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Commissioned illustration. Thanks Shan! I'm available for tattoo design, custom illustrations and branding, contact me via DM or email! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

2341 24 Dec 9, 2018

Should be getting ready for the christmas market in Gränna, but unfortunately I’m not going to particapate there this year... Really sad but I got all the information too late and everything just became to stressful... But don’t loose hope! My shining new webshop is opening right after new years and is going to have some real amazing things in it! NEW things! Pins, mugs, prints and stuff that haven’t and isn’t avalible in my society6 shop! And I’m going to a lot of markets in Jönköping in the spring snd summer of 2019! So I hope I’ll see you there instead! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .⠀ ing ist work life drawing stagram ing ing

6000 67 Dec 9, 2018

I hope you guys still remember me😊 Unfortunately I really busy this time so it’s a little sketch with patterns . . . ing ing work s book art time tattoo art andwhite la design designer zentangle

1291 8 Dec 9, 2018

Sunday mood. Coffee and brush practice.

1323 9 Dec 9, 2018

🔪🔪 . . . . . er modelleri ed work er artist ist

7310 30 Dec 9, 2018

It’s foot knife season tralalalaaaa 🎄❄️🎁 art

1294 13 Dec 9, 2018

Where you find your next tattoo - Source: - - too uaje too s uaje s too artist too ed ed s ted tedup uagem too life too ist edup life oo too art

2923 6 Dec 9, 2018

By RO. Robert Pavez • Road of the Wolf 🐺 • Done in 🇸🇪 2018 • Bookings open: robert ⚫️ work • made with ist erssubmission work ers do ers_tattoo istartmag

2731 15 Dec 9, 2018

18.12.10 PM 02:26 - 님의 문의 사진을 그렸습니다🖋 - 너무 사랑스러운 사진이네요! 조금 색다른 사진이라 그리면서 기분좋았어요!

5 1 Dec 10, 2018

Tattoo artist: Misha Gerzhik, Uzhhorod ___ he _tattooed_ukraine at tooed at toos at tooist at tooing at toooftheday at at tooer at ouage at toolife ировка at uaje tattoo tattoo at tooidea at tooartist at tooart 2 a2

7 0 Dec 10, 2018

Da bin ich wieder! 😃 Was habe ich die letzte Zeit so gemacht? Hier ein kleiner Hinweis. 😉 . I'm back! What happened the last time? Here's a little hint. 😉 ist work book

13 0 Dec 10, 2018

Industrial views prior to completing the Love the low hanging lights paralleling the cement lines. Interior design by . . . . . food design

3 0 Dec 10, 2018

The first ever Harry Potter design I did. I can see it’s old, on the way I did some details, but I’m still so proud of this design. But I keep forgetting I have done it, and maybe it’s time to re-new it? Make an updated version and see the difference? That could really be fun! . It’s monday, for some that means it’s hell on earth, but for me it’s a calm day. I often start my weeks by doing some small things. I answer emails, clean, read in my school books, the small stuff that needs to be done. In that way the start of a new week isn’t hell on earth for me. It’s tea, books, new opportunities and calm. A pretty OK day to start a new week with! But don’t get me started on tuesdays... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .⠀ ist work drawing stagram ing ing

69 0 Dec 10, 2018

He want to have a geometric tattoo and his give me the design to do it Welcome to my soul Welcome to my TAT? #113ink tattoo tattoo tattoo shop tattoo tattoo

3 1 Dec 10, 2018

A beautiful Kirituhi piece from today // Done by Raa ed s ist tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoodesign tattoo ink good like tattoo tattoochristchurch

18 1 Dec 10, 2018

Half sleeve started by , who specializes in custom neo traditional styles and micro realism tattoos. To book with Heather, please email us at unitytattoo

10 1 Dec 10, 2018

Dragon with flower🐉🐲🌺🌼🌺🌼 thank you for trusting me😆😆 . . . . tattoo apprentice

19 0 Dec 10, 2018

. Lettering tattoo tattoo artist ._.chan work tattoo worktattoo work worktattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo tattoo

5 0 Dec 10, 2018

Tonight’s paintings brought to you by Aqua Blue G 570.

7 0 Dec 10, 2018

Ya should know by now i like doing this type of tattoos! Client brought in the design. - - -

7 0 Dec 10, 2018

기존도안 수정후 작업했습니다~ . (소띠셔서 소가면으로 제작해드렸어요🙂) . 그려둔 도안 소정의 금액으로 작업해요~ . 문의는 프로필 상단 링크로 해주세요🙏🏻 . . s er ist

61 0 Dec 10, 2018


18 2 Dec 10, 2018

This doesn't even matter but damn I hope I pass my classes and you're lying if you say L wasn't your favorite character like he was my crush lmaoo . . . . . . . . . work ist book drawing

10 1 Dec 10, 2018

‘NAOTD (Not Afraid of the Dark)’ © Flory Huang, 2018. Digital drawing and photo. Musing w/ a portrait A took of me on a real great summer night (of many!) 🖤

30 3 Dec 10, 2018

The holiday is closing in on us It's the most wonderful time of the year! Help us spread some holiday cheer by bringing in a toy of your choice (worth at least $20) to get that dollar amount taken off of your tattoo price. We'll be collecting toys from Friday November 2nd through Saturday December 15th. And of course it's only right that we close out this event in true G Spot form with a holiday party complete with Ugly Holiday Sweaters and Spiked Egg nog. _nodaysoff #247#365 If Art is a crime may GOD forgive me!!

11 2 Dec 10, 2018

Princess Mononoke Tattoo Design

26 2 Dec 10, 2018

X Ink on paper

10 1 Dec 10, 2018

Drown my thoughts

121 1 Dec 10, 2018

Yew tree in progress on Yvette! Thanks for the insane trust and we are slowly piecing together your sleeve!!!

16 2 Dec 10, 2018

Dance partners , thanks . . . tattoos tattooer tattooers artist s tattooartist rs

168 2 Dec 10, 2018

Don't really know why I colored her eyes like that, but I kinda like it-- . . . . . ist s oc originalcharacter paint art artist doodle sketch art art

12 0 Dec 10, 2018

toos too toopen work ist work ing tattoo s tattoo tattoo dom

27 0 Dec 9, 2018

The lion design I made and will tattoo on myself :) if you want a custom tattoo let me know ;)

37 2 Dec 9, 2018

tattoo done at

16 3 Dec 9, 2018

Cảm ơn em Đi mạnh khoẻ nhá , năm sau về đi full lưng s tattoo tattoo ed

19 0 Dec 9, 2018

Meteorito ☄️🦕 🙂

14 0 Dec 9, 2018

// Today I turned 30. If I could pick one word to describe my 20’s it would be humbling. Particularly in the last 3 years it’s ebbed and flowed quite a bit. My faith was challenged, friends came and went, I took a lot of job risks, and got to see/do more than I know most people ever would in a lifetime. As I reflect on these things, I’m fully aware it doesn’t mean I’m done growing and learning — if anything, I probably have some harder lessons ahead. - What I can say for certain is I’ve learned most of all, is that love almost never looks the way we anticipate. There are days we’re desperate to hear how cherished we are, or see what people will do for us. The issue isn’t what we’re hoping for, but how we listen and look for it. - What I really see is how these people have been a part of shaping my character and I there’s. Sometimes I marvel how friends have decided to keep me around after reflecting on my reactions to situations lol. Not only that, they allow me the privilege of speaking into their own lives. - Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this journey so far. It’s one thing to know someone is for you, but when someone is with you, it makes those winter seasons more bearable. Here’s to a new decade with a fresh start. + + + + + + + stagram book inspiration louvre feature ofvisuals ing daily

22 2 Dec 9, 2018

Finally one of my best friends got a tattoo from me and this wanted to have his black flag symbol. Still have some spots in December so dm me to book. Lots of flash available and would love to do custom aswell🖤 . . . workers submission workers artist tattoo tattooart ink art ed _calle flag

26 0 Dec 9, 2018

Come in from the cold and get a walk in Christmas gift. s tattoos tattoo artist oftheday culture

22 0 Dec 9, 2018

Small flower tattoo. Love the way it turned out. Also it’s Hannah’s first tattoo!

103 4 Dec 9, 2018

Pin up style day of the dead girl.....just need to frame her with some roses on the bottom. 😍 😍

87 5 Dec 9, 2018

Dotwork mandalas and Buddha. Looooooove. Thank you Sarah!

102 3 Dec 8, 2018

painting 2018 . . . ing ing s boss power book work ist ration rator

294 8 Dec 7, 2018

Got to do this d d d dope piece today....thank you Talia! Check the details in the video attached.

177 8 Dec 6, 2018

One more session and this geometric piece is done! s ideas s_of_instagram tattoos tattoo artwork ist tattooartist tattoos tattoo

37 2 Nov 25, 2018

Printable Coloring Pages :) favorite my shop and receive discounts and deals ;) Finished prints before digital transfer 😊😋 to Etsy shop /ANEIXart printable pages for coloring watercolors digital paint or tattoos . art . . book book s ideas ists work ing ing ing oftheday

204 11 Nov 4, 2018

Printable Coloring Pages :) favorite my shop and receive discounts and deals ;) Finished prints before digital transfer 😊😋 to Etsy shop /ANEIXart printable pages for coloring watercolors digital paint or tattoos . art . . book book s ideas ists work ing ing ing oftheday

332 16 Sep 7, 2018

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