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What unique ice cream this is - red bean core surrounded by delicious matcha ice cream, dipped in matcha chocolate and crusted with little pieces of shortbread! . Not something we've ever tried before but this looks amazing 👌❤️ . Have you ever tried anything like this? Tell us about it! . 📸 Reposted from

2004 26 Jan 20, 2019

It makes sense that in Kyoto, the home of the highest quality matcha, that the matcha products you find are extra amazing! . Cuteness overload, look at the character on the wafer 😍 . And how green is the matcha soft serve? We'll take 10, please! . 📸 Reposted from 📍: NISHIKI MARKET 🇯🇵

3353 31 Jan 14, 2019

🤗 combo anyone? - 😱 Did you know that matcha was originally bought over from China to Japan around the end of the 12th century. However at that time, matcha was only prepared by roasting tea leaves. It was not until the invention of the shade-grown cultivation method that matcha was refined to have a richer taste. (📸:) - Matcha Fuel Fuel

2128 24 Jan 16, 2019

Check out this delicious Matcha Mille Crepe Cake that's made by in Brisbane! - We offer a wide range of bulk matchas for wholesale prices, simply head to our website and contact us for more information! - Check our website for more - follow the link on the main page by clicking here 👉 - Matcha Me - tea greentea latte lover latte ie ie

3297 31 Jan 16, 2019

😍🍵 TAG your matcha besties who would love this mouthwatering ! 🍰 Doesn't this dessert by look ?!? 💚 The silky smooth, milky texture of the cheesecake combined with the earthy flavour of matcha 🍃, makes a perfect combination in this afternoon matcha dessert! 🙏 . If you’d like to give it a try and prepare this drool-worthy matcha dessert at home, here’s the recipe: . Ingredients . 60g Pancake mix ⠀ 200g Cream cheese 40g Granulated sugar⠀ 150ml Fresh cream ⠀ 2 Eggs 20g Midori™ Culinary Matcha⠀ Butter Icing sugar . Directions . 1. Combine melted butter with 2 egg yolks and cream cheese in a bowl. 2. Sprinkle the pancake mix and Midori™ Culinary Matcha. Mix with an electric whisk until uniform. 3. Add fresh cream little by little and mix. ⠀ 4. In a separate bowl combine egg whites from 2 eggs and granulated sugar to make a meringue. 5. Mix the meringue with the rest of the ingredients until uniform. 6. Cook with an electric cooker for 1 hour. 7. Sprinkle icing sugar on top and it’s ready to serve! . For premium-quality culinary matcha, please check out our Midori™ matcha 🍵 a perfect matcha grade for use in any premium matcha dessert recipes. . 👉Click the link in our bio to find out more . Matchæologist® eologist

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Something about watching matcha and milk mix together is mesmerizing dont you think? . Check out this amazing video showing you how to make a matcha latte the artistic way! . Tag a friend who loves matcha! 🍵 . 📸 Reposted from

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We love the way milk and matcha swirl together to create magical patterns! It really is a matcha made in heaven 🍵❤️ . 📸 Reposted from

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Uji matcha brown sugar pearl milk tea!🍵 Delicious photo by 💚 Tag a friend below who needs to shout you one! - We offer a wide range of bulk matchas for wholesale prices, simply head to our website and contact us for more information! - Check our website for more - follow the link on the main page by clicking here 👉 - Matcha Me - tea greentea latte lover latte ie ie

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🍵Just think of all the things you could do with a Matcha Tea Set! Tag a friend who needs to shout you one of our Matcha Tea Sets 💚 Photo courtesy of - Get 10% off your first order of matcha on our website when you use code SAVE10! Free Shipping on all orders >$20.🎁 - Check our website for more - follow the link on the main page by clicking here 👉 - Matcha Me - tea greentea latte lover latte ie ie

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Zielona, pobudzająca, lekko gazowana nowość w naszym sklepie internetowym- 🍵doskonała na dobry początek dnia! ————————————————— naturalne naturalne pl matcha holic lover smakuje

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รสดีมาก หวานน้อย กินกับ matcha cream foam

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Thank you for making my afternoon yesterday feel much better . These ‘matcha lover’ pancakes were amazing and so fluffy! ☁️❤️💚🥞 - 📷karmansan London Pancakes Goals Lover Lover Goals ie Photography Post Shot Heaven Adventures #🥞

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What a lovely matcha latte yet the taste is a bit disappointing😩 . . . . . latte holic addict lover _matcha

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It's an apple & pears kinda morning! 🍎🍐 This tasty blend is a juicy, fruity matcha made in heaven & you've gotta try it! 😍 It'll give you a boost of caffeine & antioxidants without tasting super green and healthy! So, if you don't like that 'green' matcha taste, this blend is for you! 😁 . Click the link in our bio and search 'apple & pears matcha' to get yourself a tin of this matcha or pick up our Fruity Matcha Collection to try a sample size of it! 👌 . 📷 by 💞

23 1 Jan 22, 2019

Healing teas. Morning matcha and interesting reads. Will I manage to beat this cold? everything lover lover addict addict holic holic

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These crackers are Japanese inspired with these flavors like matcha and cream flavors are very good. lover

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Probably the best gelato in town! 🍨🍵 . . . . barbucharest icecream lover greentea holic cumatcha cumatcha sweets desserts bar frumos optimist _bucharest _love_romania

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_ Always amazed by this perfect balance of sweet and bitter 🍵

27 1 Jan 22, 2019

We’re happy to announce that you’ll always find the best Matcha gelato in town at our place! 🍨🌱 . . . . . . . barbucharest latte tea lover greentea holic recipes cumatcha sweets desserts bar frumos optimist _bucharest _love_romania

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มัทฉะลาเต้เย็น🍵 ขอบคุณผู้ใหญ่ใจดีคนเดิม🙏 greentea lover

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Every woman needs a little hidden place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea during very busy day ☕️🍵💫 style

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* Matcha swiss roll (White chocolate cream & Matcha cheese cream)* · · ツートンカラーのクリームを巻き込んだ抹茶ロールケーキ、別pic。 生地にも抹茶をたっぷり配合しましたが、食べてみると見た目ほどほろ苦さは強調されず、ホワイトチョコクリームとちょうどよいバランスで美味しかったです。 Wクリームのコツ等についてはしばらくお待ちください。次作ったとき何とか工程写真を撮って紹介できれば…と思っています。 · · · · · · スイーツ _Japan ersjp oodlover eedfeed r 52grams

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ชาเขียวถั่วแดงเป็นของคู่กันดั่งเช่นน้ำหวานกับขนม 🍵🍰 . . . . . . ปั่น ถั่วแดง มัทฉะ frappe frappe time this lover

16 0 Jan 22, 2019

Le passage incontournable à Paris : et leur chai latte de folie (tout comme leur matcha) _inparis __ __ paris ienne latte lover shop

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30 2 Jan 22, 2019


26 1 Jan 22, 2019

Hey there 🙆‍♀️ showing up my face or at least part of it. Even though I do classify myself as an extroverted introvert, thought it’s about time when I got 100 followers to celebrate with showing my face! I might even have to binge watch the entire Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to make sure that everything on this feed and on my site ( sparks joy ✨ ⠀⠀ Btw, though the writing on the wall says "Good Coffee Inspires You" I’m actually drinking a cuppa of the matcha latte 🍵, which really brings up my muse and my mood on any days. ⠀⠀ 💁‍♀️ The WHAT and WHY of Flavour Journey. ⠀⠀ 📷 To showcase local food from where I’m living, the occasional home made food experiment and other great eats. I’m all about sussing out where good local food exists or restaurants that produce quality food. It might be that little food stall that has been around for over a decade to that new zero-waste food restaurant. How does that sound? ⠀⠀ 💭 In the meantime while I am tossing and turning in my head with ideas or things that I’d like to share and post I’d like to ask you as well what kind of content would you be more intrigued to see from me? Afterall, something here sparked with you to want to hit that follow button. ⠀⠀ Now if you hopped on here by chance and food isn’t really your jam, check out my other account that actually helped me realise this new one 👉 Has plenty of posts about things to do in Taiwan, from where to hike or what to eat like a local and extra nuggets from my previous travels. ⠀⠀ Otherwise - stick around and introduce yourself! Thank you again for giving this gal more confidence and can’t wait to share more. 🙏 ⠀⠀ Taiwan ⠀

22 1 Jan 22, 2019

When you are accidentally matching, wearing exactly the same colors of your guide 😂Here we are in Wazuka, in the beautiful tea field where our matcha comes from. Wazuka is a small town located south to Kyoto which is home to many tea plantations with over 800 years history. . . . . . . . . . . . s

12 0 Jan 22, 2019

Matcha Macchiato 0% Sugar 🌱 always love macchiato menu from KOI The, but the well suited menu always be the black tea one. 😍 macchiato tea lover drinker thailand

15 0 Jan 22, 2019

🇯🇵 🥤: matcha ice blended with vanilla soft cream (抹茶冰沙加香草霜淇淋) 📍: cha no ikedaya 💸: ¥280 (sgd 3.40) - 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵/ 5

52 2 Jan 22, 2019

Catch-ups over colorful drinks with a side of sweet and savory ☕🍵🍫🌯

28 3 Jan 22, 2019

PREMIUM MATCHA POWDER grows and harvest in Kyoto,Japan Freshly ground 🌱 for your energy,health,and metabolism purposes Suitable for Baking🍞,Pastry 🥧,Latte 🍵,&more Available in 100g,250g & 500g packaging Delivered from Bali to All Area in Indonesia 📞 0897 0000 162 Line : s latte powder bubuk ori herbal lover holic jepang

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Repost lover

12 1 Jan 22, 2019

True Love 💚

8 1 Jan 22, 2019

Matcha daifuku with strawberry n chocolate filling - dusted with a layer of fine matcha powder at the exterior, this daifuku has a unique combination of strawberry n chocolate filling! overall not very sweet with a perfectly soft n melt in the mouth texture, it’s a very enjoyable treat to go with tea. Yummy! 😋🍓💕

173 9 Jan 22, 2019

¿Sabías que las y la que posee el ayudan a prevenir el cáncer? También fortalecen las defensas y facilitan el proceso de depuración natural de nuestro organismo, previniendo la retención de líquidos o eliminando toxinas. . . . ¿Te atreves a cambiar tu vida con nuestro Matcha 🍵💪? . . . tea cake lover

33 0 Jan 22, 2019

Stressed out? Did you know that matcha helps to keep you cool and collected while under pressure? Well in 2007, a study was published in the journal biological psychology showing that matcha could cause anti stress free effects. 💚 What are you waiting for? Dm us now for orders.😊 philippines ph lover culture ph lover

8 0 Jan 22, 2019

When i went to Happy Lemon the barista immediately said "Maam, we don't have pudding" and I am like, I just entered the shop and they informed me already ahhaha glad that they know me and my usual orders hahahaha . . . ph tea milktea ph ph latte philippines greentea tea milktea milktea boba gram gram lover latte

16 1 Jan 22, 2019

Good morning IG, happy day 😄 Matcha green tea porridge for breakfast and go to work 😉🙂 ... Dzień dobry IG, miłego dnia 😄 Owsianka matcha i do pracy 😉🙂 ... bowl holic food food ness lover morning

58 8 Jan 22, 2019

Fluffy souffle pancakes with matcha sauce and matcha ice cream on top?!!!! As a big matcha lover, this one is a new fav! Even though the pancakes were not as fluffy as I thought, I found it very enjoyable and still fluff! Matcha flavour was not too strong so they make a perfect combo! I tried this in Hoshino coffee Singapore but you can try it also in Hoshino coffee jakarta in Senayan City! So what are you waiting for matcha lovers??❤️ lover soufflepancake insg dessert ers

38 8 Jan 22, 2019

Matcha Latte with Lactose-free milk❤ | มัชฉะเข้มข้นใส่นมไร้น้ำตาลแลคโตส 😚 เข้มข้นหวานหน่อยๆจากนมและน้ำตาล เอาไปใส่กับน้ำแข็งสักแก้วก็ฟินดี😌 เค้ามีสองรสนะอีกรสนึงเป็นชามัชฉะเปล่าๆไม่ใส่นม ลองไปตำกันดูเด้ออ Location 📍 Bangkok, Thailand Score ⭐️ 9/10 . . . lover lover

33 10 Jan 22, 2019

🧐Soft serve or latte? Enjoy the best of both worlds and order a Hojicha Latte Float! What’s ever better?! You can choose your favorite soft serve flavor to top off that latte. 🥳 . 🌿 Tag cafemaikoSF to be featured 🚗 👍🏼 Like us on FB | . . . . . . cafe latte porn 5 lover

189 4 Jan 22, 2019

Heya..! ☺️ Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s a part of the community and for tagging me in your matcha content! I am so blown away by all your amazing photos and by your support. Keep tagging me!! 💚💚💚 • 🍵: Belgian waffle w/ matcha gelato • 📍: CHIJMES, Singapore • 📸: • 🔥: Like what you SEE?! 🤤 FOLLOW for more delicious matcha content! 👌 ✨: &Don't forget to use hashtag to share your matcha finds! 💚

539 4 Jan 22, 2019

ทูโทนกันหน่อยไม๊ 😋✨ Matcha & Wasabi Softserve ที่แรกในประเทศไทย !!! อร่อยเกินห้ามใจ 💓 แวะมาลิ้มลองกันนะคะ ที่ Shizoka Matcha & Wasabi 🍵🍦Terminal21 Pattaya Shopping Mall ชั้น 2 Tokyo โซนของฝากค่ะ 😊

23 2 Jan 21, 2019

Tiramisu matcha halal.. Rasanya creamy n enakkk banget.. Matchalover harusss banget cobain⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Ask n order 082122777959 ⁣ ⁣ lover lover

28 37 Jan 21, 2019

ceremony esesweets 表千家 lover holic lovers holic

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33 4 Jan 21, 2019

Super delicious Macha and Yuzu ice cream served by . I really like having nice ice creams all year round~ (=゚ω゚)ノ Moreover, there'll be a slight discount if you've ice cream during Winter I guess? Coz not many people will purchase ice cream during winter (o_o) . I wish I could've some Hojicha ice cream ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノbut the staff told me it's discontinued...what a pity~ . . . lover 24x7 #852food

33 0 Jan 21, 2019

It’s all about you, J.💫 . . .

121 11 Jan 21, 2019

New week, need drink! • Get you own Taste Nirvana in 711s and Mercury Drugstores nationwide. • • • • • • • • • PH latte holic greentea tea lover

20 1 Jan 21, 2019

Matcha Latte with a salted cheese foam! latte love lover

12 2 Jan 21, 2019

Forest latte🍵🥛 (Mugwort+Matcha) 아큼이 얹을때부터 잘못됐다 생각했는디., 마지막 화나소 부들부들,,👊🏻👶🏻👊🏻 말차에 쑥까지 먹으면 사람될것같아오👶🏻☝🏻 모두덜 화요팅👍🏻!

1475 26 Jan 21, 2019

💚 Matcha Green Tea Pancakes 💚 น่าทานขนาดนี้รับรองว่าใครๆก็อดใจไม่ไหวแน่นอนค่ะ คนรักมัทฉะห้ามพลาดเลยนะค้าา 😍 . 🙏🏻Thanks for an inspiring video 💚 ----------------------------------⠀ “เลือกชาเขียวพรีเมี่ยม เลือก MatchaZuki”⠀ More info -⠀ プレミアマッチャ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ----------------------------------⠀

36 1 Jan 21, 2019

"The best day of your life is the one in which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours - It's an amazing journey - And you alone are responsible for the quality if it. This is the day your life really begins."

30 1 Jan 21, 2019

Have you tried the world's best tasting, pure organic matcha? Visit the link in the bio for our special introductory offer!!☝ ☝ . . . . . . . lover holic latte tea time lover life greentea goodness ️ ️

29 4 Jan 21, 2019

I don’t like matcha latte...even a good, rich creamy one like this ☕️ . . . . . food sg

13 3 Jan 21, 2019

ช่วงนี้ติดนมสดไข่มุกมาก เพราะอยากลดชา แต่ชาเขียวก็ยังกินอยู่นะคะ>< 📍Brown cafe 🍵Fresh milk with brown sugar ʀᴀᴛᴇ : 10/10 ᴘʀɪᴄᴇ : 60฿ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢ : อร่อย ไข่มุกหนึบ ดูดฟินๆ

18 1 Jan 21, 2019

📍Chā bar 🍵classic milk cha with riceberry boba ʀᴀᴛᴇ : 3/10 ᴘʀɪᴄᴇ : 59฿ ғᴇᴇʟɪɴɢ : เราคงไม่เหมาะกับสายคลีน555 ไข่มุกรสข้าวชัดมาก แต่รสสัมผัสเละ กินร้านอื่นก็ไม่เป็นงี้ ตัวชาก็แบบเหมือนน้ำล้างแก้ว

11 2 Jan 21, 2019

El matcha además de tener un alto contenido de antioxidantes posee ciertos beneficios que harán de tu cuerpo una base sólida en contra enfermedades. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ cl choices Ritual

9 0 Jan 21, 2019

January 14. I was pretty happy with this latte art attempt. Also: unsweetened matcha lattes are pretty amazing. Not quite as amazing as ones with a drizzle of honey, but still excellent. 😊 . r latte ist fail time ☕️

28 0 Jan 21, 2019

Tú vives siempre en tus actos. Con la punta de tus dedos pulsas el mundo, le arrancas auroras, triunfos, colores, alegrías: es tu música. La vida es lo que tú tocas. 🌾🍞 - - - - - - - graphy lover filter a230 cake aid

28 0 Jan 21, 2019

One sachet makes 2 cups of Mizuya Matcha Goodness! - Consistently drinking a cup of Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea will help you in your 'Balik Alindog Program'. One of this, to Shrink your bloated belly 🤭 - Weight Loss | Detox | Anti Aging. izuya izuya matchagreentea izuya matchamilktea _tenBringingTheBestInYou _ten

6 1 Jan 21, 2019

Hello Mizuyans, - iiiiiiiittttsss Tea Time O'clock! - Your daily dose of detox, stress relief, anti aging, to keep your shape at it's finest and a whole lot more benefits. - DM for inquiries! izuya izuya matchagreentea izuya matchamilktea _tenBringingTheBestInYou _ten

6 1 Jan 21, 2019

Matcha Monday Matcha Milk Buns

18 2 Jan 21, 2019

🆕 SESAME MATCHA 🆕 sweet, rich, and aromatic

29 0 Jan 21, 2019

又是吃蛋糕的日子😍好像把他們家的蛋糕都吃了一輪😚 繼上次的芝士㙮後,我又訂了他們的蛋糕!因為朋友生日,訂了個巧克力蛋糕,也順便訂了個抹茶芝士蛋糕😚 這個抹茶蛋糕也太好吃了吧😋😋😋抹茶不太苦也不是太甜,抹茶的茶很突出很香,配合芝士很順口也不會腻,整個蛋糕分了三層,一層芝士慕士(是慕士嗎🤔)一層抹茶和最底層的海綿蛋糕。海綿蛋糕没有很厚就是很薄的一層,可是就是因為他很薄,不會影響整個蛋糕的綿綿的口感卻同時為整個蛋糕增加了層次感,這個蛋糕真的很好吃!!吃了一輪他們家的蛋糕,我最愛是這個!!一個早上半個蛋糕就没了,另外半個蛋糕給了天蝎姐姐她也說很好吃!一個人就把半個蛋糕吃完了😱😱 . 對了!我又買了蜂蜜蛋糕,這次放在冰箱兩天再吃,蜂蜜香味依然很濃,蛋糕也很濕潤,我比較喜歡冰了再吃😋😋 . ie ie stagram 6pro

6 0 Jan 20, 2019

來了一家抹茶控的天堂😍 在南區一家很有名甜點,满满都是抹茶,最近有增加了sweet potato的選擇,真的有點甜😅 芭菲好吃,有不同的層次,不錯,mochi超級好吃,愛mochi的一定要去!就是sweet potato ice cream真的有點甜,有吃過green tea ice cream真的不錯 cream puff應該是最近的新産品吧!?大概一個月前去的時候有吃了custard puff,還不錯,一直想再吃,今天看到了就點了!結果是cream puf....没有很愛,就是不太愛cream 另外的蛋糕不錯,雖然又是有一層cream...中間有抹茶巧克力,還满驚喜! ie ie stagram 6pro

6 0 Dec 16, 2018

さんぽ旅 シリーズ第15弾は抹茶スイーツ処『茶和々』さんの四条河原町店のリッチシェイクです🍵 . 京都らしい抹茶と生クリームの滑らかな味わいが絶妙にマッチしてとても美味しかったです☺️ . テイクアウトですので河原町駅から京都の街を散策する際のドリンクにぴったりなのがいいですね❗️ . 今回で一旦京都さんぽ旅は最終回ですが、また紅葉🍁の季節の京都を巡ろうと考えていますので、続編をお楽しみにお待ちください❗️ もちろん、京都以外の写真もこれからアップ予定です😆 . . . さんぽ旅 好きな人と繋がりたい カフェ スイーツ グルメ 河原町 カフェ スイーツ グルメ 抹茶 観光 旅行 シェイク スイーツ 美食 love lover

462 6 Oct 23, 2018

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