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LIKE DUDE ! This is the simplest form of using your spiritual gifts, tapping in spiritually and knowing when someone not fu__ing with you no more. It’s simple math, I literally am told the moment it happens. The audacity that people would still “pretend” or “follow” me knowing DAMN WELL YOU CANT STAND ME LIKE TF? You must think my gifts and ancestors / Orishas are fraudulent smdh. In 2019 we done with it. If I’ve ever blocked or unfollowed you and we were close TRUST me TRUST ME I knew you weren’t feeling “us” anymore difference between us is I’ll exit. Simple. To all my associates currently please don’t be on the fence with me once I vibrate from your level just leave or let me know. . . . Thanks

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Forever grateful and thankful for all the love for The Star - we’re sold out 🌟✨ I’m spending today packing orders, so should get them out by Tuesday. I’m feeling super creative and have already started sketching and designing some new candle designs. For now I wanted to share my Aphrodite/Venus altar space, reposting from my personal account 🌹💕 I’m thinking about doing a video/decor tour of my new space if that’s something you’re interested in? Let me know in the comments 🌿💜✨ space s healing esofinstagram y craft s

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Gorgeous Charoite tumbles 🔮🖤 Who else loooves these? The coloring is insaane! Can't get over em. You can purchase them from the tumbles section of our shop! . . . Link in Bio 🌌 . . .

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I love the way makeup looks! Ask me about this collection. I will have samples of the Dew Skin & Tint Skin next week. Hit me up! 💋

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A couple of years ago this little witchy cottage was a shed full of dust and cobwebs, I’m so glad I claimed this space for my own, made it what it is, organically, without a plan, it came together like a dream. It’s a place to study, to relax, to create, to be. Where is your most special place? . . . . .

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‘The next message you need is always right where you are.’ Ram Dass ✨🔮✨Good morning! 👋🏻A couple quick reminders- 1️⃣ I still have some available spots in my workshop (if you want to learn more about how to work with s but don’t want to spend hundreds on a certification, this is the course for you! $40 includes 10+ methods to working with crystals and stones- dm to reserve your spot!). 2️⃣ Those of you interested in a box, 5 of the 10 I have are claimed so there are still some available. This is the last batch of these for the month so dm me if you want an invoice. 3️⃣And lastly, my shop is updated with some new goodies including peach and more!✨Have a beautiful day!✨ energy s hop s forsale space

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The total lunar eclipse peeks tonight around 11:00PM central time! Get your stones beneath its light for a whopper of a moon bath and cleanse. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m usually a little afraid of Malachite’s potency (it amplifies good and bad) but I’m not about dwelling on “the bad” this year, and I’ve been craving Malachite (and Halite) with this eclipse. I’ve got Malachite’s characteristics and properties from the Directory up on my story if you want to check it out! 🙌🏼

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Te interesa aprender las bases y técnicas para una alineación correcta en tus inversiones? En esta Master class (duración 2 hrs) tendrás una experiencia dinámica y retadora. • 🔜 Te esperamos 🙏🏻✨ *clase gratis* . • . andalliscoming

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☀ Morning Messages from My Mom! ☀ . . .💎 THE WORLD The Empress High Priestess has been through the path of life. Her journey has been far and wide and many times she has had to rebalance her emotions and her physical life. Now she is well aquainted with how to keep inner harmony as she dances on top of the world. She easily remains connected to her center point as she shifts into higher existence. . .💙 My mother moved many times in her life. At each point she entered a new paradigm. Old items needed to be discarded as well as processing pain of closing doors. However there was always an offer of hope for the journey ahead. With a balanced mindset she could focus her attention on what was coming next. 💛 I was cleaning with her a month before she Ascended. It seemed so easy for her to throw things out and to organize what was left, she had a lot of practice at the cycles of life. She was satisfied with her life and she achieved much in her life. . .💎 We are dancing on the World with our freedom; even if we feel vulnerable it is a most amazing accomplishment. Often our creative actions cause us to be a bit wobbly and we need to do a rebalance of our lives. The rewards are worth all the personal growth we have achieved in balance of body, mind and emotions. We are evolving to access higher multidimensions. 💛 We are at the Gateway of new ideas and dreams. We discard the old patterns and create new ones that benefit our overall lives. Let's honour our accomplishments with a celebration of Joy. Let's expand our perspective and dream big. We enter the new World renewed and transformed. A new paradigm has begun and our love vibrations are drawing us to new heights. Let's begin knowing Victory is ours. . . . . . . . . .🍇 _todock 🌟

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Food at the top of a mountain 😋 doesn’t get much better than that. 🍍🍑🥭🥖 Love my customized knife from , easy to take along on adventures and super useful. 🗡 If you look close enough you can see my name engraved in the handle. 🤗 —Photo:

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Super blood moon eclipse in Leo. The end of a cycle of lunar eclipses. It’s going to be a powerful one! Death and Rebirth, stepping through the threshold of our shadow selves into a new world, one level higher on the spiral of existence. Closer in alignment with our soul’s divine purpose. Join me for a short flow and women’s circle 5-7pm tonight! 💖

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I celebrate my bday this weekend ! Bday donations are greatly appreciated 😍❤️🌊 $goddesscaleasia

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This pendant is made from real Red Squirrel femur bones. They have been coated in blackened copper. The stone is Labradorite, with a beautiful flash. jewelry

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Everyone grieves in their own way. The stages and their timing, as well as the way in which grief is expressed is going to look different for everyone. It requires a gentle compassion as it asks for space, demands space, or pushes back for space. Things can get really uncomfortable in that space, but it is all part of the important work that grief must do. In my experience with grief over the years, I have learned that there are precious gifts that grief gives: . 🎁 Grief forces you to be in the present moment, which is actually a really good thing, even if it hurts. It takes the time it needs to take. 🎁 Grief gets to work right away with shifting your perspective to the things that are most important. Sometimes it offers an opportunity to forgive ourselves & others. 🎁 Grief moves us to see past ourselves so we can see others, and embrace them. 🎁 Grief illuminates the things we are grateful for, big and small, in a way that is lasting. 🎁 Most of all grief is proof of our great capacity to love. We grieve because we love. Deeply. More than we can ever convey with words. . I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about grief or how to do it, especially grieving with children. Yet, my heart is open to receive the important lessons grief has for me & my family in this season. If you are in that season, too, my heart is for you 💕❤️💕

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Welcoming you to a weekly experience in one of the most enchanting & sacred spaces in the greater Sacramento area. 🔹 This is the perfect container to Increase your body awareness, decrease monkey mind, expand your sense of belonging and deepen your connection to yourself. 🧘🏻‍♂️ Join Karissa Anderson for a herbally heated F R E E weekly meditation . 🔹 sacramento

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Repost from . . .

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Rituals, Divine Feminine Oracle readings, making Alters, Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses, witnessing others hear their Wisdom Within.... these are a few of my favorite things 🖤 • • • 1

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Good morning everyone! 💜🔮 It’s Shop Update Day! 6pm CST Beautiful Amethyst spheres will be available then. ⭐️⭐️

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Accepting decor/organizational tips. organization

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Good morning ☀️ . Prince loves to relax on my crystals. He is having some zen time this morning. 🔮📿🕉🙏🏻 I think this Leo energy is inspiring him. 😉 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sofinstagram lady cat lover esofinstagram

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Sacred Space Hosted by .. . . My Sacred Space is tucked away in the far corner ... Hidden under a canopy of vines and trees behind Living Walls... . I use Colors of the particular Day of the Week & Spells I'm Preforming to Amplify my Intentions... It is a Pentagram & I am Protected By A Ring of Fire ... Its Energy is Intense drawing the Little Inhabitants of the Enchanted Garden. While working within the Circle they are not afraid & will be next to me. . . Easy Gentle Flowing Sunday to You Magic Tribe... . . . . . . . . . .

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for Sunday: ♒️ Aquarius Season ♒️ starts! Full Moon (first of 3 in a row at 0 degrees)! Big changes! Did lots of cards because ZERO planets are in retrograde; use these energies! Expect more heart centered action (less assholes!). With , you have the power! The gives us a surge of luck! The #2OfSwords shows the time of being stuck is over! With the , move forward, Napoleon! The reminds us to be kind, because the offers us romantic promise and the #8ofWands says all this is heading our way fast! 🎴: Art Of Life Tarot ofinstagram

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That Summer Sunday Morning kinda Love 🌻⠀ . ⠀ This sacred space, lovingly dubbed The Pleasure Palace is our temple of Peace, our oasis, our altar to existence. ⠀ ⠀ Here we stand outside one of many homes we’ve nested in, but the first house we’ve ever committed to as our own. ⠀ Grounding into a solid home and setting into routine, chaos, domestication and cohabitation has been such a profound learning journey.⠀ ⠀ In light of the -15 degree weather in TO, and the snowstorm sparkling the whole world white, I feel called to this throwback to summer love here on Garden ave. ⠀ ⠀ Divine Masculine, I am so grateful to have settled my gypsy soul and taken a swim at your shores. ⠀ Thank you for holding me, healing me, blessing me with your pure heart. ⠀ ⠀ Loving your partner is one thing, but living with them full time is quite another. ⠀ It can be exhausting, overwhelming, stifling and irritating. It’s not easy for me to be around another person all the time. I’m a real Me Time kinda gal and not having that as the standard has been tough at times. ⠀ ⠀ However, living with this man has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. ⠀ It’s such a joy to wake up beside this human, to marvel at each other’s divinity first thing in the morning and revel in the bounty of our love. ⠀ ⠀ Living with my beloved has brought up TONS of reflections about who I am and how I operate- not all of them are pleasant to observe but they make me a Womban and partner. What has your partner taught you about yourself lately? 🌻⠀

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with ・・・ After performing the diskha of the Sacred Heart of Mary I pulled the Six of Pentacles which is all about sharing what you have with others. I thought this was a very timely card since the diksha is not only about receiving Mary's blessing but perhaps even more so about passing it on to others

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: DENDRITIC AGATE / ÁGATA DENDRÍTICA Aparte de todas las propiedades del ágata, el ágata dendrítica es considerada como la piedra de la plenitud. Trae consigo abundancia en todas la áreas de la vida. Crea un ambiente pacifico, tanto interno como externo y fomenta el disfrute de cada momento. Ayuda a permanecer centrado en momentos difíciles o de confusión, proporcionando estabilidad. Infunde perseverancia y la habilidad de ver los obstáculos como desafíos. Manteniéndonos siempre con los pies en la tierra mientras crecemos y evolucionamos. everydamnday

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🎴Here is your Weekly Guidance Reading🎴🔮How has the Full blood Moon been on everyone? Hope you all are trying to relax! Now...Close your eyes, Take a few nice deep cleansing breath, pick the card that draws you. Now write the number in the comments below so you can check back and don't forget which card you choose. Tag a friend so they can pick one too! I will like your post this evening when I post the reveal for your weekly guidance card! Have a beautiful day everyone!! 💜 . . . . . .

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Curious about ? Whenever there is a big shift in life, the moon (hello we feel ya), or I'm just feeling some stale energy I make a new crystal grid. They can be used for healing, protection, and specific life focuses. For me, I feel it as as an energy . AND it's just another excuse to with and my pieces. I even my own orange grid to give extra love to my You can also make grids around your house for protection, creativity, and around your bed for better sleep. The options are wonderful and expansive. Stay warm and safe over this long/weekend! If you have curiosity about what's happening with the moon/astrology check out .

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Another faith...

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I’m focusing on having more fun and being less serious. Maintaining a spiritual relationship with your guides, higher self, and higher power is serious business - but they have personalities too. And mine are fuckin hilarious. And they just want me to be happy. So I’m trying to fill my time with more shit that makes me laugh and smile. Comedy shows, Disneyland, friends, adventures, last minute trips, and just fucking relaxing. I’m worthy of it and I’m worth it. I owe myself. 💜💋 Smile more. Play more. Do whatever makes you happiest. If you could make one change in your life right now to be instantly happier, what would it be? I made the mistake for too long of thinking it was simply my attitude that needed adjustment - and when i shifted my attitude and bullshit in my life started falling away, I realized my attitude was half the puzzle - and the other half were my actions. See, Changing my attitude about shit in my life didn’t make that stuff better - it helped that stuff dissolve so I could have in place what my attitude told me I had already - less stress, more happiness, perfect job, better communication, abundance all around. Thinking that way took anything that wasn’t those things out of my life, and all those things into it. ✨ that is co-creating abundance with the universe. 👯‍♀️🌌 and you can do it too! You are the magic, baby! 〰️ . . . woman ywoman al

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Just because you’re not doing what other people are doing, that doesn’t mean you’re failing or falling behind. You’re charting your own course and staying true to yourself, even though it would be easier to join the crowd. You’re creating a life you can fall in love with instead of falling in line. You’re finding the courage to do what’s right for you, even though it’s uncertain and scary and hard. Give yourself some credit, because these are all reasons to be proud.” Lori Deschene❤️🙏🏻 Herkimer Diamond and Aquamarine healing talismans are masters in leading the right way towards authenticity , courage and compassion. Make sure to walk with them if you feel your heart need them🙏🏻💜 • • • • • • • • tools

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A review from a beautiful soul I did a Reading for yesterday at my Open House. I so love what I do! Thank you Peggy! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 If you would like to connect Visit (link in bio) to book a Spiritual Guidance, Soul Coaching, Psychic Reading or Empath Healing session via phone or live video. My specialty as a psychic medium and healer is to connect to departed loved ones and Spirit Guides, help empaths attune their sensitivities, understand the meaning behind soul lessons, healing, awakening, aligning with life and soul path, identifying energy blocks to live the greatest version of themselves. I do not mince words and share the details I receive unfiltered. I don't tell people what they want to hear I tell them what Spirit and their Angels need them to hear. I could but I do not choose to use my abilities as a "fortune teller". I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and my Guides show me that I can be more helpful to focus on the evolution of the soul. If that resonates let's schedule! Offering: Psychic Reading🔮 😇 Mediumship Spirit Communication with ancestors and Spirit Guides😇 🐳🛐 Spiritual Guidance 🛐 🗿 Picture Readings 😍 😍 Life and Soul Path😁 😁 Empath Discovery Session💚 💚 Spiritual Business Coaching 🙏 🙏 Past Life/Reincarnation Discovery🗿 🦅 Spirit/Power Animal Discovery🦊 🀄 Dream Interpretation😴 😴 3 Card Tarot Reading 🃏🎴🀄 🌈 Celtic Cross Oracle/Tarot Reading 😎 😎 Reiki Healing, Chakra and Auric Health Reading🌈 🕉 Spiritual Gifts Development and Coaching🕉 🔢❔ Numerology Reading 🔢 #5stars

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Leaning in and softening to the process Standing here with my arms spread like wings I'm ready. Healing ancestral trauma Healing the lack of voice A wound that comes from my grandmother Who has lived a life so mild and without authencity Without roar, without desire for more For wildness For soverignty And at the very least, An opinion that matters. And from my own mother Who perhaps held me too tight To make up for the void in her life To make up for the lack of a strong female guide To see it manifest As anxiety turned to rage To remember the small girl inside who felt too big for bones and feelings that filled her encompassed her Surpassed her And left her, out of control I see you. I hear you. You are safe. I hold these things, These truths so tenderly and transmute them Let them take up space So that when I'm ready I can release them -Jillian Art by it

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Our creator made us in perfect Be with Love - Be the of Love - Know you are - ity

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“This is my last message to you: In sorrow, seek happiness.”- Dostoyevsky . . . Rutile crystals were thought to be captured sunlight and what a beautiful invitation for a lunar eclipse. As the full moon is darkened from sunlight at this time, we are meeting with our shadow self. But in this meeting, we are invited to lovingly meet these shadows with our light to heal them. How lovely that a crystal of sunshine asks to be brought along for this healing of shadows. This is the game we chose to play here on earth: remembering we are light. This moon is about releasing what no longer serves us so we can be back in touch with our light uninhibited. There is such a freedom coming for us all at this time. I know I have been feeling old information surfacing and what a blessing to be on a path of awareness so I can breathe easier knowing that this is part of the healing process. Take comfort star beings! We keep choosing this Earth experience over and over to go through this dense processing. . . . . . work healing ing s space

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I’ll follow this morning’s trend started last week by the AMAZING continued by in her video and if you have not checked out Kateri Ewing before ... well I am drawing and Painting my own subjects 😉🖼and that’s because I found her just saying 🤷‍♀️AGAIN 👍👩‍🎨💥I also think I’ve said before to you guys that I bought this particular journal for myself as a Christmas gift from in India ... with paper ... simple, nothing fancy but the especially when I do MY (Either , ... that is not to say I do not have other beautiful , all different sizes of most bought and lots of EXCELLENT I have been in the hopes of finding someone to either make me another I provide the papers ... take a or Idk this is nowhere close to finished and I love it ... it’s my to . Anything I want. 👩‍🎨 🖼 🖊 ✍🏻 ✏️ 🎨

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365 [20/365] : 4 DE COPAS + SERPIENTE El eclipse está cerca y la luna llena ya nos alumbra... ✨🐺🌕 A veces nos quedamos atascados en nosotros mismos, no salimos de lo que deseamos o necesitamos y sí, a veces es NECESARIO ser un poco egoístas pero estar mucho tiempo en ese estado mental nos ciega y nos inmoviliza. La introspección y contemplación no sirve de nada sin acción. O a veces también puede ser que estemos tan enfocados en nuestros problemas que no vemos más allá. Necesitamos abrir los ojos al exterior, pues quizás estemos dejando pasar bendiciones que no vemos por estar sumergidos en nosotros mismos. Esta luna llena nos llama a despertar, hay un potencial dormido que no estamos alimentando por miedo o por ignorancia. Tenemos que aceptar nuestro propio poder y ponerlo en movimiento. 20.1.2019 Decks : Mythical / Animal Spirit #78tarotmythical everydamnday

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On this full-moon lunar eclipse night, reset your intentions and let go. A chant and image from : "Negativity of this my sacred space. I banish you by the light of my grace. You have no hold or power here. I stand, and face you, with no fear. Be gone forever, you will obey. From my sacred space you must away. s meditation

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Make time today for a real Whether it's you at a restaurant with real napkins and cutlery, or an impromptu potluck with half a dozen friends. Sundays are for finding comfort in those that love us and food that provides us strength. Happens

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18. “Fence” _pad _fence 2019

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Often when we think of letting go, we begin to dream of what's next. What if we let go to prioritize more clearly what we already have. Ourselves. Let go. Make some space. Let's see what rises to the top. Happens

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Let's take another look at the ENTRY. Someone asked, "I live in a studio apartment with no entry, am I doomed?" Of course not! If you don’t have an entry space when you walk in your front door, there a few things you can do to create your entry. Place a rug inside the door to define your entry area. The size will be determined by how much space you have. A 3x5 rug is plenty big, but can even be smaller if necessary. An accordion coat rack is a simple solution for small space, as is a small bookshelf, which can be used for shoes or for placing baskets for accessories. Get creative. Make your comings and your goings empowering! . . Are you ready to discover your Dwellosophy? . . iswheretheheartis decor design

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Have you set your intentions for the year? As the Full Moon in Leo and eclipse energy takes over, you can use this energy to set some intentions if you haven’t already done so (no, it’s not too late!). When setting intentions, remember to be patient and flexible! Let your intentions come true when the time is right for you and your journey🙏🏽✨💛 . . . . . . Photo by: space ritual magic child inleo etting cleanse crystals vibes

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We had another fun group out at the farm. So happy that we were selected to be part of their happy journey. Being on the farm makes everyone happy.

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l Bursera graveolens o PALO SANTO ha origini molto antiche. Esso veniva utilizzato dagli sciamani Inca e dagli indigeni delle Ande nei loro rituali religiosi, come mezzo capace di scongiurare energie negative ma anche come strumento mistico per comunicare con gli dei. Bruciando, questo vegetale produce un fumo denso dal grande potere spirituale, tanto che veniva adoperato nelle cerimonie e nei rituali indigeni per accendere fuochi sacri. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ so

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A quick weekend trip to NYC brings us this historic beauty, Trinity Church. The parish received its charter from King William III in 1697.💙 (📸: ). . . . city getaway photography lovers space spaces esoftheworld esofinstagram funday

26 2 Jan 20, 2019

△◾○ Geometry Structures Reality ○ ◾ △ . . “All consciousness including human is solely based on sacred geometry. We can begin to see and understand where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going” ~ Drunvalo Melchizedek . . . Reaching new levels of enlightenment with geometry this peaceful Sunday. What are you all up to? . . Art Installation : Esther-Stocker. . . . .

32 2 Jan 20, 2019

Sunday is off to an iffy start, but I think the cards give some good advice 💗

56 3 Jan 20, 2019

How have I not been to Menacuddle Well before? The sun came out just as I walked down to it and made everything all magical and sparkly. I imagine if could even be peaceful there if the road above wasn't busy. The woods down there are for sale. Will someone buy them for me please. 1000miles

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SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE 💫📿🔮👁👁👁by Mika. Fire by the BD 🙄 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮SAGE BUNDLES AND CUSTOMIZED HERB PACKS 🔮 🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮❤️❤️❤️❤️ awakening esofinstagram🔮🌙

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Snow day selfcare ❄️❄️❄️

33 3 Jan 20, 2019

Guided Energy Meditation connecting into this weekend’s powerful full moon eclipse. We also use Hematite in this meditation to cleanse and release old stagnant patterns. You can still access all the healing without a tangible hematite as with your intention you can call in that healing. I know many of us are feeling all the old information surfacing and making itself known to us. Fear not as this is only temporary and with the power of mother moon you can release all that is holding you back. Link in bio . . . . . . . work healing ing s space

8 2 Jan 20, 2019

Happy Sunday Soul Family. Blessed be the day that the lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. . er erworks lovelove

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Guided Energy Meditation connecting into this weekend’s powerful full moon eclipse. We also use Hematite in this meditation to cleanse and release old stagnant patterns. You can still access all the healing without a tangible hematite as with your intention you can call in that healing. I know many of us are feeling all the old information surfacing and making itself known to us. Fear not as this is only temporary and with the power of mother moon you can release all that is holding you back. Link in bio . . . . . . . work healing ing s space

22 3 Jan 20, 2019

January 20th Daily Tarot Tob Tob/ Bear Bear I am. Bear I be. Eternal as all forces of Nature. I am the guardian of all my children, the four-leggeds of the earth. I sit in silence, in the dark of my den, and communicate with our Mother Earth. I speakwhen I know what must be said. I act when I know what must be done. When I speak and I act, all within great distances know that I have done so, for when I speak and I act, it is a force that sets things right. Meaning: You are being asked to use the divine wisdom that is within each of us to reach for that which is for your highestgood. Wisdom is the ability to see the connection of all life and to accept all things as they are. That includes fully accepting yourself in any given moment. Wisdom links the intuitive feelings with the fact and information known to the mind. When you act from a place of wisdom, youallow guidance, opening yourself to the information provided by the universe. Avoid the assumption that every opportunity is a message from the universe urging an action you you should take. You have achoice. Use your inner wisdom tp determine if its the right time and opportunity for you. Act upon what you feel as well as what you know. Meditation: I give myself time to be separate and silent, allowing deep and guided knowing to emerge. al gram cards

28 4 Jan 20, 2019

Getting into the zone for tonight’s in . Using the planets and zodiac tiles I made, to cast a physical chart/mandala of where the planets will be in the signs. . Shuffling the deck; I asked what energy is most prevalent to me during this full moon energy- I chuckled to myself, when I flipped over 💙 I’ve been conjuring up all sorts of new ideas and things I’d like to bring into in addition to tattooing, I’ve started a monthly creative crafting meetup as well as a monthly tarot meetup. If you’re interested in attending shoot me a note for more information 💫 I also pulled some cards from to accompany the energy and find an overall theme... look at all that fire!!! (Side note the 7 of wands was the card I had pulled for my full moon spread for the 5th position) I love seeing synchronicities. I also wanted to welcome an animal messenger for this time, using my deck I was able to add the grouse to the mix. It’s message is “Grouse... of the Sacred Spiral, leading us on, to reach the everlasting heights, where we can live as one” .🌕. Basically without diving too deep here on Instagram, I’m to use this energy of the Super Blood Wolf Moon to see what sparks and ignites my passions- and bring it to my sacred space, whether that be at my studio or within my home. There’s a whirlwind of firey passion surrounding me and my creativity! . spread constellations

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Bathing in Light of the Akashic Records workshop day one! Thank you so much beautiful souls for our lovely gathering. Namaste💜🙏💜

17 1 Jan 20, 2019

Golden Healer / Hematoid Quartz Tower ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Available for 7 plus 4 shipping in the US. Please contact for international shipping. Comment sold with emojis and DM with a PayPal email please. . . . . . . . ity tower forsale

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The Vortex has begun to shift into the Almighty Bliss. The veil is lifted above our 3rd Eye Vision, now we are the gifted. Don't resist the 5th and 6th, as the dimensions drift on Spirit Myst. Accept the euphoric rain as it heals the pain, and brings you closer to Center panel of your brain. Let the the Mind shine with the Heart inclined to the shine. Release the regret and doubt to the Angels of the East, West, North, and South. Illuminate the hate with the Infinite Vortex Of Love so great. The return to innocence is now, the unforgettable transformation of the vow. Enable your Light to reveal the darkness at night, with systems of variety and flight. Let the Spirit soar free into the Eternity, and toss the burdens to lighten thee. Feq'adē Wul ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ ist      work                 er                                                         🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 loveanddivinelight 🌕 from vortexoflight ☀️ 💚💛💖🌝💚💛💖🌝💚💛💖🌝💚💛💖🌝💚💛💖🌝

77 4 Jan 13, 2019

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