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Here is something you don’t see every day: A baldeagle and a red fox fighting over a rabbit — and at times more than 20 feet up into the air. It happened Saturday at San Juan Island National Historical Park. The fox caught the rabbit and the eagle tried to steal it away. See the whole sequence of images and hear the story on my blog at Click blog. It was absolutely incredible to see. The whole battle lasted just eight seconds. The fox ended up OK, but lost its dinner. Photo/Caption by . What's your next destination? . follow follow follow

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Your 3rd emoji is your reaction 🤣 Follow for more!

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Hi! There’s so much you can do with bands, and here’s just one way! I like to use them not only to stretch for various kicks, but these bands also provide some tension (to build up strength!). These are small bands that come in a pack of varying stretch, so once one becomes easy you can move up in difficulty. • I like to do slow kicks while ALSO making sure I’m in the correct kicking position. It helps if you can do this while looking in a mirror (which is where I was looking). • I would recommend doing 20 per side for one kick, and then switching to a different kick or just keep switching sides! • Obviously wearing Santa hat because it’s Christmas month🤶. • ing ing life girls boxing fam girls s

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🔹 THIS IS THE MAC FIGHT 🔸 Следите за последними новостями у нас в группе /

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WOW 😮 Komodo dragons are the largest lizard on earth 🌍 they carry a very toxic saliva that contains a lot of bacteria! But what you are witnessing is just a battle for dominance and territory ! Mainly fighting over who gets the girls this breeding season 😎 Video by- . . photography s life kingdom s ofday oftheday s

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➖➖➖➖➖➰➖➖➖➖➖ ‏ fighter 229 mcgregor 205 life day training training gym

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gingivitis (If you are viewing this follow ) (spam with emojis 🤪) (tag friend ) - - - -

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Matt Murdock (Daredevil) VS the Punching Bag.🥊 🥊 🥊 🥊 mania slagram_lego photography photography photo stagram minifigures slagram _hub artistry comics

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. What though life conspire to cheat you, Do not sorrow or complain. Lie still on the day of pain, And the day of joy will greet you. Hearts live in the coming day. There's an end to passing sorrow. Suddenly all flies away,  And delight returns tomorrow  Pushkin  8   ? 👀 😆   💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 8可是我最羨慕的經營團隊👍🏻

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Behind my smile there is a lot of pain and regret but I fight it so I can try to be happy but sometimes it gets harder to hold all of it on my shoulders.

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Roll up to a tournament and dominate. Shane Merem coaching the students during each match, making sure they execute everything they we're taught in the dojang. Tap to get started on your 6 WEEK trial at Storm Taekwondo

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Happy 44th Birthday To

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Boxing class tonight! Come join us! 1012 3rd Ave NW Hickory, NC 28601 828-855-9151  jj jj family jj girls razilianjiujitsu lackbelt oxing radbarnett 2bjj motivation

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Preview sketch of the Lilith to go with the Morrigan piece. . . . ith

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The best fighters rather boxing or MMA (ali,Hopkins,mcgregor, tj dillshaw, Dominic Cruz, Jones) have two things in common: unconventional movement and ability to switch stances in return this gives them the ability to create odd angles and take the least amount of damage. I believe movement is the most important and least trained aspect in every sport. Got to work with the other day and break down his movement with padwork. Chris Already being a high level athlete makes my job easier 🙏🏼 . . . . . lifestyle ing er fighter life lifestyle

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Dalam pidatonya, ia mengatakan bahwa dirinya hanya menikmati bermain video game kompetitif dimana dirinya juga mengaku tak pernah melakukan hal tersebut untuk mengejar ketenaran. Dirinya mengaku hanya suka mengalahkan orang (dalam game). ⠀ Memang tak heran jika dia memang ahli dalam game bergenre fighting. Contohnya seperti dirinya sudah memenangkan berbagai kompetisi game fighting seperti Injustice: God's Among US, dan Mortal Kombat X. Menariknya, hadiah yang diterimanya karena telah meraih penghargaan tersebut disumbangkannya sebagian kepada temannya sebesar USD 10.000. Temannya itu adalah Rewind McCall yang mana saat ini keluarganya sedang menghadapi masa sulit dimana ayahnya sedang menderita kanker stadium 3. Namun, secara mengejutkan bahwa SonicFox mengaku dirinya diluar apa yang kita pikirkan loh guys! ⠀ "Saya gay, hitam, berbulu dan semua hal yang kebanyakan orang tidak suka, tapi saya juga esports player terbaik tahun ini." ⠀ ➖➖➖ Nikmati juga serunya pengalaman baru menjelajahi Instagram hanya di guys 🙋 ➖➖➖ me

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Cheeky Night : Genasis is being fingered for throwing a that ultimately sparked the fight Hussle was involved in during ’s celebration over the . . per pers ing

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I’m working today 🖊💻📞

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Old school coaches trying to get the street kids to like them * * * ing

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crazy combo

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Episode 27 of Grange TV is up on YouTube! A lot of talking points including a look back at Adelaide and 231 plus a fan Q&A. • • • ing week day night 234

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with ・・・ Um degrau por vez... jtsu bjj jiujitsu jiujitsu lifestyle jitsu_amigos lifestyle style er ing #13suplementos

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Xayne and I got back to the dojo today. He did great in his class and I had a blast teaching. Love it when students work so hard. I love

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Who wants to play me in Smash Bros? Practicing thrusting for my victory dance.

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🎄Une pensée à Strasbourg ! 🙏 -------------------------- 🔹️Face à l'attentat à Strasbourg des 3 décès. Je souhaite qu'ils reposent en paix et une pensée de leurs familles. Soyez prudents dans les moments des fêtes de noël et du réveillon ! 🔹️Faced with the attack in Strasbourg of the 3 deaths. I wish they rest in peace and a thought of their families. Be careful in the moments of the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties ! --------------------------

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Jangan merendah atau berkecil hati karena kekuranganmu,,, Karena bagi dunia kamu memang hanya seseorang ,,,, Tapi kamu tak tau mungkin bagi seseorang kamu adalah dunianya,,,,,, 😊

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This guy i knock out this guy a month ago. Oh hell yeah knock him out again 3 4 n 231

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Which one y’all prefer???

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Pagiii FreyaOshi..😘😘 Pagi ini boomerang an dulu yook..😆 Happy Holidays for all....💗 48 7 48Gen7 💋

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After the fight, shots were fired by on his Twitter feed. It would be badass to finally see this matchup! Hopefully late 2019 or early 2020?! Check out my YouTube video on the Tank/Loma build up on my page Ultimate Fight Club! fans sports ship

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Focus on your prey, wait for the right moment, and neutralize the target. 🐅🥊 ing ickboxing ickboxer 1 r fighter er life ing training ness arate

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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind..but led by the dreams in your heart” abs ness nessmotivation nesslife ing training gains

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🔥🔥 (If Viewing follow 💛 ) • • • • • er ing on ers s night club back thegoodfight owensfight forit life wear

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Lmfaoo (If Viewing follow 💛 ) • • • • • er ing on ers s night club back thegoodfight owensfight forit life wear

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🌻Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud 🌈 _of_instagram _of_world _funny_gatos_engraçados _fotografia s lover gram graphy shoot oftheday ture

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Sometimes we just have to let things go 🙀 _of_instagram _of_world _funny_gatos_engraçados _fotografia s lover gram graphy shoot oftheday ture

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There's so many beautiful reasons to be happy 😸😸💕 _of_instagram _of_world _funny_gatos_engraçados _fotografia s lover gram graphy shoot oftheday ture

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Universal Studios

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