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Besides the usual programming, here’s my list for Shark Week.🦈 Which ones do you like or not like and why? 2 3d night #47metersdown week s s obsessed page show guy life family fam fanatic junkie fan addict lovers movies movie

316 9 Jul 22, 2018

Third times the charm??

889 9 Aug 20, 2017

کوسه ها همیشه با قدرت و اعتماد به نفس به شکار میرن؛ رویاهاتو مثل یه کوسه شکار کن _نوین_من _مارکتینگ

193 5 Nov 8, 2017

Throwback to August 2009 when filmed National Geographic's "Shark Night". Diving with white sharks at night is no walk in the park!

1441 10 Apr 17, 2016

coming soon 10/2/2015

2893 33 Sep 23, 2015

to 2010 when I stunt doubled for on Shark Night 3D. That was my very first stunt job and I got to drive around a wakeboard boat every day.

375 17 Nov 16, 2017

Now for a Shark Week double feature!🌮🦈🦈 • • • • s Night Night 3D Week Week 2018 s Attack Movie Movie Movies

405 10 Jul 25, 2018

一枚だけ関係ないメグが混ざってるよ(^^) 好きな人と繋がりたい attack night 「the MEG」観た! サメ映画とゾンビ映画が三度の飯より好きな僕としてはやっと観れて嬉しかった(^^)。映画についての評価はあまり高くないようですが、サメ映画を論理的に考えるなんて野暮ヤボ!サメ映画にはスリルとサスペンス、アクション、恐怖、愛と勇気、そして男のロマンが詰まっているのだ!深く考えずに楽しめばいいじゃないですか!伝説の古代サメ、メガロドンが出てるだけで心が踊ろうというものです(^^)。ジェイソン・ステイサム兄貴も男臭くて最高だし、初見ですがリー・ビンビン姐さんも年齢を感じさせない美魔女ぶりです。ブルーレイが出たら、気の合う友達とツッコミながらワイワイ楽しく観たいですね。 サメ映画は評価3割り増し! ★★★★!

176 7 Sep 21, 2018

Loin d'être très bon, mais ça reste un film amusant 😊 Qu'en avez-vous pensé ? 🤗 lover fan atic fan cinema movie film collection collection horreur #3d night movie

45 4 Jan 22, 2019

Shitwow! 😂 I just can't get enough of this movie! 💖 🎬 . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

42 1 Jan 22, 2019

I'm dead! 😍🔫🔥💦 🎬 . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

59 2 Jan 21, 2019

In a shark kind of mood today. film movie life fan collection collector addict nerd

35 2 Jan 16, 2019


17 4 Jan 14, 2019


11 0 Jan 13, 2019

6 0 Jan 12, 2019

9 1 Jan 12, 2019

Starting of the new fishing year with a real shark night. Cool creatures up close. ing ing innorway night

98 1 Jan 5, 2019

We're having a shark movie marathon. Have a great weekend! . . . . .

68 0 Jan 5, 2019

Tnking of fitting my Shuber with a sat-nav that shows me where all the local KFC's are. Just for research purposes of course. 🍗🐔 - - - s sofig sofinstagram

1234 33 Jan 4, 2019


14 0 Dec 30, 2018

“My dimples are so deep they could hold the seven seas”- Kathryn

20 4 Dec 27, 2018

He is the best actor in the world! 😍💓💗 🎬 . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

63 1 Dec 27, 2018

Merry Christmas guys! 🎄 . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

108 2 Dec 25, 2018

He is my one and only! 😍💖🔥 🎬 👉 . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

71 2 Dec 23, 2018

I have watched this hundred times!Really love this movie 😂💗 Thank u for this masterpiece 🙏 (part 2) . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

26 0 Dec 21, 2018

I have watched this hundred times!Really love this movie 😂💗 Thank u for this masterpiece 🙏 (part 1) . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

36 1 Dec 21, 2018

New season!! 😱💃💃💃 . . . comedy upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

55 5 Dec 10, 2018

Shark night ...December 9 starting 4pm . Indian River Tourism Complex . Beach cleanup . Shark documentary . Participants who sign up for Discover Scuba with ar the event will only pay $150 ec per person (normally $200ec) . All ages welcome-entry is free. . . . . . . . .

39 0 Dec 8, 2018

Sara e seus amigos vão passar o fim de semana em sua casa do lago. Ao praticar wakeboard, um de seus amigos perde um braço, e logo eles descobrem que o acidente na verdade foi causado por um terrível tubarão. Agora, eles precisam fazer de tudo para sobreviver e retornar a civilização. O filmaço "Terror Na Água" começa às 22:30. Não perca!

712 11 Dec 7, 2018

Today’s haul, some of these look pretty bad but they we’re cheap and I’ll be honest i like cheesy horror movies. 2

96 1 Dec 5, 2018

Tagged by the lovely For my favorite “So bad they’re good” films. Here’s a stack of some of my faves 😆😆🖤🖤 Feel free to play along! Loved this tag 🎥🎥🎥 ed origins 1thru4 collection collector

176 18 Dec 2, 2018

SHARK NIGHT 🦈🚤 lover movie collector collection collection collector

95 2 Dec 1, 2018

14 3 Nov 29, 2018

DECEMBER 9, 2018 at indian river tourism complex in Portsmouth its ... SHARK NIGHT!! We will be screening a shark documentary, giving out discounts for scuba and snorkeling at and educating people of all ages why sharks are so awesome and why they are worth protecting. All ages welcome . beach cleanup starts at 4pm followed by the movie ! . There is no fee to come and enjoy but donations are appreciated (they will go towards our continued efforts towards education & underwater cleanups) . . night

29 3 Nov 24, 2018

Reposting from our getaway a couple months ago ♡ missed a couple pics. So crazy the amount of joy I feel when spending one-on-one time with my best friend, my husband. Our kid will know we're in love, that's for certain 🌕🖤 I'm blessed to have HIM, in this world where so many people are disappointing. He's a gem to be around ••••

39 1 Nov 24, 2018

Don’t mess with Batman shark! Lol. Funny art post by niverse s night ist er night

137 3 Nov 21, 2018

$5 each $3 shipping. Tcm steelbook does have wear on the case but discs are clean. More photos on request

23 1 Nov 18, 2018

And tonight, I sharked. TheHeraldAngelsSing Week Night Hour Minute Second

79 1 Nov 18, 2018

🤣🤣🤣 watching The Meg with Marlie Bob.... priceless reactions 🤣 . . . . .

9 0 Nov 16, 2018

still laugh so hard when i watch this scene 😂😍😍 Ted is and will always be my fav vet forever! 😍😘💦💦 . . . comedy upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

52 2 Nov 14, 2018

Sometimes you just want to switch off and watch a really bad shark movie.. 😂 night movies fan fanatic fiend movies collector addict collector

35 0 Nov 12, 2018

girl energydrink night makeup

38 0 Nov 11, 2018

“ OUT NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD “ ‼️ “You would’ve thought we was done “ If This Don’t Give You The Chills Then You Ain’t Shark Enough ... 🗣🦈🦈 H. O. T. S. 🔥 . . . . . 🦈t thelabel 🔥 ‼️

64 0 Nov 11, 2018

Our Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Demo Day was a huge success. BIG Numbers on investments from sharks into Duke companies to come! And everyone’s going home with new connections and a new friend from ! This photo from who pitched last night!

38 0 Nov 11, 2018

Nach einem beschäftigten Tag bei der Arbeit darf man sich was gönnen! . (Bitte beachten, dass der Hai genug Zeit braucht beim Trocknen) 😉🤭. . . .

68 9 Nov 10, 2018

25 1 Nov 9, 2018

Blåhaj is taking his bath 🛀 🦈! . . . bathing shark bomb

152 8 Nov 7, 2018

Here is everything I bought / got for the month of October. 10 Halloween themed guitar picks, the God Of War Collection on PS3, 5 new Cds, a laminated Spongebob horror card (from Walker Stalker), a Mayhem patch, a mint condition Chucky box (from Walker Stalker), an Evil Dead 2 item (from Walker Stalker), & 3 new Dvds. May not be posting another collection until December. But this is all for the month of October. 3Game

22 1 Nov 4, 2018

Let’s go sharks 🦈 #🦈

33 1 Nov 3, 2018

cozy autumn evening. 🍁 Me has whisky and trash movies, so let me get drunk in peace with the best company you can imagine - myself. . . . 6

44 0 Nov 3, 2018

Not looking so for the 4th annual ... I guess the 3 hour ride back didn't help lol anyways 2018 's for the box are & 1000corpses movies #🎥🎬

11 1 Oct 30, 2018

I love my shark movies. Even the cheesy ones. #47metersdown

25 4 Oct 30, 2018

My Love! 😍❤ . . . . upernatural pn pn family #90210 ff 4f fl 4l 4s fr 4r

91 4 Oct 26, 2018

Just got me these 3 today at Best Buy. Each were $9 not a bad deal 2

14 2 Oct 24, 2018

Another year, another night with my growing dude Jeter!! Such a stud at third base and he obviously knows the honey hole🍯💙

183 1 Oct 19, 2018

There’s no place like home...... having fun with my aunt.... But I can’t wait to get home!! • • P.s. I don’t trust that dog back there 🤔 • • • • • • •

27 5 Oct 18, 2018

🤩‼️4. Platz ‼️🤩beim internationalem Fotowettbewerb anlässlich Sharknight in Wien! 🇨🇭🇩🇪🇦🇹 „Shark with a view“ diving lover night project sareawesome photography 1

107 10 Oct 18, 2018

Day 289/365. had me all set tonight. He made dinner, and had my movie and record all picked out for me. One of my favorite things is shark movies. I don’t care how horribly awful they are, I love them. So Shark Night was a perfect pairing for the GOTTEM- Cool album..#365daysofvinyl addict collector collectionpost collection_feature community ettes everyday forever girl junkies cool movies addict #31daysofhorror

28 0 Oct 16, 2018

. . . Today's☁️☁️☁️ . Kicks:Nike dunk low pro SB 2nd shark nightshade . Socks:Nike . dunk skateboarding sb low lowprosb

9 0 Oct 15, 2018

When your doesn’t like the pup in the 506

52 1 Oct 15, 2018

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