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🌸 Я ничего не успеваю 🌸 Мои дорогие, я третьи сутки не захожу в инстаграмм. Я отвечу абсолютно всем! Сама лично! Ведь я так люблю когда мы общаемся и это бесценно когда от Вас большая обратная связь, ваша поддержка и любовь.💞 Ах и да, благо есть Муж, и да, наша страничка у нас на двоих уже 2 года, поэтому все про лайкано чтобы не терять статистику.👌🏼 Теперь расскажу, где я! Я вся на съемках. В ёлках и красивых девушках, да да 🕊 Поэтому максимально делаю всё, и обещаю себе каждый месяц -ну все этот месяц занят, не надо 7ую съёмку брать в этот день. НО и я беру и 7 и 8 в день, ведь я не могу отказать Вам. Вы ж мои сердечки! А особенно в предверии Нового Года.💞 Поэтому выжимайте из меня всё в декабре, и записываетесь на съёмки✨ А в январе я в строю уже 5 января и там уже 7 съёмок 🙈 6 января так же ну и . Нет нет, я не жалуюсь! Я благодарю вселенную за Вас. За то что нужна Вам.🕊 Ваша Ю.💞

868 32 Dec 11, 2018

Holy fuck!! Such a goddess dressed in my designs from head to toe! Hat, cape, harness, collar and waist belt . Photography Model . . . . . s fashion hat fashion gear

663 13 Dec 11, 2018

• Be Festive • ✨GIVEAWAY Μαζί με τη σας κάνουμε δώρο αυτό το τέλειο μαύρο κορμάκι που μπορεί να φορεθεί όλες τις ωρες! Εσυ αρκεί να ακολουθήσεις τα εξής βήματα: 1️⃣Tag έναν ή περισσότερους φίλους σου για να συμμετάσχουν και εκείνοι! 2️⃣Follow me & follow ! Ο διαγωνισμός λήγει το Σαββατο 15 Δεκεμβρίου και ο νικητής θα ανακοινωθεί σε ένα από τα stories μου! Καλή επιτυχία σε ολους!!! _giveaways

4663 463 Dec 11, 2018

I wake up everyday wanting to kiss your chubby cheeks 🐻 from our Christmas photoshoot session by for - in 24

1071 1 Dec 11, 2018

Hehehe... remember to tell my little brother... it's dinner time! He..., . . . graphy , graphy soul, ghaphyy , graphy lover, graphy art, graphy islife, graphy lovers, , booth, s, shoot, day, grapher, grap

268 29 Dec 11, 2018

⚽ Mulailah sesuatu dengan hati yang ikhlas agar hasilnya maksimal Met malem all Pemilik photo: ???? Yg tahu koment ya Nanti di tag • 👉Mαu PAID PROMOTE 👉ENDORSE 👉Beli αkun INSTAGRAM 👉Mαu jαdi pαrtner VIP? FAST RESPONSE viα line yα 🆔 line 👉 (pαke @ yα) Atαu klik link di bio☝ • Jαngαn lupα bersyukur 😇 Follow partner VIP ya: ⚽ murah gratis ment free murah olshop murah

515 13 Dec 11, 2018

I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams. _ _ 👣 Pc & edit 👉 _ _ family # family # blogger _pixl

856 100 Dec 11, 2018

be this fabulous!💕... For a chance to be featured tag your photo with 👉 👈 hair hair lanin shoot ness 🔊 We cannot see photos on private pages!

1205 12 Dec 11, 2018

photography graphy life style  shoot art  photography  

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

meanwhile somewhere in North Portland... ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ grateful member of: 💧usa_naturehippys 💧entropy_to_epitaphs 💧ethereal_moods 💧soulful_moments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _moments _fotografdiyari _edited _2 _gallery_of_magic _objektifdunyasi _nature _arts_of_nature

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

🐊 torial oftheday oftheday graphy shoot grapher oftheday

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

Sensuality is something that goes beyond simple beauty; it is the attitude with which you present yourself, it is the decisive walk, the attentive gaze, the sincere smile, it is the language of the body. The truth is that the first thing to do is to feel oneself. Yulia, 28yo, mom and wife. . italia 5dm3 roma grapher graphy

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

'Another Story' published in Photographer: Sara Brudkiewicz | Models: Eryn Tett | Hair stylist: Cayla Kim | MUA: Grace Yen model model

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

“Cuando al punto final de los finales, no le siguen dos puntos suspensivos...” - JS.- . .

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

Everything's gonna be alright...😘😘😘 . . good . .

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

さんから いただいたので😍 いただいたばかりの写真つかわせていただきます😍 そして久しぶりの更新!!笑笑 生きてます!! ホイールはTE37 王道なホイールですが あえてのあえて ユーロに履かせて リムツラではなく 被せてます!☺️ 賛否両論ですが満足しとります🤭 udi udi a4 4b8 udi quattro udi sline udi quattro udi life od irsuspension shoot _jp irliftperformance udi gram

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

to couple of years ago and till date my favourite piece of styling and creativity that I have achieved. The amalgamation of two extreme personalities and yet making it look like one was amazing!! Photographer: Styled by: 2nd in command for styling: . . . . . . . . . . . styling

1 1 Dec 11, 2018

Throwback to Lamplighter Festival in November

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

Anewrage new single Covet out Tomorrow! Are you curious? . . . . . rock

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

l u z ✨

0 1 Dec 11, 2018

We got to shoot some very exciting projects this year in great locations! Looking forward to even more adventures in 2019!!! ⠀🎉 * ⠀ * ⠀ * ⠀

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

I love doing business headshots. If you need a new portrait we can do that for you. DM if interested in New headshots. We service all of West Michigan. portraits mi to see more of my work and book.

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

🌅🌿🍃 . . . graphy grapher oftheday shoot photography gram good pic photo s oftheday

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

"The eye is the MIRROR of the SOUL" C L I N C E J O S E P H O T O G R A P H Y _photography _rahulravi___ prandan ishtam 😋

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

💎L I F E. S A V E R 💎 (and otherwise gem)

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

Always look up high when you set your goals. Don't lower yourself to the level of people who constantly push you down. P.c : . . . . . . . . . . . blogger ystyle ista love girl 4follow s youzindagi motivation

2 0 Dec 11, 2018

Barcellona giochii di luce # holiday 🌴 _inunoscatto # oftheday shoot s ftheday ofday wall art aday challenge tag_it shooting session day journalism everyday oftoday collage byme bombed e

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

просто красивый профиль Даши вам в ленту

1 1 Dec 11, 2018

with ・・・ Here is our new edition f star and style magazine ❤️ Christmas special 🎄 Fashion coupe 💃 Clint: Magazine: &style Actress/model: Photography: Costume&styling: Hair&makeup: Assist camera: Art : mclothies # er designer designer design design ed dress #

3 0 Dec 11, 2018

На фото .Спасибо большое за проведение съемки

3 0 Dec 11, 2018

Little Angel in her Puberty Ceremony 🌹 Thanks for the opportunity : Contact us for more info 😇 • • •

0 0 Dec 11, 2018

for booking or more information just call us on : 01118120806 dress _to_remember hairstyle

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

OOTD... ▪ ▪ ▪ graphy shoot grapher graph oftheday gram good pic photo moment tureoftheday ture forlikes forfollow 4likes

8 0 Dec 11, 2018

. Blue over Black.. Model: Mua: Studio: . . 3x ad200 . . _society _planet photography mood _mf _shots ure s_ig _perfection

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

Smile 😁😁😀 . . . hpost h t f photography hoot photography ypiercing forfollowback me 4likes graam _is_beautiful

5 0 Dec 11, 2018

I bet these memories follow you around

2 1 Dec 11, 2018

🍃✳🍃 lover trip s lover s _captures s _captures s ide _lovers ofinstagram day _escape s ful s power magic

5 0 Dec 11, 2018

Get YOU a ME. I'm LIT 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 squad

1 0 Dec 11, 2018

Cosaaa?? Sta arrivando il natale Work for

1 1 Dec 11, 2018

I love doing business headshots. If you need a new portrait we can do that for you. DM if interested in New headshots. We service all of West Michigan. portraits mi to see more of my work and book.

3 0 Dec 11, 2018

⠀ Ensaio Coletivo - Beleza Negra 2ª Edição ⠀⠀ Organização: ⠀⠀ Modelo: ⠀⠀ Makeup: ⠀⠀ Produção: ⠀⠀ Mais fotos na minha galeria do Flickr (link na bio) 😁✌🏻📸

0 1 Dec 11, 2018

Fake smoke real lies⚤

2 1 Dec 11, 2018

Ph: Mua:

6 1 Dec 11, 2018


50 2 Dec 11, 2018

☕️ toliveby aboutlife daily good photos ollow ollow me 4f shoot graphy

76 0 Dec 11, 2018

🚨 NEW SONG premieres tomorrow on ! 🔥

80 1 Dec 10, 2018

via Twitter. CAN'T WAIT! 🎵

67 3 Dec 10, 2018

4likes 4love 4follow 4like ers ing s grapher graph s hoot graphy gram _shots grid s ofday oftheday

105 2 Dec 10, 2018

Xchurch gainsborough hoots hoot s

0 0 Dec 9, 2018

Shooting day📷

1 0 Dec 7, 2018

Garis tawanya  Waktu berhenti apabila ku memandangnya  Mengagumkan aku Melihat tatap matanya (Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi : Noah) " " " s shoot graphy grapher oftheday model grafia grafer s tures oftheday ture tureoftheday

826 14 Nov 3, 2018

Kulepas semua yang kuinginkan Tak akan ku ulangi Maafkan jika kau ku sayangi Dan bila ku menanti Pernahkah engkau coba mengerti Lihatlah ku disini Mungkinkah jika aku bermimpi Salahkah tuk menanti (Yang Terdalam : Noah) " " " s shoot graphy grapher oftheday model grafia grafer s tures oftheday ture tureoftheday

727 9 Nov 3, 2018

Gak bisa hidup tanpa dia Eh siapa bilang wo woles aja Boleh galau boleh sih sayang Tapi jangan lebay hidup masih panjang (Cewe kece : Young Lex) . Object : " " " s shoot graphy grapher oftheday model grafia grafer s tures oftheday ture tureoftheday

582 12 Oct 26, 2018

"The dwarf will not be bigger, even if he stands upstairs." „Trpaslík nebude větší, i kdyby se na horu postavil.“ graphy shoot grapher oftheday ling forlikes forfollow 4likes forfollowback 4followback alquotes quotes ist s sy oftheday

1273 64 Oct 10, 2018

~ Not how long, but how well have you gone through your life ? ...

545 47 Oct 8, 2018

~ Love can only be found if it has been first discovered in yourself ...

384 19 Oct 5, 2018

Italiano 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 . . . . . . 20pro hotography mood hotooftheday photos p 20pro views city pic good hoto hotographer hotoshoot icture ic gram art go mood

59 0 Nov 9, 2017

Camera 📷 + sunrise ☀= the green changes to the black ... Taken by rise travel lovers photo photography grapher ture oftheday shoot oftheday _pics _perfection

8 1 Dec 8, 2016

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