 랑콤아이크림이랑 요거 번갈아가면서 사용중인데 요제품이 조금 더 꾸덕한텍스쳐에요. 랑콤은 주름개선보단 다크써클에 포커스된제품이라 오늘따라 눈가가 여리여리해보인다? 싶을땐 요런타입이 더 어울리는듯해요🙏 . . . • 바닐라코 - 브이브이 바이탈라이징 아이크림 . . .

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Before you leave out for the day make a checklist of all things you want to accomplish. When you get back home you'll be able to check off what you did. Seeing it visually helps me, and having comfortable sneakers on makes it even easier to crush those goals. That's why I got me a pair of these Lugz Dot Com 2.0s from Get yourself a pair 🙌🏽🙌🏽 (Link in bio) • • • • •

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Side story part 2 For the nerds’ Meme mix tape 12\11\2018 . . . . . ove ollow 4follow ike 4like 4f 4l ollow ashion vertising

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갓놀러 by 6.25 전쟁의 흔적이 남아있는 포로수용소 사람이 없어서 약간 무섭다....😓 두번째 다음 미션 장소로 이동합니다

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오늘모닝식단❤️ 선생님 바빠서 식단챙겨먹을수 없어요 ㅠㅠ 라고 하시는 회원님들에게 고구마말랭이+구운계란 조합을 추천합니당😃👍🏼 . 일단 조리할필요가 없어 초 간편한 식단 이거둔용! . 무설탕 무방부제 무색소 해남꿀고구마100% 🍠 달달하고 쫀득해서 추천해요👍🏼❤️

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🎄🎅🏾SUPERIORITY BARBER STUDIO🎅🏾🎄 🚨WALK-INS WELCOMED🚨 📍1421 Lee Trevino suite D12 El Paso Texas 79936 If you don’t like waiting you can Book your 🚨appointment at 📆 info:☎️ 915-304-0123 or 617-704-8439 or find me on :

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시즌운동 돌입해서 강도 올렸더니 쓸때없이 발달하는 교근으로 인해.. 턱보똑스 맞으러 와써여 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 🙄🤣 요즘 블로그하느라 습관처럼 어디가면 다찍어오기 찍은김에 인스따도 ❣️

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Make sure you go follow for updates on the show, and please tune in tomorrow night at 8pm It’s The Weekly Finesse 🥂 Where it’s never a dull moment 🥳 marylandva sown sveryown studio ornothing show studio 1

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아침대용으로, 점심후 간식으로 간단하게 고구마 말랭이 냠냠하는데 ~ 이번엔 출출할때 이거구마를 먹어보았어요😀 땅끝마을 해남에서 자란 맛난 꿀고구마로 만든 고구마말랭이에요 😍 입에 넣는 순간 쫀득쫀득하고 고구마향이 풍겨오면서 어찌나 달달해지던지 ~🤭 손이가요 손이가~ 고구마말랭이에 손이가요~ 눈깜짝할사이에 다 먹어버렸어요😂 무설탕,무방부제, 무색소라서 안심하고 먹을수 있어서 아이들에게도 딱 좋을거 같더라구용 추운 겨울 고구마 말랭이와 함께해용😁😊 . . . . 구매는 요기로👉 . . . 스타그램 그램 반사 해요

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These days you can easily get everything you need for any skin treatment. I remember the first professional light therapy machine I bought when I was in high school. It was quite big and cost me over 300 USD. Now, Neutrogena produces light therapy spot threatment pens that cost almost nothing and can be carried with you everywhere. Yes, I love this century with everything it has to offer! Check out LightYourWay

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When Mom orders your favorite Christmas treats delivered from and you're drooling. Happy holidays, furiends! . . . dog ofinstagram ofinstagram animals love life tagram sofinstagram sofinstagram tagram sofinstagram

17 3 Dec 11, 2018

That’s a wrap. 2018 was a great season as I continue to learn more about the sport, and how to race. I had a few break through races and I’m still improving as i get older which is the ultimate goal. I learned how to deal with a season long injury but listened to those who told me to be smart and made progress as a result. I have been at this for a long time and manage to not give up and follow the process. I know i have more in me and the 2019 prospects are good. All the success is attributed to my wife and PT Dana Newman Dambrauskas, my coach Robert Flanigan, and my teammates Team Wattie Ink. These folks put up with me and my struggles and motivate me to keep pushing. I love this sport because of the discipline it teaches me, the friends i continue to make and the memories i store away. I still dig how hard it is to do this and get amped to go for it again next year with 2019 Wattie Ink. Elite Team. Thanks again to all my family and friends who support me in my endeavors and of course the sponsors who make it all possible 24 18bike #51speedshop

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‘For the nerds’ Meme mix tape 12\11\2018 . . . . . ove ollow 4follow ike 4like 4f 4l ollow ashion vertising

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👯‍♀️ 지난주 주말에 가피팅을 했었거든요~ 완전 충격적이었어요😱😱 뚱뚱이도 이런 뚱뚱이가 없었다는! 원래 통나무몸매라, 별로인건 알았지만 잘먹어서 그런지 살까지 쪄서 최악이네유😭😭 ▫️ 그래서 이번주부터 다시 시작!! 식단부터 운동까지 열심히 해볼까합니다~ 그러다 우연히 접했는데, 한끼 식사 대용으로도 괜찮은 것 같더라구요! 무엇보다 로 만든거라, 제입맛에는 딱이네요잉~ ❤ ▫️ 참, 전자렌지로 10초 데우면 부드러워서, 아이들이 먹기에도 조하요🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ ▫️ ▫️ 구매👉 . . . 간식

9 2 Dec 11, 2018

THE BEAUTY ROLLLER...💜 This beauty roller by has some pretty cool benefits; reduces headaches, contours and tones, reduces hangovers, lymphatic drainage, and More 😈 It can be used on neck, arms, legs, waist, and face! One tool for everything love it! 😍

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So like a burnt copy? ‘For the nerds’ Meme mix tape 12\11\2018 . . . . . ove ollow 4follow ike 4like 4f 4l ollow ashion vertising

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Companion sub Idabel with its powerful lights illuminating the #2018 below us as we pierce thru the H2S layer toward the bottom.

20 1 Dec 11, 2018

‘For the nerds’ Meme mix tape 12\11\2018 . . . . . ove ollow 4follow ike 4like 4f 4l ollow ashion vertising

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‪I’m super excited to share this little new kitchen gadget 🔪 I love ‬using the Bavarian Edge knife sharpener to help create my kids favorite holiday recipes, like pumpkin pie 🥧 Bavarian Edge™ is the innovative knife sharpener that works on all types of knife blades! In seconds, sharpen, hone, and polish your dull knife blades into razor-sharp cutting tools (watch my video) 🔪 I have a promo code that offers you 15% off a Bavarian Edge purchase on ‪‬: suzysvista15off 🔪 Visit for more holiday gift ideas 🎁 . . . gadgets design decor ware

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Your goals are important to us, and we work with you to create the perfect plan for you.

6 3 Dec 11, 2018

귀리곤약밥이라니👍👍 이거 만든 사람 상줘야겠어요☺️😉 귀리 씹히는 맛과 함께 고소해요^^ 아침에 전자렌지에 데어 먹었는데 온몸이 따뜻해지는 느낌💕 . . 귀리곤약밥 식단

35 2 Dec 11, 2018

I'm playing today on twitch! Come download and play with me! I'm so pumped to try it! How can you resist the cute waifus??? my download link! I'll also put it in my story!

244 2 Dec 11, 2018

with ・・・ Here’s to my everyday brown winter makeup tutorial!! I’m happy to be teaming up with to give you guys this beat 😉 —————————————— Everyday eyeshadow on eyed and also as a highlighter lipliner “night” matte lipstick “dark night Matte” lip gloss “baby brown” EDITOR: MUSIC: MY DARLING FT CHAMELEONE 2beauty ion sx 0x 1

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I love new things, don't you? - Like these new sunglasses from 💥 __________________ t-shirt: blazer: _______________ blogger foodie

47 3 Dec 11, 2018

kicks 👟 of the day in my LUGZ Dot Com 2.0 the Fall/Winter 2018 collection just dropped. Stepping out of my comfort zone (in style) a little. 🙂 you can shop these shoes & link in my bio

36 5 Dec 11, 2018

Jeans with soft cotton that stretch? Take my money. partner jeans men

10 0 Dec 11, 2018

Honest Post! Tonight was tough for me, I’ve been slacking at the gym and my body is responding.(aka I lost my butt and abs fast) I need to refocus! BEST way to get me motivated?! Cute new gym clothes! Shout out to for the amazing get up! 🖤 motivation DISCOUNT CODE 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

75 2 Dec 11, 2018

Tis’ the season! Come join us Legacy West this Thursday 12/13 from 5-8pm and make a mini wreath FREE with any $125 purchase! Plus get 20% off! Hurry in because they are only sponsoring the first 20 shoppers!

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________________________________ What’s on the car: ________________________________ Tags: gt gang life tock treetcar video car treetcar treetcar takeover driver ikeforlike 4l ponsored #1320 197

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Gone are the days of sacrificing fashion for harm. Story time (WARNING 🚫🚫🚫 may be too graphic for some) - I went to a cadaver lab about one year after already being vegan. At that time, I was only eating vegan and hadn’t really considered switching out my beauty products, clothing or accessories for vegan options because I went vegan for the health benefits. As I walked through the cadaver lab I saw bags in front of each body which contained the skin of the body in front of it. It looked exactly like leather, because that’s what leather is. That was the first time I ever saw leather purses/shoes/accessories in a different light. They were ugly to me now. It was the skin of a dead animal. That’s sad. It wasn’t worth it to me. I didn’t want to wear that. I went home that night and went through my entire closet. I got rid of anything that was made of an animal. My uggs, purses, belts... everything. Even though they were expensive, and cute. They were so unnecessary. I didn’t need a leather purse, or leather shoes. An animal didn’t need to die so that I could have those things. I started switching things out, and buying vegan options because it’s 2018 and there are vegan options for everything!!!!! Even Italian leather shoes, 👠 👞👢!!!Thankful for vegan options 🐰🌱. . . . leather fashion model girl company fashion shoes shoes purses

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Photo by (Michael Melford) // by // // Saint Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana. I found the perfect composition, and now I needed the perfect light. I returned here 6 mornings in a row at sunrise before I was blessed with a great light on the mountain peaks. This image ran on the cover of a special publication on national parks. // Summer is short and the adventures nature has to offer are endless—don’t miss out! Show us how you’re getting outside this summer by tagging for a chance to be featured on their feed. _____________________

46 2 Dec 11, 2018

일짝꿍이랑 같이 먹은 점심~! 도시락통에 반찬 담아오고, 밥은 간편하게 귀리곤약밥으로~ 🍚귀리가 많이 들어간 밥이라고해서 까끌까끌한 식감일까 싶었는데, 부드러운 식감에 귀리가 톡톡 씹히고 고소하다! 완전 내 스타일 ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ !! 대표님이 라방에서 김에 참치랑 같이 먹길래 나도 따라하기 ~~💕 맛없없✨👍🏻 . 귀리곤약밥

44 5 Dec 11, 2018

1 of 5 for the morning, sayva it really stepping up her game catching 3 one out today before the other dogs got to her. 🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗🐺🐺🐺 gram 700 s

14 2 Dec 11, 2018

Tuesday soooo once again, it's back to Leg for me! My knee continues to feel great, I will continue with my same pace because working!! . For Squats, I'll be sticking with the warm up but a slight change this week. I'll warm up with 225 x 10 & 315 x 5 before going into my working sets. Last week I increased weight by 10 lbs to 345, which is 30 lbs off my 1R max. I'll be keeping any increases to 10 lbs at a time going forward. I cut one set out this week due to the increase in weight. Video is of one set (last set) of 3 x 4 Squats. . Today's session is: . RDL's Squats Leg Press Standing Calf Raises Seated Calf Raises If you like my content, please like and follow!

12 2 Dec 11, 2018

Rub a dub dub a naughty toddler in the tub💦

120 4 Dec 11, 2018

Holiday Party Style, Black Shirt Edition w/ 📷 by . Feeling extremely devilish in one of the best feeling & fitting shirts I’ve ever worn. I decided to conquer my feature of black dress shirts to pull together an NYE style outfit that will help me bring in the new year on a sexier note. I’m wearing the Signature Twill Shirt in black. Click the link in my bio to shop gift shop and get holiday sharp too .

75 2 Dec 11, 2018

It’s just 2️⃣ weeks til Christmas and there’s still so much to do! Every parent is hoping to make their child’s Christmas wish come true! If you still aren’t sure exactly where to shop or what to buy- Stop by Toy Store and give their toys a try! Your kids can make their Christmas list while they walk around the store- and send their letters straight to Santa before you head out the door! 🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🎅🏻 🎄 🎅🏻 . 2018 dolls 2018 list #2018toys surprise 2018 sc tore

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Crazy about sequins this season✨

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People who don’t like dogs can’t be trusted🙅🏻‍♀️ . Just another day here at LAX with the sweetest pup: Truman the Irish wolfhound 🐕 😍 Comfiest sweater ever from 💪🏽 Link in bio🤤

121 5 Dec 11, 2018

x #1800seconds

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Each and every Tuesday we provide a platform for artists to showcase their music, network, and TAKE OFF to the next level! We are building a network of independent artists that truly SUPPORT each other 🤗 so happy to be apart of the process! ・・・ Urban Music Showcase | This Tuesday | | | . Starts 10pm 📍 ... DM • . - artist artist showcase tlantashowcase tlantamusic tlantamodel tlantamodel s 3cfestival 3c anta - . DM —-

21 1 Dec 11, 2018

Unwinding sometimes takes more than just a bath. So excited to have partnered with because their Blanco tequila is divine. Check out my story for how to mix this delish poloma cocktail! 2stay

42 6 Dec 11, 2018

Love the new jacket. sportstyle performance ®

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

Look at her go! This little walker of mine loves to chase anything and everything… from her mama to the dogs. So this little skating, spinning and dancing monkey was the perfect choice for Luna this Christmas. We found it among all of their new toys at walmart (available online and in stores now). So if you’re running out of gift ideas for your littles, go check out all the new toys at America’s Best Toy Shop in store or online at

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When you finally find some time to edit during finals week. That sunrise though. Go check out ’s video too! • • • #6500

28 6 Dec 11, 2018

Blog post on my Festive Holiday Brunch & Tree Lighting is up! 🎄Link in bio. With December in full swing it’s high time we got in the Christmas spirit in our beautiful town of Tiburon. It was the annual tree-lighting ceremony and all the kids were having the best time what with the little train that was taking them on rides, Santa’s sleigh pulled by two horses, and free homemade cookies from Tudor’s pre-school. Tudor brought his own special Sugar cookies and decorated them with white frosting stars with sprinkles with help from little Aura. (cute moment up until they decided to fight over the sprinkles which ended up covering literally everything in colourful sugary goodness…)

5 0 Dec 11, 2018

This time of year can feel really hectic and stressful, but it’s also sort of my favorite. Friends, family, and all the dogs combined with the new fresh snow makes for a beautiful and fun canvas to play outside in. Take up a new sport or hobby, spend your evenings around a fire, read a good book or watch a movie, and make memories while tree hunting with friends and What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?

127 9 Dec 11, 2018

Thinkin bout you 🥀

189 61 Dec 11, 2018

📚 (리뷰) “당신의 과거는 당신의 미래가 아니에요.” 낮은 자존감, 완벽주의, 죄책감, 우울감 때문에 자꾸만 스스로에게 무례해지는 당신에게, 어쩌면 그 생각이 틀렸을지 모른다는 이야기를 하는 책이예요. #19주차 stagram 스타그램

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When my favorite color fuses with my favorite phone! Introducing 9 in the most elegant and gracious Lavender. I can’t help to start doodling my flowers again! 🌸

206 3 Dec 7, 2018

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