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Thank you for writing a fantastic article on our instructor Skyler Weber, and promoting the DP Wave Baseball Organization! ByDiversity

39 0 Oct 7, 2018

Change is scary, but change is good! piercing

26 3 Mar 26, 2018

great words.. turn the page 💛↗️ repost from 💫

13 0 Nov 13, 2018

Enjoy working is charming ✨

46 0 Jul 19, 2018

Constructors x

32 1 Jul 19, 2018

Life offers us challenges to keep moving forward. madrid

67 0 Mar 6, 2018

great words.. turn the page 💛↗️ repost from 💫

13 0 Nov 13, 2018

Thank you for writing a fantastic article on our instructor Skyler Weber, and promoting the DP Wave Baseball Organization! ByDiversity

39 0 Oct 7, 2018

this is a pose that makes me feel the most connected to my practice. i can always find comfort on my mat. no judgement zone, calming place. i’m so glad i finally took this seriously and developed a habit to practice every day, even if it is just some sun salutations. it all counts. • • • everydamnday

12 1 Sep 30, 2018

We know we are becoming a person we doesn't want to be become, never ever. Still we think we are doing good or right. When we don't want to become what we are right now then how can our deeds be right. s oftheday s quotes   s forlife  0

46 2 Sep 2, 2018

Constructors x

32 1 Jul 19, 2018

Enjoy working is charming ✨

46 0 Jul 19, 2018

explores the transformation of buildings through techniques of collage and drawing

71 0 May 17, 2018

A magical March moon

8 0 Mar 30, 2018

Change is scary, but change is good! piercing

26 3 Mar 26, 2018

Good Morning. Give the journey of life the most vibrant dance of life. We are becoming what we manifest in our soul... 😊😉😊😉

10 0 Mar 25, 2018

Life offers us challenges to keep moving forward. madrid

67 0 Mar 6, 2018

🌸"In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.  Speech is born out of longing,  True description from the real taste.  The one who tastes, knows;  the one who explains, lies.  How can you describe the true form of Something  In whose presence you are blotted out?  And in whose being you still exist?  And who lives as a sign for your journey?" . by Rabia Al Basri . .

100 7 Mar 3, 2018

We all are becoming the ones we dreamt to never be like that. The parameters of today's are more profound than earlier for defining the goods and the bads. Today, for us everything seems to be right if it is done by us and everything is wrong if it is done by the other. quote   forlife  0

44 0 Feb 23, 2018

E Natale sia🎄🤩🥂🎅🏽🤶🏻!!!!! italia

34 3 Dec 6, 2017

Just a basic bitch in in her wild ass ways 🎲♣

22 1 Nov 28, 2017

So for those who didnt know... Im moving to Flordia on the 22 of this month with my amazing boyfriend.

11 1 Nov 13, 2017


81 2 Oct 25, 2017

New goals... calisthenics, functional work, pr's, and little cardio since we both plateaued on the "bulk" we had going on. 6 41

14 6 Oct 17, 2017

_A_Morphosis Photo cred:

73 2 Oct 15, 2017

_A_Morphosis Photo cred:

64 1 Oct 15, 2017

5 days to go! Catch me at _A_Morphosis

67 1 Oct 9, 2017

This picture makes me so happy. September makes me happier! Let the leaves change and fall to the ground. See ya Summer, I'm ready to move on! . . . . . bigger 40 lifestyle 🦋🍁🍂

16 0 Sep 1, 2017

most days, living in integrity with my values feels like a constant existential crisis. bridging worlds and lifestyle paradigms is a dance i don't always enjoy. sacrificing ideals for realities that don't fit. trying to twist and bend and flex and go with the flow and be easy breezy for everybody else. because i believe that's what they need from me. i alternate between seeking escapes in addictive pursuits, and hiding away to keep my introvert safe from all that beckons my extroverted attention, needing to nurture the self i'm becoming despite the temptation to get stuck in the muck of selves and stories i've outgrown and left behind. it's a painful tearing of sorts, the lizardess shedding her skin. a root-chakra discomfort in my essence, a heat in my soul that won't leave me be. and in that duress, it's the all-knowing wisdom of the wizardess oracle in my conscience who reminds me, this isn't who i was born to be. because she knows best when I sacrifice the values I hold close, when I cease to be the truest version of me. so if today i can be nothing more than who i choose to be, at least i can face myself in the mirror, content in my own integrity.

105 10 Apr 23, 2017

Love this quote! #2017 👏🏻😁✨

11 1 Dec 30, 2016

Today I celebrate my last birthday with only my Love. 👫💏 Next Time we'll be 3 👪😁💕 style

67 6 Aug 11, 2016

The farms sky was absolutely breathtaking last night, takes my mind off what's happening to this beautiful world...

54 5 Jul 16, 2016


40 0 May 26, 2016

Okay guys I'm starting my new job on June 1st so here's all the info you need :) I do men's and women's hair also hair color book apts in advanced and walkins are welcome

12 4 May 16, 2016

in awe of the beauty.

49 1 Mar 5, 2016

midnight secret message cards. hotel room. french fries. being with my jenny. all the laughs.

57 1 Mar 4, 2016

5th ave graffiti with a splash of boyfriend.

26 0 Mar 1, 2016

she sent me a mug matching hers so we could feel like we were together. and she sent an acupuncture bracelet for the plane. i am packing both in my carrying on right now. she is beyond.

49 2 Feb 23, 2016

10 inches donated. boom.

55 5 Feb 23, 2016

the after.

52 8 Feb 23, 2016

the before...

19 0 Feb 23, 2016

first cup of coffee at noon today. last night was a crazy allergic reaction to something we are unsure of. it came on fast and was scary and i am so grateful for benadryl and the man who is prepared for anything. last night as we were both scared and not sure what was happening he said "baby. everything in my life is better now because of you." those words kept me focused and safe. i knew he would keep me safe.

41 5 Feb 19, 2016

instagram was my breath of air during a crazy busy day. busy is not my norm. i like white space. but today, inspired actions like whoa.

33 0 Feb 18, 2016

we had a party for one of our little loves. the kids stayed up late into the night decorating. they are so in love with magical moments.

48 0 Feb 8, 2016

i was thinking about who i was before. i found this photo on my camera roll from over a year ago. i had just moved out of the house and begun my separation days before i shot this series. and the photos were a life line. because they proved i was still there. i could see me inside of the changes.

66 4 Feb 7, 2016

i am surrounded by change; water is frozen and powdered and none running inside the until spring. we talked last night about all we are inside of and wanting. i fell asleep in front of the fire. woke up to a winter wonderland. so much change. water. thirst.

40 0 Feb 5, 2016

"so, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. one at a time. just let your pile of good things grow." {Rainbow Rowell}

72 8 Feb 3, 2016

Happy new year.

5 1 Jan 1, 2016

I was rejected to skydive 3 years ago because I was "over" the required weight to jump, max was 220lbs and I was 245lbs, ever since I've hit 200lbs I've skydived 3 times and overcame my fear of heights, now all I wanna do is cliffjump which I've done already, bungee jump, get certified to wear a squirrel suit omg so much fun shit!!!!! Adrenaline junkie

13 2 Jul 26, 2015

26 0 May 2, 2014

Bam. Boom. Pow!! Happy day today (:

20 0 Jan 8, 2013

New partners the tatted up couple.

20 0 May 29, 2012

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