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Happiest in a bikini surrounded by palm trees 🌴🌴🌴 I am always striving to live more simply. Ever since I watched a documentary on Minimalism on Netflix, I have had this desire to try and live with less, giving me the freedom to do and see more. I feel that having less options of certain things frees up my mental space to make more important decisions, decisions on what I’m working on and creating. I’m no where near a super minimal level, but I try to find little ways I can improve. :::: How is it I can go 5 months of travel with just a carry on suitcase? Traveling has seriously made me have to make the choices of whether I need something or just want it. And then I go home and go, wow I really don’t need so much for my day to day. :::: What do you guys think about minimalistic approaches to living? How do you feel when you declutter?

1556 165 Dec 13, 2018

❤Double tap if you love this fall! - 😍Ban Gioc, Coa Băng, Vietnam - 📸:

4726 167 Dec 13, 2018

While I’d like to think I’ve already seen a fair portion of China, I’d be wrong... can’t wait to get back in 2019, as I have so much more to show you all! Who’s ready for the new year? 👩🏻‍🌾🐕

20239 638 Dec 13, 2018

The world is what you make it, so make it a world that amazes you.

1726 18 Dec 13, 2018

ridges > riches (if you look closely you can spot a little guy with a large shadow. found him?🚶🏼‍♂️)

7992 143 Dec 13, 2018

This was my second time taking the ferry through Milford Sound, but my gosh did this place blow me away again. I’ve seen so many other places around the world since the last time I was here, but there’s just something about moody waterfalls spilling from mountains into the ocean that just can’t be beat.

833 18 Dec 13, 2018

Stop thinking about the negative things that happened in the past, let the stars lead you to a bright future!

3679 66 Dec 13, 2018

any guesses as to what’s in me bag?! [stay tuned to stories to find out in abit!]

2181 53 Dec 13, 2018

Words cannot espresso how much I love finding colourful cafes 🙃 Are you a coffee or tea kinda person? ☕️

3802 108 Dec 13, 2018

Cosy evenings wrapped up with a blanket by the fire. Now where’s the Mulled Wine? . . . iscoming

0 0 Dec 13, 2018

Couples that travel together stay together. 💕 These two love birds are most definitely • • • • _places gram awesome now deeper blogger blog diary bug withme journal bloggers junkie andlife

5 0 Dec 13, 2018

. . . world italy photo graphy photo passion photo s ler y er _infinity _photos

9 2 Dec 13, 2018

ᴮᴿᵁᴱᴳᴳᴱ, ᴮᴱᴸᴳᴵᴱᴺ Wenn du Märchenaugen hast, ist die Welt voller Wunder •νﻨƈէօг ъlüէհցεռ• trip 🇧🇪 _places destinations destination

6 2 Dec 13, 2018

Where is your favorite place on Earth, and what song reminds you of being there ? 😃🏝🏖🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♀️

3 1 Dec 13, 2018

You’ve walked the long road and you’ve worn it well, you stitched yourself up when you fell

24 2 Dec 13, 2018

Benim ,adımı biliyorsunuz ama hikayemi bilmiyorsunuz! Bana ve hastalarıma iyi bir gece olsun. Tüm dostlara selam olsun...

9 1 Dec 13, 2018

One of my best memories of Germany. An amazing sunset in Dresden. Would you include this city in your Germany vacation? . . . . . . . . . . _architecture _europe og anddestinations lingthroughtheworld _drops _and_transports _villages _europe_ _europa _worldpics

22 6 Dec 13, 2018

🏞️🏞️🏞️ Feature of the Day! 🏞️🏞️🏞️ 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Today's feature is by with this fantastic vista titled 'Misty morning in the valley' - looking down Grizedale toward Place Fell (I hope!) 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Chosen by member 📸 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 _of_england _deluxe 10k ute_shots _earthpix anylist

48 0 Dec 13, 2018

•Meander• A little throwback to good times in the Tetons. I could use some mountains right about now. 🌲🍃🏕 What’s your favorite trail?

29 2 Dec 13, 2018

“She’s just a free spirit with a wild heart and an open road ahead.” ☀️ Our new ROVEgirl in the red centre of Australia, shot by on what must have been the trip of our lifetime! See the full lookbook of our new “Australian Wildflower” collection vía the link in our bio. ✨

26 1 Dec 13, 2018

Our first day in Paris brought us to the roses of Notre Dame. 🌹 🥀 🌹 🥀 🌹 🥀 gram ing er

9 0 Dec 13, 2018

This autumn was perfect to wear hats and sherpa jackets. Marcin’s still wearing his everyday, it’s damn warm! But we would really like to switch to snow and some warm parkas now. It’s high time to hit the mountains again... _ig photography culture tones nation

14 0 Dec 13, 2018

Things I learned in Canada: People actually say ‘Eh?’, beanies are called toques, and my hotel was haunted 👍🏼🇨🇦

11 1 Dec 13, 2018

Question Of The Day: What Have you Felt Proud To Teach Someone? If you have knowledge, Let others light their light in it. An orb in the night to light your way into the depths of the universe. To explore the Unknown and go where no other man has gone before. This image is cropped heavily to fit Instagram. If you want to see the full image, check me out on Facebook. FanPhoto Photo Details Camera: EOS 6D Lens: Canon EF L ‑ 24mm‑105mm ‑ F/4.0 Aperture: f4ISO: 4000 Shutter Speed: 240sec tracked Focal Length: 50mm _gallery _longexpo _addiction sure_shots elite _addiction today _gallery _united _exclusive _photos _places _shotz _bliss chasers

29 0 Dec 13, 2018

This place is as peaceful as it looks. Calm water. Cool colours. Slow vibes. Nature is a constant reminder of how chaotically perfect you are.

8 1 Dec 13, 2018

Do you know that some species of bamboo can grow 4cm in an hour?? How cool is that?! This bamboo forest in Kyoto is something out of this world! The tallest I’ve ever seen! And the light there is magical ✨✨ (also the mosquitos are big as birds and they wanna drain you as hell 😂). —————————————————— I totally recommend you to take a bike and enjoy the ride going there! You will never regret it! It’s kinda far but so worth it! . . . . . . . . . . . 0ject_uno 5k _in_frame _shotz 10k tones 10k 5k _vacations _of_insta travelguide _shotz

27 2 Dec 13, 2018

Victorian Home in Virginia Photography by unknown

55 1 Dec 13, 2018

Anyone else having a moody Thursday? · The gray, drizzly weather has me wanting to curl up by the fire with a cocktail in hand 🌧 · Hang on friends, we're almost the weekend 🙌🏽

9 1 Dec 13, 2018

🇬🇧 When you get lost on purpose in a city and you discover something each guide should mention: after finishing my mission-work, I followed my instinct and I arrived to an amazing panoramic lift with glass doors and ending into this boardwalk with.. glass floor over a 70m height! What a better way to enjoy the view over the valley?! ◽⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ Have you ever walked on a boardwalk or something similar with glass floor? ◽ 🇮🇹 Quando ti perdi appositamente per la città e scopri qualcosa che ogni guida del luogo dovrebbe menzionare: dopo aver completato la mia missione, ho seguito il mio istinto e sono arrivata a uno spettacolare ascensore panoramico di vetro che termina in una passerella..col pavimento di metro a 70m di altezza! Quale miglior modo pee godere della vista sulla città? ◽⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ Voi avete mai camminato su una passerella di vetro? ◽ 📍 49.615448,6.130897 ° ° city _landscapes _ _in_landscape

55 1 Dec 13, 2018

Wanna Up your beach style? Look no further! 👇 These beautiful Wave Stud Earrings from can be yours. 50% OFF + free shipping while supplies last! 🔥⚡️ Turn heads with this ultimate blend of fashion and ocean lifestyle. ❤️ Click the link in the bio to get yours today. 👈 . . . 3beasthawaii 4likes 4follow forlikes

21 2 Dec 13, 2018

Sonnenaufgang perfection 👀 . Wo war der schönste Sonnenaufgang oder Sonnenuntergang den ihr jemals gesehen habt? 👀 . Foto von: ______________________________________________ _shotz _outdoors 2018 vibes

43 1 Dec 13, 2018


5 1 Dec 13, 2018

Views - Sunset by the Alps🇨🇭

11 1 Dec 13, 2018

We all know quite a number of people who have everything that it would take to be happy, and they are not happy. Because they want something else or they want more of the same. And we all know people who have lots of misfortune and they are deeply happy, they radiate happiness. Why? Because they are grateful. 💭 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . grams grams _newjersey _newjersey

12 1 Dec 13, 2018

~ work ~ // I don’t post often about my work life, so here’s a little glimpse into what I do: I am currently a commercial real estate advisor selling, leasing, and advising on retail properties. Daily life always looks different, but right now I’m focused on finding new sites for a few corporate clients, selecting locations for up and coming local businesses, renting/selling properties, developing mixed used projects, and downtown growth opportunities. These are exciting times for this town with new people, restaurants, and businesses coming every day, and I’m thankful to be a part of it.

11 3 Dec 13, 2018

Fountain of feathers-.

8 1 Dec 13, 2018

El sábado pasado fui con unos amigos al volcán Iztaccihuatl. Planeamos una caminata tranquila por la ruta de los Portillos, porque ya saben, nunca está de más "la última del año". Estaba una poco nerviosa porque era la primera vez que iba "sola", es decir sin alguien que tuviera mucha experiencia y yo a la montaña le tengo mucho respeto, porque así como puede recibirte, puede cambiar de humor y darte señales para que no continúes. También iban otros amigos que nunca habían ido y me preocupaba que se la pasaran bien. ¡Pero relindo el tiempo! ¡Parecía un día de pic nic! El cielo estaba azul, azul, azul y no hacía viento, tampoco había mucha gente porque era muuuy temprano. Cuando llegamos al cuarto Portillo, descansamos por última vez y seguimos hasta el Refugio de los Cien, que ya está muy cerca. Fue ahí donde, de pronto, una nube enoooorme lo cubrió todo, como para mostrar que en cuestión de segundos todo el panorama puede cambiar. Hace unos meses tomé esta misma foto pero estaba nevado y venía regresando del ascenso. La montaña me hace feliz 🏔️💚 PD. Me gustaría ser instructora de montañismo 🤸 . . . . . . . . . . _captures _earthpix addict earth _wizards

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Maximum load reached.

16 1 Dec 13, 2018

what will the future 🔭 bring?

18 2 Dec 13, 2018

In the Netherlands winter is approaching. A great moment to look back at this nice spring capture 😁. photography lovers nl hub lover _landscape _spots _heaven _shots

22 3 Dec 13, 2018

What’s better than one day of Christmas? The 12 Days of Edgewood, of course! We’re excited to start a new holiday tradition this year as we’ll be giving away over $15,000 worth of special gifts and experiences from Dec. 14 – 25. So set your alarm (maybe two) to visit our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages tomorrow to find out how to enter daily for your chance to win. #12DaysofEdgewood . . . . ler community

29 0 Dec 13, 2018

No more winter 👨‍⚖

8 1 Dec 13, 2018

Christmas Magic at Vienna

5 1 Dec 13, 2018

Winter and mountains. A combination that cannot disappoint.

36 1 Dec 13, 2018

Obsessed with this outfit from 💕

269 46 Dec 12, 2018

i’ll take one of each please.

19 1 Dec 12, 2018

Tropical throwback No. 5 - The amazing white coral sand.

386 24 Dec 12, 2018

Late upload.... just sharing this colorful nature. May this Fall Season end up but next year gonna be colorful again... ☺☺☺☺ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . create ing shoot graphy gram photography oftheday

659 40 Nov 29, 2018

Tracking a Montana wheat field soon to be paved over with suburban development.

90 4 Oct 16, 2018

Benim de harika bir kızım var. Kardeş candır, aynı zamanda da evlat 💖💜💙🙏 📸: 📌 Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 view gram oftheday graphy grapher oftheday _places s oftheday quotes life

166 4 Oct 11, 2018

Hotel Sorrento

60 8 Sep 2, 2018

This friendly guy

103 5 Sep 2, 2018

Humboldt Redwoods

222 8 Aug 19, 2018

Golden Gate Bridge

102 5 Aug 16, 2018

Even on a clear day last May, there was so much haze & burned sections looks so different than 70 years ago. It was so dry a chipmunk was grabbing what he could from spills from a water bottle at Glacier Point.

130 4 Aug 8, 2018

There’s nothing like a new moon in

138 6 Jun 17, 2018

Milky Way behind Old Faithful in

126 5 Jun 17, 2018

Strolling through the Jedediah Redwoods with layers of Maple canopy and carpets of fern.

202 9 Jun 10, 2018

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