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¿Sabías que el está de vuelta y llegó con más fuerza que nunca? 🤩💛 Estamos enamoradas de nuestra nueva colección •Ref: Leotanning• Haz tu pedido a nuestro whatsapp +57 (316) 434-6443 para envíos a todo Colombia 🇨🇴 o visita nuestra boutique en Medellín Calle 10 B # 35-8 Ed. Santa Coloma local 2 - El Poblado

532 6 Dec 9, 2018

🇺🇸 I want to make memories all over the world with you. 💑🌏🌷 • 🇲🇨 Aku ingin membuat kenangan di seluruh dunia bersamamu. 💑🌎🌷 • • • 🇲🇨 island life life club canggu nesewoman world designer

742 0 Dec 9, 2018

The most picturesque beach in England?🌊 Who loves the ocean?✨ _ Follow 👉 Follow 👉 Follow 👉 _ 📸 lovers life gram tocreate destinations

2419 13 Dec 9, 2018

Summer is coming up real soon... 🌞🇦🇺

807 26 Dec 9, 2018

Nothing is more relaxing than wake up in the morning like this. With all the nature here it this place would be a mood booster for you isn’t it?🌴🌤💕 Photo by eyesofanomad Loc. Camaya Bali ➖➖➖➖➖ Explore Bali and Beyond [email protected]: WHATSAPP (TEXT ONLY): 📩 more info: hi.balicili 🌐 for information updates about Bali & Beyond🌴🌊 NOTE : KEEP BALI CLEAN👍 ➖➖➖➖➖ . . . . . cili island trip life indonesia

1424 13 Dec 9, 2018

Discover an amazing cultural experience while you are in Bali! 💫 . K e c a k F i r e D a n c e a t U l u w a t u T e m p l e . . Photo by Photo location : Uluwatu Temple, Jl Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta, Bali . . Besides known as its wonderful view of sunset, Uluwatu Temple is also famous with its iconic Traditional Kecak Dance. This dance dominant use of human vocals in place of gamelan instruments to accompany the dance-drama at its core. You can watch this art performance in evening time and is charged IDR 100,000 per person. Your visit to the Island won’t be complete without seeing this show! . . Have you seen a Kecak Dance in Uluwatu before? If you do, let us know what you think in comments below! Hashtag your photos with

1420 10 Dec 9, 2018

“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.” Photo credits:

4033 30 Dec 9, 2018

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing beautiful Maldives photos? Ok good, neither are we ✌️

1720 23 Dec 9, 2018

Autumn warmth esemapletrees

0 0 Dec 10, 2018

Marseille • La Côte Bleue a eu mon coeur et m'a enfin fait poser mes valises !!!

2 1 Dec 10, 2018

Sea views and relaxation, what more could you want? 🇰🇭 hopping ling lingasia 🌴

6 0 Dec 10, 2018

Il Lago di riprende vita ricostruendolo dalle ferite Buona settimana a tutti (Foto ) lake ski

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

Lost into the warm glow of the setting Sun 🍹

7 0 Dec 10, 2018

The bird sanctuary in the heart of Kuala lumpur is literally what the garden of Eden must have looked like!! .. .. .. .. .. .. s photo photography trulyasia anctuary ofeden

6 0 Dec 10, 2018

A kiss start the day in , perfectly. Warm jacuzzi, sun rising, coffee served ( I just lover the staff, thank you 🙏🏼)& just !

2 0 Dec 10, 2018

My kind of feng shui 🤘🏻

12 2 Dec 10, 2018

Paradise, California, 9 December 2018. There’s a small army of crisis responders working in and around Paradise. The work looks physically exhausting and mentally challenging. I’m in a hotel in Red Bluff - the hotels in this area are filled with people who lost their homes to the fire. I don’t know the story behind this stocking hanging over the chimney, but it was strange to see the juxtaposition of things destroyed and things unharmed. .

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

🦎☀️⭐💋 life lover lovers photography photography _animals photo photography _nature animals _captures

8 0 Dec 10, 2018

Paradise • •

2 0 Dec 10, 2018

Seemingly all alone in an impossible turquoise lagoon. Photo by

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

Fishing isn't just a's a lifestyle😎 . . guide life fish life package organizer planner guide organizer bali balimurah trip

8 1 Dec 10, 2018


5 0 Dec 10, 2018

Matte Painting for my Digital Illustration class!

8 0 Dec 10, 2018

reminding us of this beautiful place, not so far away...😍🌊⛱️ 

10 1 Dec 10, 2018

Seburuk apapun kamu di masalalu itu tidak penting , yang terpenting adalah siapa dirimu hari ini , dan apa yang kamu jalani saat ini. 🚌 HR 20 "Paradise" 🔧 HINO RN 285 🚩 Term Poris Plawad Tanggerang 20

5 0 Dec 10, 2018

📷 by 0: Dreams Don”t Turn to Dust. - Cutting away the brakes, to break away from safety lines of demarcation and thought, in order to order up a new sound, quietly falling from the stars . . . Lighting up through darkness, rising underneath; with no one beyond everything, surely we embraced this occurrence before the time recorded our beat; ticking where the notes and rhythms synchronize, and chaos rescinds it’s speech; for over the rainbow becomes near now, as children engage the game of seek. No throne or dictation, without needs met; as nature nurtured up a system to exhibit purposes unfolding throughout times . . . catching dreams to share them, secretly knitting together a beautiful symphony of we. Can’t think about what I hadn’t experienced by observation, study, and conversation reaching beyond my inner being. Only producing the life, which I’ve been afforded . . . knowing of a certain that my journey is still beginning, forever exchanging my breath for visions of eternity come free; I’m only still here because the Invisible continually decides to preserve my spirit, hidden beneath text and free speech; even if no one can here me mumble the essence of what makes me . . . me. - oxiegoeimi be 11.1 🦁🏳🔐💙 remember to always 🌲 🔥 🕊 ⚜️ ☔️ 🌸 🌊 🌈 💝 ✂️🕚🎶 together 💜🌠🌅🌟

6 0 Dec 10, 2018

Beautiful Paradise Fidschi🌴☀️🌊💦 _______________________________________________________ hopping ☀️🇫🇯🌎

4 0 Dec 10, 2018

We arrived overnight, the next morning when I went up on deck this sight greeted me. 8

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

Дети любовь навеки♥️ Считаю, что душа ребёнка выбирает в какой семье родиться. Не в какой будет богаче или домик у моря😂 В той, где душа пройдёт свой путь, обретёт определённый опыт, чтобы выполнить своё предназначение. Глубокая тема, не буду много писать, ещё решите что я с приветом 😅 хотя кто в наше время без него) Интересно, я одна так думаю? 🤔😁 нск новосибирск нск

6 0 Dec 10, 2018

Shattered Paradise. er lovers artist work ion s s cape ist s art

7 1 Dec 10, 2018

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

He isn’t that photogenic but do you have to be when your this handsome! Btw Brixx had a date the other day, hopefully she takes

3 0 Dec 10, 2018

White’s Beach! 😎 What an awesome little beach. Had a whole cove of it all to ourselves! ☀️🌊

1 0 Dec 10, 2018

0 1 Dec 10, 2018

Ex Kitchen VS. New Galley Unnecessary single use appliances and cookware VS. The challenges of small spaces. I much prefer cooking in the galley! life boat ing ing blogger gram

14 1 Dec 10, 2018

Winter is here!

3 0 Dec 10, 2018

3 0 Dec 10, 2018

3 1 Dec 10, 2018

So much colour and life at the glass fish bommie just off Bounty wreck! Shot with 100iv housing H100 WWL

8 1 Dec 10, 2018

A little dip in a dream pool💧 •

0 0 Dec 10, 2018

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." –Norman Vincent Peale . . . You

11 1 Dec 10, 2018

1 1 Dec 10, 2018

On n'est pas bien là? 😎🌴🌞

4 0 Dec 10, 2018

acquainted with my jollities 🌊

15 1 Dec 10, 2018

🌟 FOR SALE 🌟 256 The Lakes Way, Tuncurry berry tuncurry australia

5 1 Dec 10, 2018

As a vegan: If you can find vegan crepes (very hard to come by) at a cafe, you go... Even if that means you have to drive to Portland at 10 am 😬

0 0 Dec 10, 2018

We can can make it better 🗝🖤

6 1 Dec 10, 2018

A great experience for when you are in Zanzibar is to visit the fishing village of Maruhubi, Here the locals enjoy a traditional way of life, with the men crafting fishing boats by hand. They typically take about six months to construct, with between one and four people working on each boat using hand-driven drills, chisels and rustic mallets. They’re usually made from mango or mahogany wood, of which there’s an abundance in Zanzibar ⛵️

1 1 Dec 10, 2018

Air Terjun Coban Rondo Jl. Coban Rondo, Desa Pandesari, Pujon, Batu, Malang, Jawa timur Air terjun tempat Dewi Anjarwati menunggu suaminya diberi nama Coban Rondo yang artinya "air terjun janda" . . fl ff fl 💛 4f 4l 4r ike4like ollowme s

737 45 Dec 9, 2018

The Quarry at La Quinta, CA 🇺🇸 via: 📸

3 1 Dec 9, 2018

Moody af. 🍕

57 3 Dec 9, 2018

Remnants of the infamous make for amazing pictures 🏝

69 1 Dec 9, 2018

Miss the summer in paradise ☀️ . . . . . . . time iangirl ian paradise girl vibes oftheday

132 3 Dec 9, 2018

. Solo Trip to Rajasthan 😎😍 . Arguably travelling SOLO🚴🏻 is the best decision I made for Rajasthan🏜 trip, apart from choosing Rajasthan🕌 as the destination for the this 13 days long trip. Rajasthan is also known as the land of the Royals in India. . The best part of travelling in Rajasthan was undoubtedly exploring unseen places🏰 and meeting new people👻, from different continents🌎, countries🗺, states having different experience while traveling🚴. . The worst part of SOLO trip has got to be that there's nobody who can dedicatedly click📸 your pictures 😒, but this experience also let you make conversations with strangers👥 and let their photography skills amaze you 😁😋. . 3 days I spent in Udaipur was just amazing experience of its culture & ethnicity. It is another Rajasthan city that is just dripping in royalty, but with an equal mixture of local/tourist marketplaces as well. Since Udaipur is known as the “Lake City”. The main attraction is the massive Lake Pichola, which can be seen by boat, by land (from the City Palace), or even from the top of a mountain that you can take a gondola up to. The main attractions in Udaipur that can be covered in 3 days . 1) Lake Pichola 2) City Palace 3) Taj Lake Palace 4) Jag Mandir 5) Ambrai Ghat 6) Gangaur Ghat 7) Monsoon Palace/ Sajjangarh 8) Saheliyon Ki Bari 9) Bagore Ki Haveli 10) Shilpgram 11) Fateh Sagar Lake 12) Jagdish Mandir 13) HathiPol Bazar 14) Gardens (Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi) 15) Ahar Village/Museum 16) Various Rooftop Restaurants ( Believe me they have alot of them around Lake Pichola) . . . . . . . toke

158 19 Dec 8, 2018

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