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Nure-onna tattoo by tattoo seattle tattoo s ing artist shop tattoo tattooartist tattooshop seattle

324 3 Dec 29, 2017

Start of a coverup by tattoo seattle tattoo s ing artist shop tattoo tattoo tattooartist tattooshop seattle

271 1 Nov 20, 2017

Flu season is in full effect! I have cancellations for tomorrow Sat 1/12 @ 5pm, and for Mon 1/14 @ 6pm! . Email me at KAPTENHANNA to grab a spot! Girl heads, big cats, skulls, roses, wolves, daggers, dragons... You name it, I'll draw it! . . . artist

33 3 Jan 11, 2019

Always so exciting to get to start color on larger projects! What would you want if you were getting a whole back piece or a full sleeve?? . . . .

206 2 Jan 8, 2019

Damian wanted a salmon, but also a girl. There you go my man! What mashup would you want to get?? . . . artist

686 37 Jan 7, 2019

EDIT: Unfortunately I have had to cancel my trip to TX this time as we have had some medical issues with one of our dogs... I'm super sad to miss everyone, but hoping to be back at RoA later this spring! . . AUSTIN TX!! I'll be working the convention alongside my coworkers and of , and our amazing shop mom , Jan 18-20, and I am booking appointments for Fri 1/18 and Sat 1/19 NOW! I also will be sitting in at one of my all time most favorite shops in the world ! . For an appointment at either venue, please email me at KAPTENHANNA, and write "AUSTIN TX" in the subject line. . . Can't wait to see everyone, and celebrate my birthday on January 20th!. . . artist

210 12 Jan 6, 2019

Finished Mallory's skull and snake from my sheet for the Skull book from a few years ago... Stoked to finally do this one, never get sick of skulls or snakes! . . . artist

164 1 Jan 6, 2019

More knees! Super fun start on Brittney's tiger before the holidays... Color next time! . . . artist

212 1 Jan 5, 2019

I am so grateful for my clients! Got to tattoo one of my most favorite mamas just before New Years, a coyote to match the bear we did in her other knee. . . . artist

301 5 Jan 5, 2019

Fun jagger on forever loyal last month. Ending the old year with a bunch of animal heads, starting the new year with skulls, I'll take it! . . . artist

119 0 Jan 5, 2019

I usually don't like doing clocks, but I made an exception for Caleb's coverup. One more pass next time for full saturation. . . . tattoo artist

86 0 Jan 4, 2019

Stoked to finally get some background on Emma's dragon sleeve we started last year... Can't wait to start color next time! . . . artist s

195 3 Dec 12, 2018

When your dog is Conan... Thanks Erica! . . artist tattoo

403 6 Dec 12, 2018

Almost there on 's and sleeve! Just one more session darkening up some of the background... Super stoked on this, more projects like this please! . . . collective er

199 1 Dec 3, 2018

I love getting the opportunity to talk to and get to know my clients during the tattoo process. Evan is a very fascinating guy; Army special forces and now working with army dogs. He has some insane stories! We started on a half sleeve to commemorate his unit and the dogs that he works with every day, doing our take on their logo. . .

193 0 Dec 3, 2018

Sometimes we get requests to incorporate existing work, or something personal and dear to the client. Emily has two existing designs, and thee perfectly spaced freckles on her forearm that she wanted to incorporate into a sleeve, I'm very excited to start color and background next time! Thank you for your trust... . . .

128 1 Dec 2, 2018

Super fun start on Liam's otter samurai coverup! . . . artist collective tattoo

212 7 Nov 3, 2018

Super stoked to be a part of the ? art show, curated by and , opening reception at the in Austin TX next Friday November 10! This piece will be for sale at the exhibition, contact the gallery for purchasing details... Love y'all and thanks for letting me be a part! . . drawing

207 7 Nov 3, 2018

I am absolutely terrible at posting photos on here, but here you go, and I am super happy with the progress on 's and sleeve. Can't wait to get some patterns in that fabric and darken up the background some... More large projects like this please, both Japanese and traditional! . . . artist

212 9 Nov 3, 2018

Super fun cancellation filler this past week, thank you Marshall! . . . artist

298 3 Nov 3, 2018

I am always honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work at when I'm in New York. And I'm forever grateful for awesome and loyal customers who keep getting fun work! Thank you for sitting tough on session number two on this Medusa, finish next time! . . tattoo artist

191 4 Oct 17, 2018

Getting started on Ruby's coverup Phoenix recently, love doing both smaller and larger scale Japanese tattoos! . . artist

140 3 Oct 17, 2018

Badass buff mama on a little while ago, love drawing and tattooing women of all shapes and sizes, never gets old! Full body, just faces, bring it! . . artist

519 11 Oct 17, 2018

Fun wave-fillers on recently. . . artist

80 0 Oct 8, 2018

Healed butterfly on , thanks for always getting fun stuff! . . artist

152 1 Oct 8, 2018

Fun flower girl recently for always awesome ! . . artist

148 0 Oct 8, 2018

Finished Alyssa's Raven coverup recently (see previous post for before picture). . . artist

226 4 Sep 25, 2018

Fun namakubi this week, thank you Jackie and happy birthday! All girl heads, any girl heads, are forever my favorite to do, more please! . . artist tattoo

220 3 Sep 13, 2018

Reworked and colored Ali's outline only poppies we did several years ago. Swipe to see the before picture. .

369 7 Sep 12, 2018

So good to see Alyssa again, and getting started on her Hugin and Munin coverup! (Swipe to see before picture) . . nandmuninn artist

168 0 Sep 8, 2018

comes through again, and always does absolutely stunning work. I could not be more thrilled to have such a talented artist, who's also a ton of fun. Halfway there on this Celtic harp. . . . . #206

67 5 Aug 28, 2018

Got a bit more done on Ryan's Namakubi/Hanya sleeve last weekend at the . tattoo artist

141 1 Aug 26, 2018

Three garter snakes for Isaac and his two brothers, healed lines and fresh color. . artist

259 4 Aug 25, 2018

Fun little single needle collection on the lovely Julia this week. . tattoo artist

296 2 Aug 15, 2018

Barbed wire for the win! On the always most adorable and still the toughest , you the best!. . 3 artist

402 4 Aug 15, 2018

Back at the shop, got a little further along on 's Nure-Onna this week. . artist

136 3 Aug 15, 2018

Got some more done on 's nure-onna and chrysanthemum sleeve before my trip... . . artist tattoo

138 3 Jul 25, 2018

Super fun little kitsune on long time client Todd from Cali, good to see you! . . artist tattoo

212 1 Jul 25, 2018

Got some more done on Ryan's namakubi/Hannya sleeve recently! . . artist tattoo

140 4 Jul 25, 2018

Super fun start on 's chrysanthemum recently, can't wait to finish! . artist tattoo

224 3 Jul 21, 2018

Fun #68chevelle on a while back . . . tattoo artist chevelle #1968chevelle #1968chevroletchevelless tattoo tattoo

154 2 Jul 17, 2018

Another angle of Audri's Nure-onna and chrysanthemum sleeve we started recently. . tattoo collective tattoo

417 4 Jul 5, 2018

Finished this super fun tiger for Matthew's mom last week, his first tattoo! Healed lines, fresh color. . artist

435 7 Jul 5, 2018

Healed Redwing blackbird and Blue bonnet on Isaac from this past year. . tattoo tattoo

259 2 Jul 4, 2018

Three snakes for Isaac and his two brothers, can't wait to shade and color this one!. . artist

151 1 Jul 4, 2018

Olivia is the biggest badass and one of my most favorite regular clients! Lines healed, color is fresh, adding spiderweb next time! . artist

555 12 Jul 1, 2018

Super fun start on Audri's Nure-onna sleeve this week! Love doing mythological creatures and large Japanese work! . artist tattoo collective tattoo

237 4 Jun 27, 2018

Didn't realize it was this past week, this little buddy ended up more appropriate than we even knew! Thanks for always being the best !. artist

287 9 Jun 26, 2018

A fun little permanent vacation on Tyler this past week. All single needle, thank you for the samples ! . tattoo needle

197 3 Jun 26, 2018

Panting finished for a project for , prints will be up for sale soon! Email me at kaptenhanna if you're interested. (Swipe for full painting!) . painting girl

191 1 Jun 17, 2018

We're done! Fastest backpiece ever! Thank you for being a ruler and always being good company! . I LOVE doing large projects like this! . artist show 2018 10

446 13 Jun 16, 2018

I don't always do cat portraits, but when I do, he has a sombrero... . artist

172 6 Jun 15, 2018

I also love doing mythological creatures! Or perhaps mashups of different animals? Or people and animals? Or alien animals...? . What mashup would you like?? . Thank you as always Dallas for his super fun tree branch chocolate fawn jackalope! . artist

255 1 Jun 13, 2018

I absolutely LOVE tattooing warrior women, so the always amazing Casey really hit the spot when she asked if I would want to do a Onna-Bugeisha, a female samurai, on her. SO stoked on this and can't wait to get her finished! . Who's your favorite female warrior?? .

158 2 Jun 13, 2018

I promised more color! Finished the badass Hannah's snake and peonies last week, loved doing this! Fresh color and healed lines, swipe for more angles and video! . collective

351 8 Jun 12, 2018

I feel very fortunate to have gotten so many new large projects started recently. Ryan is as loyal as they come, thank you for letting me whittle away at this sleeve... More like this please! 👹💀🍁✨ .

146 1 Jun 12, 2018

My posts have been looking very black and grey lately, but just wait til all these new fun projects start getting colored! I love doing both color and black and grey, just ask! Super fun 1/2 sleeve coverup dragon started on Nick this past month... .

144 1 Jun 12, 2018

Sometimes I still do traditional tattoos! What do you prefer? Simple clunky traditional, or more fine line detailed? Swipe for a few new ones done lately! .

208 1 Jun 12, 2018

Another witchy bitchy hand with those razor nails... What's your favorite magical elements you'd wanna put in a tattoo?? 💅🏼🔮✨ . Done this past month, for the always magical Tami. . tattoo

515 8 Jun 12, 2018

Super fun little creepy crawly on the always awesome Emma to match her scorpion we did on her left hand a while back... . artist

498 6 Jun 9, 2018

Super fun little hand on Megan, from a sheet of Halloween flash from a couple of years ago... . .

206 0 Jun 9, 2018

Had a good start on the always awesome Ryan's namakubi and Hanya sleeve... . . artist

179 3 Jun 9, 2018

Super fun start on Hannah's snake and peonies this past month! . . artist

257 2 Jun 9, 2018

Fun drawn on peonies on Sarah this past month... . . artist

146 0 Jun 9, 2018

"I too once had a family, Danny. Many years ago I lived in Japan: a pet of my master Yoshi, mimicking his movements from my cage and learning the mysterious art of Ninjitsu, for Yoshi was one of Japan's finest shadow warriors." . If you know, you know... . .

297 9 May 15, 2018

Thank you for getting another fun one, never get sick of tigers! . artist

315 3 May 12, 2018

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